NEW 9JA STORY : Her Wedding Night [Episode 04] || written by Charles Coker


Season 01 Episode 04

Akpakama’s room was în doubt filled up with several female students; some were there to Praise her for such an awesome performance and to cheer her up from her disturbed situation while others hâd come to merely make mockery of her devastated situation after some students hâd gone around other hostels to blew the whistle about akpakama’s defeat.

Stephanie and her friends are simply the brain behind all these, she won’t just take things easy on akpakama all în the name of public embarassment. This news sudenly came to the knowledge of Juliana (she seems pretty controversial though), who happened to be the closest student of akpakama on campus, permit me to say ‘ her best friend’. She bagged into akpakama’s room and asked everyone to excuse them (actually they are roommates), no one hesitates to stay furthermore because the level of her expression and annoyance was surely greater than that of Queen Jezebel în times past. Her furiousity and thunderous voice on that spot can be likened to that of one of the greatest yoruba deities – Sango (the god of thunder), akpakama would have tried stopping her but her present situation was not just helping issue. As everyone was trying to find their way out, Luiz bagged into the room; some female students have been seeing him on their way out and obviously, they were dumbfounded as they could not decipher his reason for coming.
Does it not sounds bizzare that a male student visited the female hostel at such odd hour? Although, the school had a time policy for the male students to visit their female counterparts în their hostels between the hours of 4pm – 6.30pm daily but believe me, Luiz is above such law because he always find his way IN at any point în time since he’s got the money to bribe the security officials at the hostel Gates, asides that he tripped them out on several occassions to nice assorted meats, well garnished chicken and croaca fish pepper soup with chilled beer at Lafishco bar and restaurant located outside the school premises (the Chief security officer hâd on several instances issued queries to the security guards with respect to this issue). Lafishco bar and restaurant was the most famous, well equipped and perfectly structured bar outside the school premises. The owner of the bar was a beautiful and sexy woman în her mid 40’s who always caught everyman’s attention notwithstanding the fact that she was a mother of four, her sense of humuor alone is just too appealing, her customer management skills are just incomparable and as such, she was able to win the hearts of so many people around the locality. The few other students în the room were shocked on seeing Luiz including Juliana who happened to be Luiz’s mistress some years ago. On seeing him, akpakama quickly pretended to be fine and welcomed Luiz with a fake smile; but its quite unfortunate that her eyes were so red already and as such, her pretence were easily caught by Luiz. At this point; every other person hâd vacated the room including Juliana because she could not hold on to his sight.
Let me quickly burst your bubbles; Luiz and Juliana met în the first year of their University days at a freshers night party organised for the new intakes of the college by the students union government (SUG). She immediately fell în love on seeing him and tried everything possible to get him that very minute not minding the fact that they just met for the first time all în the name of love at first sight, they hâd a very deep Kiss, crazy body caressing and all forms of sexual românce. Why would a lady acted în such manner? Where exactly is her pride? I wondered so hard. To cut the long story short, they both started dating and hâd quite a good number of sexual intercourse within the first five months of their relationship în a well facilitated hotel outside the school premises unlike so many other guys (luiz was well funded so he hardly get down with Girls în his hostel room because he will never want anyone to notice any form of intimacy between them). Luiz could not hold any longer as he was not just the dating type but hâd to look for every possible means to discharge the babe which he executed successfully. Juliana hâd at exactly four months of their relationship aborted a pregnancy for Luiz without his knowledge. She became destabilised when Luiz announced his lost interest în the relationship, she had sent cult Boys on several grounds to deal with Luiz both inside and outside the campus but as a result of his generosity and influence, they were not able to bring him down. Since then, both parties hâd parted ways which made her to despised him so much and hâd vowed to repay him back with great bitterness.
Luiz quietly moved closer to akpakama and asked what happened? She tried covering up with a fabricated lie but as smart as he was, he knew there was something wrong. After much persuasion, she hits the nail on its head and at this point, the tears from her eyes flew uncontrollably just like a 15years old girl who lost her parents and siblings to a ghastly motor accident. Her tears were cleaned up with Luiz’s handkerchief and he implored her to stop crying because certain things are meant to be and there is nothing anyone can do about it except God almighty. He spoke at great length about life and its nature, he gave multiple life scenarios and at this pont, Akpakama’s countenance was becoming normal, she was marvelled by the words of Luiz; the moral lessons, some bible quotations and some real facts. Anywayz, only dead beings will despise the sweet words of his because his accent and intonation were polished and I believed that would have added another advantage for his victory at the debate competition. În point of fact, he was able to convinced her to forget what hâd happened and move on. She seems happier than ever and would never hesitates to give Luiz a stroll around the school after they both hâd a long conversation în her room (she hâd to immediately let both of them out of the room because of the students odd perception). This news hâd instantly spread round the college; Stephanie and her friends were displeased on hearing this, they felt bad at the whole situation but the point is they could not help. Juliana hâd gone to keep up with herself at the popular lafishco bar and restaurant on the other hand because of the present situation.
But wait, what is Luiz really upto? Why was he în her hostel? Will akpakama paid Adegoke with his kindness? I know you will be wondering about who Adegoke was? Don’t panic, kindly continue with the story. These questions sprung through the minds of so many students several days after. Luiz and Akpakama hâd became very good friends since then, they are mostly together in the library, in the cafeteria and sometimes, the school fellowship just like the snail and its shell. This became the subject matter în the college, everyone assumed they have started dating because of their cordial interaction. Many female students wished they were în akpakama’s shoes and as such, the level of the enviness they hâd towards her became highly intense and more terrific which she herself perceived .Apparently, several things hâd suddenly changed about luiz; he hadly go out with friends to drink and Merry, he hadly visit the female hostels, he became much more friendly and reserved, he won’t go out of his hostel room except for lectures and library and attimes, to keep akpakama’s company. Everyone became surprised about his recent attitudes and such, it was related to akpakama’s handwork.
On a fateful friday afternoon by exactly 1.30pm, Luiz put a call across inviting akpakama for a Lunch în the school’s cafeteria and as usual, she was so delighted to catch up with him but she promised to be there exactly 3.00pm because she was presently having a conversation with Adegoke who happened to be a longtime male friend of hers. That reminds me; adegoke was akpakama’s male friend before now who happened to be a 200level medicine student of the college while she gained admission into UNN, he rendered great assistance to akpakama with respect to registration procedures and other needful acts for freshers back then and as such, they have been good friends eversince. The family of both duo knew each other perfectly through their intimate friendship and interaction. The subject matter between them was basically on the recent closeness of Luiz and Akpakama. Goke expressed great displeasure towards the issue and hâd claimed he already heard so much about their great relationship which akpakama immediately denounced with great smiles. Who was the person that just called you now? Goke asked angrily, it was Luiz jare; he wanted me to catch up with him for Lunch în the cafeteria and I told him……………she was interrupted by Goke instantly, keep quiet, i repeat keep your mouth shut…….so its true, abi? Now i see and at this time, akpakama seems confused.When last have we hâd Lunch together? So you want to leave me here and go to Luiz right? Its no problem, you can go, just go ahead said Goke and I will make sure i report to your mother this very minutes, he threatened.
Akpakama never expected this and she quickly begged Goke not to do such because there is nothing intimate between her and Luiz. They are just mere friends, she explained further. To convince Goke was just like trying to tell a pegan that there is God, you can imagine how taskful that might be? After much persuasion, he gave în to her explanations, she smiled afterwards and they both left the venue for their other activities and at this point, akpakama headed towards the school cafeteria to catch up with her appointment. It was almost 3pm and Luiz hâd been waiting în the school cafeteria.
What could made Luiz fixed up this Lunch meeting? Will akpakama eventually show up?
Why hâd Goke acted în such manner?
What exactly is behind juliana’s abortion for luiz?


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