NEW 9JA STORY : Her Wedding Night [Episode 05] || written by Charles Coker


Season 01 Episode 05

The cafeteria was located at the back of the school sports complex, it is very spacious and as such, hâd quite reasonable number of food vendors with varieties of fascinating meals. The market condition is a perfect competitive one, every vendor strived pretty hard to maintain the relationship with their existing customers and also tried gaining new ones with their food quality, customer management skills and above all, low cost of food.

Luiz was already seated at the front of Mama Ngozi’s station în the cafeteria drinking a very chilled five alive juice while waiting for the arrival of akpakama. În no time, she eventually arrived and instantly sighted Luiz where he was sitting from afar because she already knew his favourite spot anytime they stormed the cafeteria for Lunch. What took you so long? Hâd spent over 30minutes now, just hope you are fine? Luiz asked and she replied very well. He then urged one of mama ngozi attendants to bring fanta bottle for Akpakama; before now, he knew the level of her love for fanta and as such, he didn’t bother asking her what she would like to drink.
Fanta don finish sister, make i bring Coke? The dark skinned lady working with mama ngozi asked akpakama? She looked troubled and she replied no but due to her long conversation with Goke, she needed to take something cold then immediately opted for a chilled bottle water which she was served by the attendant on the spot. Ehn ehn, how are you doing Luiz? How was lectures today? She asked after taking a reasonable numbe of water. Luiz did not take time to answer those questions and they both share several school gists ranging from their various departmental course and lecturers. Infact, there is something bothering my mind since all these while and I believed this is the right time to say it before its too late…..Luiz said. At this point, she seems disturbed and was so eager to hear what he’s got to say. She quickly adjusted her seat much more closer to the table so as to perfectly pick every bit of Luiz’s words. Her reaction confused Luiz the more and he immediately said; It is not a serious matter anyway, its just that i cannot keep it any longer, he emphasized.
Eversince the day i hugged you at the venue of the debate competition, have not been myself anymore. Don’t misquote me akpakama, am not here to tease you with my sweet words but just trying to explain the situation of my present status. Sometimes, its hard to find words to tell you how much you mean to me. A lot of times, i don’t say anything at all. But i hope someday, you will understand, having you in my life is just all i lived for. She became frightened with Luiz words, she was no longer comfortable with herself because she hâd never been în this situation before. She could not hold it any longer and as such, she instantly urged Luiz to stop and that she cherished the fact that they are close friends but he won’t allow her to just cut în that way; i understand your plight akpakama but believe me, you are every reason, every hope an every dream have ever hâd, don’t let my own shadow leave me în darkness because without you; am so lifeless, he continued. All these words seems strânge to akpakama, it was just as if she should possessed some magical powers that could help her to fade away into the thin air, she imagined. Please just give me a chance to prove my love for you, i love you wholeheartedly. You are everything have been craving to have, i want you to be the mother of my children, Luiz emphasized frantically.
În the midst of luiz’s pleading, a message entered akpakama’s phone. At first, she thought it was her father because she’s been expecting him to send call card for her but It was sent by Goke and she wondered what could have happened for him to text her because they both met some minutes ago. She opened the content and it read thus; în life, everything happened for a purpose. Before now, to be your friend was all i ever wanted but now, to be your lover was all i ever dreamed. The little hours i spent with you i looked upon like a sort of perfumed garden, a dim twilight and a fountain singing to it. I have tarried this day long so as to declare my love for you but i cannot help anymore. You are the best thing that hâd ever happened to me, i love you akpakama. Will you marry me? Pls, reply. While she was done reading the text, her phone fell down just like someone who got a call about the death of a family member; she became cold and quivered. Luiz noticed her status and asked her what the problem was. She could not utter a word but insisted on leaving for he hostel as he brain could not reason anymore. În point of fact, her state was so devastated.
At this point, students în the cafeteria already observed the situation and were ranting în their little ways. Luiz pleaded and pleaded like forever to the level that tears rolled down his cheeks, he sobbed really hard, he hâd never cried that way în his entirety but Akpakama’s present state was so bad for her to give any response. She immediately begged him to stop as their scenario was beginning to draw people’ attention towards them. She could not look into Luiz face as the level of his tears became much tensed, she used her handkerchief to rob off those tears of his lie the same way Luiz did to her. Her eyes were red as well, she seems to pitied his situation but as it is now, goke is involved; isn’t this going to be tough? She asked herself. În order to calm the atmosphere, she promised to reply Luiz în due time. Her words were able to subdued luiz’s sober state to a happy one and they made a headway towards her hostel immediately.
Luiz escorted her down to her hostel, they both gisted for few minutes before departing but believe me, Akpakama’s mind was no way nearer to the discussion as she was too far în her thoughts and that was the major reason she hâd to cut short the discussion în order to leave the scene. She quickly banged the door behind herself on entering the room when she found out that her roomie was not în. She moved quietly around the room panting and mesmerizing about the moments she hâd last with Luiz and goke that very day. She decided asking Juliana about her opinion on the issue as she is more exposed to issues relating to dating. The cașe of deciding the who the best player on the pitch was few years ago between Messi and C.ronaldo can be likened to akpakama’s decision back then. There was a sudden knock on the door and she quickly stood up to open after packaging herself to normalcy. At last, Thank God, its Juliana. Her sad countenance was noticed by Juliana as she went back to sit on her bed. Why did you turned back în that manner? U don’t even bother greeting me, its unlike you, she insisted.
Will akpakama eventually open up for Juliana?
What will be Juliana’s advice to her even if she did? What transpired later on between Luiz, goke and akpakama.
Look out for more happenings în episode 6.


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