NEW 9JA STORY : Her Wedding Night [Episode 06] || written by Charles Coker


Season 01 Episode 06

It was just as if no one was in the room asides herself; she never responded to Juliana questions, this baffled Juliana and as such, she reasoned what the problem might be but she could not come up with something tangible. I will surely find out what went wrong no matter what, Juliana said to herself. In no time, she quietly sat down beside her on the bed, trying to find out what the problem was, she had never seen akpakama in such horrible state before, her present state of mind was more terrific than when she lost the debate competition to Luiz, she imagined.

She tried as much as possible to ensure she open up, with much persuasion and teasing from Juliana; akpakama quickly thought it will be much more better to hear Juliana’s point of view on the matter and as such, she quickly turned to face Juliana with red swollen eyes like someone who contacted Conjunctivitis (apollo I mean), it was then Juliana was able to imagine how akpakama hâd cried her life out. Jesus christ!!!!!! Juliana exclaimed, why are your eyes so red like this? What happened? Why aren’t you saying anything? A problem shared is a problem solved, you know! Talk to me dear, you can confide in me, Juliana explained.
Akpakama eventually opened up and at this point, Juliana was a little bit at ease. I am in the midst of a great dilemma, I just needed your candid opinion on a particular issue which I believed you would obviously had something reasonable to input, akpakama said. Don’t worry yourself dear, just tell me what went wrong; believe me, everything wil be alright afterwards, Juliana interrupted. Foremost, if you were asked to choose a husband between Luiz and Goke, please who will you choose and why? This question stormed Juliana’s mind greatly, she never expected such at all, husband??? Haaa!!!! She imagined. Akpakama, why are you asking me such question? Between Luiz and Goke? What exactly…….okay Juliana, she was interrupted by akpakama. This was what happened, she explained the whole incident to Juliana without leaving a piece out. A little smile evolved Juliana’s face, she believed it’s high time to take revenge of what Luiz did to her; what a great opportunity? She reasoned within herself. Really? Wonders shall never end, these guys can be terrible oooo, marriage at this time? When graduation is in few months time….are they even ready at all? she emphasized. My dear, don’t be deceived by these guys oooooo, marriage is not something one can rush in, it requires lot of patience, prayer and commitments, she said. At this point, Juliana hâd already spoken at length about relationship and marriage, she seems to be groomed in this area, it is no doubt the words are making sense to akpakama, she was nodding to every point of hers. Even at that, which reasonable lady on campus will give in to Luiz agbakoba of all people for marriage? That womaniser!!! Oh no way my dear. See, I will advise you to give that Goke a chance. Moreover, his personality is just rare to come by, he is cool and calm, very humble and diligent in his dealings, such person is every lady’s dream, he stood by you over these years to crown it all, Juliana explained brilliantly.
Ladies can be extreme at times you know? I was dazed at Juliana’s explanation of Goke’s personality, she appeared to know so much about the dude already. She continued afterwards, that Luiz that had impregnated several ladies on this campus and will asked them to go for an abortion thereafter ? He is just no way in, he is a mere deceiver, he is the the true definition of the wicked man. Akpakama became astonished at her words, could this be practically true about luiz? Is Juliana not making some sense here? She asked herself uncontrollably. Moreover, if am in your shoes I will never hesitates to grab Goke’s proposal!!!! Your families know each other already, they will never expect less afterall. So you have been thinking all day because of this small issue? Get up jare and be yourself, infact, am going to the market now to get foodstuffs, am coming to prepare your favourite meal, by that you will be alright at least, she concluded while akpakama responded with a very light smile and she replied thanks. Akpakama never expected this outcome, she knew Juliana liked Luiz some way back, what could have brought about this sudden change, she imagined. The whole scenario was just like a bombshell to her, she became confused the more because she seems to be more interested in Luiz than Goke. But why now? Why not before this day? We’ve been friends for years and he never thought to ask me out, why today? She thought about Goke in this manner. Probably, he’s not man enough!!! She imagined. She had a flashback of what hâd transpired between herself and this duo. Bet me, the situation becomes more critical, it is like choosing between the devil and the deep blue sea. She knelt down in her room and pray to God almighty for direction.
Juliana eventually arrived from the market, she prepared sumptuous jollof rice for akpakama which she cannot resist no matter what because the food was well garnished with gizzard, pepperoni, spiced fish and all sorts. They both ate, gisted and laughed afterall, that was how akpakama’s atrocious and crappy day was revived. The whole school seems to be tensed at this moment as it was exactly two weeks to first semester examinations; lecturers are trying to organise their make up tests, the library is always filled up as students were also trying to cover up semester’s syllabus, school management are in no way exonerated from this pressure, timetable for the examination had been pasted already. Goke had called akpakama several times for his reply but she’s been telling him that she needed more time to reason it out, he respected her view and as such would never disturb her further. The same thing is applicable to Luiz but he seems to be more adamant as he keeps making unwelcome intrusions on her part all around the institution. In no time, it was two weeks already and the exam commenced peacefully throughout the college. While everyone were trying to familiarise themselves with what they have read, it was not the same with Luiz agbakoba because all he was concerned about was akpakama’s response. Trust me, Goke had already accepted fate of receiving response after the exams and will never waste this period for anything and was preparing so hard for the exams, remember he was a medical student so he needed much time and concentration than anyone else. To deviate a little; I always envy medical students oooooo, they read like the world will come to an end soon, should we talk about the number of years they studied as well?the several experiments they carried out? It’s just unexplainable. Mind you, law students are not exempted in anyway as well. No wonder the medical students are always given preferential treatment during the National Youth Service Corps (NYSC) programme, they deserve it anyway.
Akpakama seems to be overwhelmed by Luiz actions, she was mesmerising in her room after her second paper on one fateful Wednesday; even during exam period, he still chase me all around? Goke had stopped awhile ago na, could it be that Goke was just trying to play pranks on me or something? Could it be that Luiz really love me afterall? He keeps pestering me the more! He left his exam reading unattended to all because of me and Goke cannot do that? Obviously, it’s certain Luiz loves me abi? Several thoughts sprung through her mind during this period but she was able to discard the issue as she had to prepare for tomorrow’s paper and she’s expected to take some rest before heading towards the library. On her way to the library around 6.00pm that same evening, she saw Goke at the front of the cafeteria chatting with some coursemates of his. It was obvious they just concluded writing a paper in their department because they all concentrated on their question papers while talking. Hi Goke, how was your paper? She asked. We bless God jare and yours? Fine too, akpakama replied. Goke who was engrossed with the discussion was not in anyway interested in what akpakama wanted to say next as he turned back to his colleagues and they continued their discussion. Akpakama was still standing on the same spot like a lifeless being, she could not believed her eyes, she was embarassed on seeing some students looking towards her direction, she was fidgeting on the same spot, it was just as if she should disappear into the thin air but she had no choice than to leave stylishly. She thought about it on her way to the library; can it really be? She pondered. As she was walking down to the library in her thoughtful manner, she was stormed by Luiz on her way and he asked how was your paper dear? She replied earnestly with a fake smile fine Luiz and yours? Hmmmm, my best exam ever because I nailed it hard, the point is I read three chapters of the man’s textbook and you won’t believe all his questions were from those chapters? I was amazed when I saw the questions oooo Luiz explained. Eeyah, that sounds great, you are lucky o. Mine was not bad too, thank God at least. They both headed towards the library building as they continued their conversation, it was obvious Luiz hâd no intention to read at that time but will never let go of such opportunity. After several gists, he hâd to excuse her afterall and he headed towards his hostel. Akpakama was unable to assimilate for over an hour, she was still astounded by Goke attitude. Anyway, I have not said YES afterall she imagined.
To God be the glory, the exams ended successfully. Management hâd pasted memorandum instructing all students to vacate the school premises in three days and resume after two weeks for the second semester’s activities. Many students were already in the spirit of after exams party, different locations were loading already; the whole thing was faculty based oooooooo. Infact, T-shirts were printed and sold to students at their various faculties because that will be a sign that one is a student of such faculty. Bet me, no one want to miss out from this because it is going to be the first of its kind. Guys are also expected to bring their babes along; even if you guys are not dating, sha form together at least for that day, the organisers insisted or else, they will get bounced, isn’t that too extreme? I wondered so hard. Goke and Luiz hâd invited akpakama for their respective faculty’s party, no doubt; she already made a decision to attend hers because she’s expected to receive an award and give a speech as well.
Will akpakama eventually attend her faculty party?
How will Goke and Luiz cover up for theirs?
What was the aftermath of the first semester’s exam? Will Stephanie and Juliana be in anyway involved in this party saga?
Kindly wait for the next epsiode for the answers to these questions.


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