EP 02

Mrs. Amos gave the couple a new car as their wedding gift while Mr. Amos gave them a duplex. Bimpe was surprised by the loved showered on her.

After all the merriment at the reception, the couples were driven to their new house in Lagos. Collins was beaming with smiles, he was happy to be a married man. Bimpe on her part was also happy to be married but she silently prayed she have a blissful marriage.

After a three hours journey, they arrived at their residence. Collins carried his wife in a bridal style into the house while the driver and the gateman helped offload Bimpe’s luggage and took it into the house.

After praying, Bimpe brought out the cooler of food they brought from the reception and served she and her husband. Done with the food, Collins helped do the dishes while Bimpe went into the bathroomm to freshen up.

Upon returning back to the bedroom, Collins was awed at what he saw. For the first time, he was seeing Bimpe’s bare body as she was only putting on a bikini. While they were dating, he had invited her over to his former apartment and requested for sex but she bluntly refused, she even ended the relationship after he made such request.

It took months of pleading and pleading before she let go, her parent even had to intervene before she continued the relationship. Collins walked slowly to where she sat and drew her into his arms.

He cupped her face in his arms and engaged her in a deep kiss, Bimpe who was a novice in this aspect just followed his leading. After some moment of heated romance, Collins went to the main action and was surprised she was untouched.

His love for her increased, he promised to be a loving and caring husband. The following day, he called his mom and told her about his discovery. Mrs. Amos was proud of Bimpe, she loved her more and treated her with respect.

Life went on fine with the couples as they lived in peace and harmony. Collins was always eager to come home to his wife and Bimpe was always eager to welcome her husband home.

Collins got Bimpe a teaching job with a pay of fifty thousand naira. Bimpe was so excited, she was able to contribute to the house expenses and send some money to her parent.

Life was good to the couple and Bimpe couldn’t help but appreciate God for rewarding her. Six months after their wedding, Bimpe discovered she was pregnant. Collins joy knew no bound as he looked forward to being a father. Bimpe went for scan and it was revealed that she was carrying two beautiful girls.


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