EP 01

Sometimes I just wonder why I was created this way. why I can’t seem to be comfortable when I’m in the midst of people, especially ladies. I had been this way ever since I was a kid. I’m already on my early twenties but my issue is not getting better. It had even worsened.

I can’t believe that at this stage of my life, I still don’t know how to approach ladies. I had come in contact with a number of nice ladies that I love and would love to spend the rest of my life with, but due to my shy nature, I could not approach them and had lost them all. I still can’t believe that I’m still a virgin at this stage of my life. Not that I’m a saint or something. I had always wanted to take this virginity of a thing off me, but don’t know how to go about it. I had never dated any lady all my life. I dare not tell my friends that I’m still a virgin, because they would all laugh at me. I always brag about how I made a lady beg me to get her laid whenever I’m with them, but in reality, no such thing had happened. I always believed I could cope with my shy and introverted nature, but not until I gained admission into the university. it was when I gained admission into the university that I realized there is place for people like me in the university. it’s either I blend in and associate with people or be forever isolated. it’s been three weeks since I gained admission into the university. We had already completed the registration process and lectures had also started. The way I always see students in my department discussing and associating with one another, made me wondered if they had known one another already, before they gained admission. I wished I could be like them and interact more with my coursemate, but my introverted nature wouldn’t allow me. I always try my best not to be noticed in class. I dare not raise my hand to answer any question asked by a lecturer, even though I knew the answer. One day in class, just immediately we settled down for lectures, our introduction to statistics lecturer, Dr. Mike walked into the class to introduce his course. After 5minutes of speaking, he asked a question which no one could answer. He was very disappointed and decided not to speak further until someone answer his question. I knew the answer to Dr. Mike question but dare not stand up to answer his question. Just imagining the number of eyes that would be boring holes on my body when I stand to answer the question could make my mind go blank. Dr. Mike stared at us from the podium while we stared back at him, with no one making attempt to answer his question. After the long silence in the class, he decided to speak. “so out of over a hundred students in this class, no one can answer the question I asked” he said Everyone in class remained silent. “this class can’t continue until someone answer my question. How am I suppose to teach you if you don’t know the basic of this course” he said The class still remained silent. He stared silently at us. After a while if silence, an idea crossed his mind. “I know what to do” he said walking closer to us. “I will start pointing you to answer the question and once you fail to give me the right answer, you will leave this class and never attend any of my classes for the rest of this semester.” he said in serious tone. A faint murmur could be heard in the class “we you all keep shut” he shouted in angry tone. The look on his face showed that he was very serious with what he said. I wished someone could just answer his question and take me out of the tensed situation i was in. The class had suddenly became too hot for me to stay. I prayed silently that God should divert the lecturer’s attention away from anything that would make him notice me in class. Not that I didn’t know the answer, but I just couldn’t face the whole class. I could see the lecturer staring at everyone faces, looking for who to point. he stared at my direction and a shiver went down my spine. I suddenly started sweating profusely. “Hey, you over there” he said pointing at my direction. Even though he was pointing at my direction, I was so sure he was not pointing directly to me. because there is no how he could have pin-point me out of over a hundred students in class. so I looked back to confirm who he was pointing at. the person he was pointing at must be behind me. “why are you looking back? I’m referring to you” he said referring to me “is it me sir?” I asked to be sure he was referring to me. “no, it’s me” he mimicked me “come on stand up and answer my question” he barked. I suddenly became weak when I realized he was actually referring to me. how was I suppose to stand and answer question in a class of over hundred students. Just as I slowly stood up, I could see over a hundred eyes boring holes on my body. I tried not to turn my head, because my mind could go blank if my eyes meet with any lady in class. I cursed the devil silently who had succeeded in putting me in such situation. “will you answer my question or get out of this class” Dr. Mike barked when I didn’t say anything after a while of standing “erm………erm……….” I stammered.



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