EP 22

I and Sylvia left my place and headed straight to the school. I was amazed by the large crowd I saw when we got to the school amphitheatre. The stage was set for the event already. I couldn’t believe that such an event is happening in school and I was not aware.

what then have I been doing in school. so if Sylvia didn’t ask me to come along with her, I wouldn’t have realized that such an event was holding in school. I stared at Sylvia in amazement. “how can such a big event be holding in school and I’m not aware of it” I said to Sylvia “why will you be aware, when you are not a member of any fellowship in school” she responded. “yes that’s true, but I should have heard it from people” I said “how will you hear it, when you don’t associate with people. Don’t worry, after tonight’s event, you will join the fellowship I belong to.” she said. “wait, will you be performing in front of this large crowd?” I asked. “yes of course.” she responded “you just have to watch me sing.” “okay” I responded. “just look for a place to sit, while I go and meet my group. the event will begin any moment from now” she said “okay” I responded. Sylvia went ahead to join her group, while I located a seat at the front and sat down. we waited for the next 20 minutes before the event finally began. The cool and soul lifting songs that were sang by the different groups that performed on stage, could make one forget his worries. I watched as Sylvia and her group sang with so much enthusiasm. they didn’t even bother about the number of eyes that were staring at them on stage. will I ever be confident enough to stand on that stage just like them. when the event ended, I waited for Sylvia so that we could leave together. she came to meet me 30 minutes later. I could see smiles on her face. “how was my performance?” she asked with smiles. “wow! Sylvia, you are gifted. I didn’t know you sing this great. your voice too is awesome.” I said “thank you very much. I’m glad you like my performance. it means a lot to me” she said happily. “you’re welcome” I said “okay, let’s start leaving” she said “okay” I responded. we left the school and headed to our different home. I got home and lay on my bed. I rested for thirty minutes, then took the books which Sylvia gave me and busied myself with it. I got so engrossed on the book, that I read it till 3:am. I was amazed by what I discovered. the book highlighted a step by step procedure on how to overcome shyness. I really need to overcome this by all means. it has hindered me from doing things I wished to do. I made up my mind that moment that I would follow the guidelines in the book to overcome shyness. I will start putting what I just read into practice. little by little, I might overcome this. I finally slept off around 3:30am, after much deliberation on how I would overcome shyness. I woke up by 8:15am. I didn’t have to rush this time, because my first lecture was by 10:am. I prepared breakfast and also got ready for school. I ate and left home exactly 9:30am. I got to school just when lecture was about to begin. I located a sit at the back and sat down. immediately lecture was over, Sharon stood up from her seat and walked towards me. she sat beside me when she got to me. “hi Sharon” I said immediately she didn’t respond. we sat quietly for a while before she finally spoke. “what’s going on between you and Sylvia?” she asked. I froze immediately I heard the question. I didn’t know why she asked such question. I didn’t even know what to respond. I only stared at her open-mouthed. “I don’t understand” that was all I could say “something must be going on between you two, for her to behave the way she did yesterday. If not, she wouldn’t have left your house just like that” she said. I was confused. I didn’t understand what she was trying to say. what is she talking about? “Are you dating her?” she asked My heart paused immediately I heard that question. while I was still trying to recover from the shock her first question placed me in, she unleashed another one. “I…. I…… I…….I…….” I tried to speak but couldn’t. “so you guys are……..” she wanted to speak further but suddenly stopped. I realized she suddenly stopped speaking because she saw Sylvia approaching us. Sylvia walked to us and stood beside me. “hi Sharon” she said to Sharon “hi Sylvia” Sharon responded. Sylvia shot me a glance and smiled. I could tell from the look on her face, that she noticed, Sharon stopped speaking because she was coming. “Christian are you busy?” Sylvia asked me. I couldn’t find the right reply to give. I didn’t know whether to answer yes or no. if I say no, Sharon might get offended, because she was actually having a conversation with me. if I say yes also, Sylvia might get offended. while I was still thinking of the best answer to give, Sylvia finally spoke. “it seems you are busy. I wanted to have a word with you, but since you are busy, we can talk later.” she said Sylvia turned immediately and left. Sharon watched her until she was out of sight before she turned to face me. “Christian you have not answered my question. Are you dating Sylvia?” she asked. Not again, I thought she would have forgotten about that. I didn’t respond. I just kept staring at her. “Christian why can’t you answer my question. there’s nothing difficult about it. it’s just a yes or no question” she said when I didn’t respond I took a deep breath and stared at her. “no, I’m not dating her.” I finally responded she heaved a sigh of relief immediately. I didn’t understand why she did that.



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