EP 23

I stared at Sharon, wondering why she heaved a sigh of relief when I told her that I’m not dating Sylvia. she didn’t ask any more questions. she just stared at me for a while and spoke. “okay, you can go and meet Sylvia now. it seems she has something important to tell you” she said “okay” I said and stood up.

I walked out of the class to meet Sylvia, but she was no longer in the faculty premises. Just when I was about leaving the faculty premises, I saw Mustack walking towards me from a distance. It suddenly crossed my mind that I was supposed to start practicing what I learned from the book Sylvia gave me. The first guideline I want to put into practice was how to approach ladies. The book highlighted a step by step guide on how to approach ladies. I will only follow the guideline in the book and see how it goes. I pray things work out fine. Mustack got to me and we shook hands. “Christian how are you?” he asked “I’m good and you” “I’m good too” he responded “are you busy?” I asked “no. any problem?” he asked “not really. I just want you to follow me to the faculty of engineering. there’s this particular lady I saw in that faculty. she’s just too beautiful. i haven’t been myself since i saw her. I want to go and woo her” I lied Mustack laughed out loud immediately. he looked at me like I just said something funny. “you want to go and woo a lady from the faculty of engineering. when you can’t even speak properly with ladies in your department. please be serious jor” he said “so you think I can’t woo a lady. let’s go to the faculty of engineering and I will surprise you” I said “you and I know that we will only be going there to waste our time, because you can’t even approach a lady.” he responded. I was annoyed by his response. I brought out my phone and gave to him. “if you can approach and talk to the first lady we see when we get there, and I don’t do the same to the next lady we would see, then you can have my phone.” I challenged him He stared at me with seriousness. “are you serious about this?” he asked “I’m very serious” I responded. “you mean I can take your phone if you can’t approach any lady when we get to the faculty of engineering.” he said. “yes” I responded. “wow! that means I won’t have to buy another phone. I will just replace my old phone with yours. should I give you your sim card?” he asked. “why?” I asked “because the phone is now mine” he responded. “I will shock you. just wait and see” I said “you seem so confident. let’s go then. I will be very happy if you can walk up to a lady and speak confidently with her” he said. The truth is, I’m not as confident as I made it look. I just have to believe what I read from the book Sylvia gave me. I had already memorized the steps. I just pray it goes as planned. “okay let’s go” I responded. We left our faculty and headed straight to the faculty of engineering. After walking round the faculty for five minutes and couldn’t find any lady, Mustack started complaining. “why will you have to bring me to this faculty, out of all the faculties in school. we all know that ladies don’t study engineering courses. The ratio of girls to boys in this faculty is 1:99.” he said. We walked for a while, before we saw a lady standing beside a tree at the faculty garden. Mustack turned to face me. “I will approach that lady and speak to her. I might even get her contact if possible. If you can’t do same to the next lady we will see, then you won’t get your phone back.” he said in serious tone. without waiting for my response, he turned and walked to the lady. I watched from a distance as he approached the lady and stood beside her. Just after few minutes of speaking with the lady, I could see her smiling. I waited for the next ten minutes, before Mustack finally left the lady and walked back to me. “what did you say to her?” I asked immediately he got to me. “don’t ask me. just know that you won’t be getting your phone back if you can’t do the same” he said. “did you get her number?” I asked. “no. she said she can’t give her number to stranger. she seems to be proving difficult to get. I will get back to her later. I like ladies that always prove difficult to get. let’s continue with our reason for coming here first.” he said “so what’s next?” I asked like I didn’t know. “are you asking me? you approach the next lady we see and speak with her. if you can’t do that, you will lose your phone” he said. “okay where should we go next?” I asked “let’s look in those classes to see if any lady is still in the class” he said, pointing to the faculty building. “okay” I responded We went into the faculty building and search from class to class. we later saw a lady sitting alone in one of the empty classes. the lady seemed to be engrossed in the book she was reading that she didn’t notice our presence. we watched her from the door for a while, before Mustack finally spoke. “it’s your turn now. walked up to that lady and engage her in a conversation.” he said “Mustack please let’s look for someone else. that lady seems to be busy and won’t like to be disturbed.” I pleaded. “that was not our agreement bro” he said. “that lady won’t pay attention to what I have to say, because she’s busy. let’s just look for someone else.” I insisted. “no. we have already agreed that you will speak to the next lady we see. you better go and speak to her, or you won’t get your phone back” he said. I took a deep breath. “okay, I will walk up to her and start a conversation with her” I said “good” he responded. I entered the class and slowly walked towards her. she didn’t even notice that someone was in the class with her, because she was too engrossed in what she was reading. I got to her and stood beside her. I wanted to say ‘hi’, because I believe that’s the first thing to say when you approach a lady, but I just have to remain silent and follow the guideline in the book I read. According to what I read in the book. when you approach a lady who seems to be busy and don’t want any disturbance, you don’t have to distract her by saying “hi”. Just sit quietly beside her and wait until she notice your presence. I followed the instruction from the book and sat quietly beside her. she looked up from the book she was reading when she realized I was sitting beside her. she stared at me for a while and turned her gaze back to the book she was reading. I didn’t stared back at her when she stared at me. I just kept staring into air with an expressionless look on my face. that was also the guideline from the book. she shot me a side glance after a while, maybe wondering why I chose to sit beside her out of all the chairs in the class, but I pretend I didn’t notice. she seemed to be distracted already. I have to proceed to the next step from the book. According to the book I read. ‘don’t try to distract a lady with words, when she’s busy. let your presence beside her, act as her distraction. when she is distracted, you can now say hello.’ “hi” I finally said “hi” she responded I made sure that I maintained eye contact with her. that was also the instruction from the book I read. A lady can easily know that you are not confident speaking to her, if you can’t maintain eye contact. “I hope I’m not disturbing you. I saw that this is the only quiet place I can read without any disturbance, that was why I came in” I said “oh, not at all. you are not disturbing me” she responded. “you’re an engineering student right?” I asked “yes” she responded. “I always admire ladies that are studying engineering courses.” I said ” so what course are you studying?” she asked “Economics” I answered “oh, I have a friend in that department” she said “what’s her name?” I asked “a guy actually” she said “oh. I see. what’s his name” I asked “Frank” she answered I really couldn’t believe that I could keep a conversation with a lady for this long. All to sylvia for the book she gave me. “so what engineering course are you studying actually?” I asked “computer engineering” she responded. “wow! I initially wanted to study computer engineering while growing up. I just had to change my mind because I realize I don’t have passion for it” I lied “computer engineering is an interesting course” she said “so what made you chose the course?” I asked. “I have passion for it” she responded. I took a side glance at the door and saw Mustack peeping from the door. I turned back to face the lady beside me with smiles on my face. “I have lecture in the next ten minutes. let me leave now so that I will get to the class on time” I said “okay” she responded I stood up, took just two steps away from her and turned back to face her. “sorry, you didn’t tell me your name” I said “I’m Precious” she responded. “okay precious, I’m Christian” I said “okay Christian” she responded. I turned and walked out of the class with smiles on my face. the first thing I did when I came out of the class was to collect my phone back from Mustack. Everything I just said to that lady in that class was exactly what I read from the book Sylvia gave me. I was so happy that I could approach a lady and start a conversation with her. I left the faculty of engineering with just one thing on my mind, and that was to explore more.



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