EP 24

I left the faculty of engineering with just one thing on my mind, and that was to explore more. I didn’t go home immediately after lectures for that day.

I went to a place called garden of eden around the school and sat on a seat beside a tree. I really couldn’t state my reason for going there. The garden is always filled with people who want to relax their mind after lectures. I sat quietly, staring at ladies, trooping in and out of the garden. I kept admiring the beauty of God creation. My phone suddenly started ringing. I looked at the screen and realized the call was from Sharon. Then it occurred to me that I was supposed to tutor her. it was already 6:15pm and I was still in the school. I picked the call and placed the phone on my ear. “hello Sharon” I said “Christian where are you? I’m at your place already” she said “okay, just wait for me. I will be with you in the next ten minutes.” I said “alright be fast. I have been standing here for close to ten minutes already” she said. “I’m on my way already” I said. I ended the call and stood up immediately. my phone rang immediately I stood up. I looked at the screen and realized the call was from Sylvia. I picked it up immediately. “hello Sylvia” I said “hello Christian, how are you?” she asked “I’m good, and you?” I asked “I’m good too” she responded. “you said you wanted to have a word with me earlier today, but when I came out of the class after I have ended my conversation with Sharon, I didn’t see you.” I said “yes, something came up and I had to leave school early. don’t worry, we will talk when we see in school tomorrow” she responded. “okay, I will talk to you later. let me quickly rush home” I said “are you not at home already?” she asked “no, I’m still in school. I need to get home quickly because Sharon is already waiting for me” I responded “Sharon is at your place already?” she asked sharply. “yes she is at……….” “talk to you later” she cut in and ended the call immediately without allowing me to complete my sentence. I dropped the phone in my pocket and left the school immediately. I got home to see Sharon standing beside my door. the first thing she did when she saw me was to give me a tight hug. I froze at the warm feeling I was getting. her action caught me by surprise. I never expected to get a hug from her. she has never hugged me before and I see no reason why I deserved a hug from her now. she held on to me tight and I didn’t know if I was supposed to hold her back. After a while, she freed me and stared into my eyes. “where have you been?” she asked “I went to get something from the vendor down my street” I lied “okay, let’s go in” she said. I unlocked my door and we entered. I locked it from inside by fastening a bolt to the hook on my door. we went to my bed and sat down. I waited for her to bring out her notebook so that we can start the tutorial, but she didn’t. she just sat quietly on my bed, staring into space. My door suddenly opened and we turned our gaze to the door to see Sylvia already inside my room. she paused at the entrance when she saw us. we fixed our gaze on her and she stared back at us with remorse. “actually I…… I……….. I……. I thought……” she stammered “I actually thought…..” she paused “I’m sorry. I should have knocked” while she was trying to explain herself, I kept wondering how she got in. I thought I locked the door. it suddenly occurred to me that same thing happened the last time she visited. I locked my door from inside and she opened it from outside. I wanted to ask her how she got in when the door was locked, but chose not to ask because she might give a different meaning to the question. I also thought she already told me that we will see in school tomorrow when we spoke on phone. why is she here all of a sudden. all these and other questions were on my mind but I chose not to ask. she closed the door and walked slowly to us. “hi Sharon” Sylvia greeted Sharon. Sharon only waved her hand without saying anything. Sylvia walked to my bed and sat down beside me. “Christian you know we were supposed to have a discussion today in school but couldn’t because I left school early. I will just wait for you to finish up with Sharon so that we can have our discussion” she said and immediately lay on my bed. Sharon stared at her for a while before she turned to face me. “Christian let’s start our tutorial please” she said I could see the look of disappointment on her face when she said that. “okay, let’s start then” I said she gave me her book, and I began immediately. After ten minutes of teaching, I noticed that she was not paying attention. she just kept staring into air. her mind seemed to be somewhere else. “Sharon” I called to bring her back to reality she turned to face me “”you have not been listening” I said she didn’t respond. she just packed her books back into her bag and stood up. “let’s continue another day” she said and walked to the door. she walked out of my room and closed the door behind her. Sylvia suddenly sat up with smiles on her face immediately Sharon left. she stood up from my bed and walked to the door. “where are you going?” I asked “home of course” she responded. “I thought you said you have something to tell me” I said “I will tell you when we see in school tomorrow. let me leave you for now so that you can prepare the speech you will deliver next week” she said. shiver went down my spine at the mention of the word speech. I have totally forgotten about the speech. I have not even made any preparation towards it. I made up my mind that moment to start all necessary preparation. “okay” I responded. she walked to the door and went out. I stood up immediately I went to my door. I wanted to know how she managed to enter my room when I locked the door from inside. I locked the door same way I did before she came in. I held the door knob and turned it but it didn’t open. I turned it again and forcefully pulled the door and it opened. I looked at the hook on the door and realized it had broken a bit and could not hold the bolt properly. so that was why Sylvia could get in even when I locked the door. I thought. I made a metal note to get a new hook.



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