Iyanu is a lady in her early 20yrs loved by her family, she happens to be one of those children that has a very fast education. She was already doing her NYSC service at age 21 where she met the love her life. Benjamin was a very rich kid, young lad in his middle 20’s, he also happened to be serving in the same state as Iyanu; how they both met was not a magic as we all know NYSC is a place where different people with different culture, belief and backgrounds meet.

Benjamin and iyanu worked under the same PPA (place of primary assignment), they got close, got into a relationship, things were all rosy, even after NYSC they still choose to remain together. Two years into their relationship they decided to introduce each other to their families in which I must say that was where their trouble started.

Benjamin’s parents were not in support of the inter-ethnic relationship, they disapproved Benjamin of marrying Iyanu; on the other hand Iyanu’s parents did vice versa with a more drastic action, they threaten to disown Iyanu if she marries Benjamin, “what happen to all the yoruba boys on planet earth” her parents kept asking her, at this point “LOVE DON’T CARE” a song by simi was what was playing in Iyanu’s head. Due to this issue Benjamin and Iyanu had to do their wedding without the consent of their parents.

Through out their one year after wedding, Benjamin’s parents kept pestering him to get another wife but Benjamin refuse. Iyanu has been disowned by her parents for marrying Benjamin. Things went smoothly between Benjamin and Iyanu aside troubles from their parents and eventually after the third year of marriage they were blessed with a baby boy. The news of Iyanu giving birth to a boy made Benjamin’s parent forget all their worries about their disagreement with their son’s marriage. Three years after child birth Benjamin started behaving strangely towards Iyanu, he was beginning to listen to his parents advice on getting another wife. He started coming home late and talking less to his wife and in the space of one year, things got worse, Iyanu noticed all this and tried to reason with her husband to forgive her if she had offended him without knowing but still things did not change instead after a while he stopped talking to the wife.

On a particular day Benjamin called Iyanu for a serious discussion. Iyanu was happy that finally her husband wants to talk to her “i am going out now, by the time i come back i want all your belongings out of this house” Benjamin told Iyanu. She pleaded but Benjamin went out after he made himself clear. She went to his parents to file a report on his recent misbehaviour but his parents only made things worse, she had no choice but to leave; she couldn’t go back to her parents because they had disowned her for getting married to an igbo person. She had no where to go.
She gathered the little she could and took her son along with her. Luckily her little money could fetch her a good one room apartment, she used the remaining change to start a trading business. Things were not so easy for her but she did all she could to send her son to school.

Chris her son was 11yrs old when he started asking questions about his father and who his father was, his mother explained everything to him but Chris did not believe, he felt his father could not have done that without a reason. He kept disturbing his mother for the truth. When Chris was 18yrs of age, Iyanu decided to give her son his father’s address so that he could pay him a visit and hear his side of the story. Behold Chris set on his journey to his father’s place. On getting there he found out his father was already with another woman with 2kids, his father on the other hand did not give him a chance to speak the moment he heard Chris was his son from Iyanu. He abused and cursed Chris and his mother together, Chris tried to reason with his father in a diplomatic way but the security dogs was unleashed on him to chase him out of the compound. When Chris got home he couldn’t talk to his mum about his ordeal neither could he eat for two days. It was on the third day he explained everything to his mum and then vowed never to recognise Benjamin as his father. As a matter of fact he refused Benjamin being his father more like he assumed his father is dead. Chris continued with his studies, he did well in school and got scholarship into university. On the other hand, Benjamin too had a successful life, he had a new wife with three kids, a boy and two girls, life was rosy the only thing that was suspicious was Benjamin’s gate man. Benjamin’s gate has served under Benjamin for almost all his life, but recently anytime he comes back from work his gateman always gave a sign of pity with sighs! Benjamin did not give him enough attention to ask why he was always doing that, he just ignored and decided to increase his gateman’s pay thinking the man has serious issues he needs money for. On a particular day Benjamin told his wife he would be traveling not be back for two months, he was in a rush when he left but on getting to the airport he found out that he forgot the documents he needed most, so he headed back home, on getting to the gate, his gate man sighed again, this time in a more obvious manner. Benjamin just looked at him with disgust, time was not on his side, he just rushed into the house, he was trying to look for his document, but as he opened the door to his room, what he saw, he fainted…

To be continued.


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