EP 06

The end of Rita’s secondary school was nearing. A long while has passed since we resumed our hands off relationship and only resorted to kisses and hugs, I missed her company sometimes but it wasn’t that strong to make me look like a desperate teenager and again I have to do this so to give her a chance to study especially when it is nearing examination period, she always excelled beautifully in the subjects I handled and did same in other classes too.

But after all that long while we had to resume the sexual part because I felt she was beginning to feel that I am planning ditch her and with Nancy lurking in the shadows it wasn’t easy for her.
It was the time for their Waec examinations and things were going smoothly. A little malpractice waa involved, that’s can’t be overlooked in Nigeria. I had to contribute in more ways than one, I wasn’t really after the money, I just wanted to help my students to all pass out of the school on good note.

I still remember after the incident of me and Mary many of the students has resorted to calling me “HERO” it isn’t a bad name but I have to be a hero for them once again. I haven’t heard of Mr Collins since the incident of Mary rape accusations but I am still looking for him, I was sure he was now living under an alias but it was nothing I could guess.
Rita was rather a bright student, so my help in the examination hall was more of an assistant than a total dependence, since she was better in mathematics than me I didn’t really bother myself in that aspect as she was capable of handling it ( oh God I hate that subject).
After the first two weeks of frantic examinations schedule, the other week was an absolute calm. There wasn’t any examination for a stretch of a week and three days, at least not the ones that concerned Rita. This gave her a chance to take a breather and calm down. She paid me a surprise visit at my apartment, well I could say surprised because I wasn’t expecting her.
She prepared breakfast for me and we had sex. It was more of a lovemaking than f—–g like animals in heat. This reminded me of our first time together. After that we engaged in some post-coital talks and she stated her future ambitions before me.
” You know after the Waec, I’ll go to the university.” She said.
” Yea that’s sure” I replied. ” It’s a dream of every secondary school students to do that, but the barrier is always the money.”
” Yea but when there is a will, there is a way. So as I was saying after I complete my courses, I’ll go for youth service then when I come back we can marry.
Her statements wasn’t totally out of the blue but seriously I never had a thought on marriage.
” Ha you are even talking of marriage.” I joked.
” Yes and I’m serious.”
” What if another girl with developed a stronger crush on me and confessed it to me as you did, what should I do?”
” Please you would have to ignore her for my sake.” She replied.
Though I meant it as a joke I didn’t really feel it but what if it happens? as it was I was the only male single teacher in the school and probably the youngest.
So most of the female teachers were and putting on their best and were trying to get my attention and the most obvious of it was Nancy. She had backed off a bit these days maybe because I was busy with the examinations. But I know it would come hotter and stronger after the exams. I wondered what I would tell her if she confronts me one day and asked me ” you seem to be avoiding me, why are you avoiding me?”
” What about Nancy?” I asked this time a bit serious.
Rita breathed a sigh. ” Please you need to ignore her for my sake too, just the same way I am going to do when I am at the university. I would have to shoo away the guys because I know you are there for me. I would have said you are free to have her but I know her, once she gets hold of you she won’t let go and I don’t want a situation in which I am through with my youth service and come back here and she is still there feeling contented and happy, I don’t want to be a marriage and home wrecker and I also don’t want any rivalry between me and her if she finds out that you are not planning to marry her but me after settling down in your house.”
I was quiet for a while, this was really food for thought for me as I imagined Nancy waiting patiently for me to come to my senses one day and walk up to her and tell her I like you. I wondered how she would react. I also wondered how she would feel if she discovers that she is waiting in vain that I was reciprocating her attraction to me. How would she feel? What would she do about it?
And besides if not for Rita I would have been in jail at the moment and I know Nancy would never have waited for me for 21 years or so I might have been in there. Rita brought the perfect plan and I executed it and it turned out good.
And again I liked Rita for her bravery and courage to walk up to me and let me know of her heart desire which wasn’t something selfish, and this is something Nancy hasn’t done. What if she shows up unexpectedly one day at my apartment and demands an answer to my hide and seek game.
Well as it was she was behind Rita in the pecking order.
Rita cleared her throat and brought me out of my reverie.
” You know as you can see right from that day I met you at the supermarket you got hold of my heart and ever since then you are still there and nobody can replace it, the heartbreak would be too much to bear if I see another person taking my place. You know you are the only one I love, I love you and no one else.”
“Hmmm!!” I groaned.
” So what is your response?” Rita asked me with soulful eyes.
” Hmm!!! That’s a lot to ask but I’ll try, the only thing now is that I don’t know what I’m gonna do when I run out of excuses.”
Rita breathed a sigh, which I felt was a sigh of assurance that she was safe.

The exams resumed after the week of grace was over. Though the particular examination didn’t concern Rita but she came anyway.
I went out to ease myself at the restroom when returning I caught a glimpse of her and then she did a signal and I know what it meant. She wanted to talk to me. It was a single only understood between two of us as a whole sentence can be said with just a finger gesture or simply crooking a finger.
This is how I sometimes tell her the answer in the exams hall without saying a word or slipping in any piece of paper.
I walked over to her. She was beside the examination hall but it was out of sight of any prying eyes and poking noses, she was like
” Sweedy I have to go home.”
” Anything’s wrong?” I queried.
” No not at all, I just got a call from my parents and they want to see me and thank God I’m not occupied today.
” Wait did you say parents? I thought you were an orphan.” I wondered out loud.
” Orphan? Oh! no!” Rita gave a short laugh. ” No I’m not an orphan, I know it’s just that you’ve never broached the subject before and never cared to ask.”
” Not that I didn’t care, it’s just that I didn’t want to see you burst into tears if I mention them as some people are bound to do.”
” I know!” Rita gave a half smile, and I refrained from telling you about my parents because I felt you might freak out. As some parents are very much against their children dating teachers and I saw you as the type who doesn’t like trouble, though I would have told you had you asked about it.”
I nodded.
” But are you living together with them?”
” No, they are both working class people, they are living at where my former school is, and due to what happened I had to relocate, but they couldn’t relocate with me because of their work. They are now going for their vacation and decided to stop by to see how I’m faring. I thought leaving them was the first real test of my life, many might fear I would grow wild when I am out of sight of their watchful eyes. Anyway the woman they recommended me to stay with is a good woman despite being a loudmouth, she is honest and transparent.”
” So how about siblings?” I asked.
” I had a brother, he died.”
” Oh I’m so sorry,” I said with genuine pity ” it must have been so painful for you may his soul rest in peace.
” Amen.” But Rita didn’t look like somebody that was sad, she looked as if she was restraining herself from laughing out loud. But I didn’t probe because I didn’t know if she was about to burst into tears.
” But I didn’t tell you the manner which he died.”
I shrugged. ” Probably an accident or something tragic that you might not want to remind yourself of.”
” No something different. He died in the course of completing a dare.”
” A dare?”
Rita nodded. ” Yes a dare.”
” Was he dared to snap his own neck and he did?”
” No. He was dared to have sex with ten girls at a time and he dies while doing it. People later suggested that he might have had sexual diabetes and so the sex was too sweet, they said it was the sweetness of the sex that killed him.”
Rita stared straight at my face as I was trying hard to keep myself from laughing.
” It’s okay you can laugh, I laughed myself when I first heard it.”
With that I burst out and she joined in.
” Well those girls were his classmates I don’t know how he got into their midst, then someone suggested truth or dare. According to one of the girls that participated, he had dared them to do things that they’ve never done before, like daring the girls to perform cunnilingus on another girl or daring them to lick another girl’s anus. He dared the shyest girl in the group to strip naked and masturbate herself to o—-m in front of them. According to her all the dates they carried out was nothing harmful or extreme so there was nothing he shied away from doing when dared, so one girl finally dared him to have sex with all of them and make each of them o—-m twice. Most of the girls agreed that it was the perfect payback for what he made them do as there was a girl in their midst which always takes so long to c-m not to talk of twice. So they thought he would be in for a surprise as he would be made to work. He was done with the fourth girl and was with the fifth when they noticed him shaking. They thought he was having an o—-m and the next thing he was lifeless.

So the girls dressed him up and fled as they feared they might be arrested.
So after the autopsy was carried out of was confirmed that the girls didn’t have any hand in his death. That he died from heart failure as they was no sign of torture on his body or any sign that he was strangled. They suggested that his death might be from his exertions in trying to please the girls. So messages had to be sent to the girls that wherever they are they can come and resume their schooling that they are innocent.
Even after my brother’s burial and the explanation given for his death people still said it was the sweetness of the sex that killed him, I don’t even know where they got sexual diabetes from.”
We laughed a bit at this.
” Was he older than you?”
” Yes. Three years and some months.”
” Was that your only sibling?”
” Yes, I’m the only one left now. Though my parents are still young enough to bear children, they are too absorbed with their works. I can’t remember the last time I or my father tasted my mom’s cooking neither does my father even have a chance to sit down and ask what was for dinner. Infact there was one day my father slept some minutes later than he normally do, men you should see the way he was rushing. It was as if apocalypse was about to happen and he was rushing to enter Noah’s ark. He first tried to force his foot into a black handgloves thinking it was socks, he then realised his mistake and corrected himself, he then wore a shoe on the wrong foot then found out he was wearing different shoes.

That day was complete comedy and I laughed to my heart content, the man didn’t even ask me what I was laughing, he totally ignored me.
As for my mother she never bothers with makeup as she wouldn’t even have time to wear it.
So as it was none of them were prepared to drop their job and be a stay at home parent so that makes it totally impossible for them to have more children.”
” If your mother never had time to cook, so where did you learn to cook so well?”
” At my friend’s house and from the woman I’m leaving with now. Most of my friends mother’s are absolutely good cooks so they patiently showed me how it is done as they knew what was happening at my home. This woman also helps a lot, teaching me different delicacies and different ways you could prepare one type of food.”
” It’s okay, you need to go now, I have taken much of your time”
” No you didn’t Sweedy. It’s never ever boring talking to you.
With that she pulled my face near and kissed me on the lips for a short while and then waved goodbye.
” I love you.” She said.
” I love you too sweetheart.” I replied with a smile.
I turned around and to my shock Nancy was standing behind, me her eyes already red and tears were streaming out of them. I was sure she has seen everything that went on between me and Rita.
” So Wilson, all this while I’ve been waiting, so I have waiting in vain?”
Being totally unprepared for this encounter, I was quickly short of words and excuses.
” Look Nancy it is not like that.”
” It’s like what? I can’t believe you would choose a mere student over me, what does she have that I don’t have? Or is it dark skin? Eh?
All this while I have been keeping my heart open for you, giving out all the signs I could know off, not knowing you have some skeletons in your cupboard.
” Look Nancy, had you made this your attraction known to me since it would have saved you this headache.”
” How would I have made myself known, tell me how? When you were dribbling me like Messi and Ronaldinho, whenever I want to come to your apartment you would have some excuse for me. And funny enough it was today that I decide to tell you everything of how much I want you in my life, I looked for you in your office but I couldn’t find you, only to come here to be entertained by the sight.”
” Nancy I’m sorry. I’m…….”
” I know you would be.” Nancy interrupted. ” But that doesn’t mean a thing to me right now you’ve just ruined my day, you have just broken my heart.”
” So what are you going to do now?” I asked somehow wishing I didn’t ask.
” I am leaving right away. I am leaving the school, I’m handing in my resignation letter tomorrow, I know you love teaching, you add another subject to the list of those your handling.”
I held her hand, ” come on Nancy don’t do something you might regret later. Must every female teacher always leave the school because of me?”
I felt her hand, it was soft and smooth and her perfume was intoxicating though different from Rita’s chamomile perfume.
” well whatever you say I am not going to regret this one. I can’t stand seeing you moving around with the knowledge that you’re not mine, we will always have to leave, do you know how it feels to be rejected? So I am going, if you want me come and look for me. Now leave my hand.”
She snatched her hand away from me and stormed off towards the staff room.

I felt bad at how it got to this. I never expected her to leave the school because of this issue, I just thought she would realise one day that she wasn’t wanted by me and back off.
I didn’t wish it to get to this but as it came to pass I didn’t have any choice.
I began walking after her. She was still crying as she gathered up her stuff, her fellow teachers tried to get her to say what was the problem the tried to know why she was crying, but she didn’t volunteer anything. She just packed her things and headed to her car and started it up. The car sounded angry the owner and was soon out of sight.
” I hope she doesn’t commit suicide.” I said in my thoughts, I could understand how she felt, but I couldn’t help it. I wondered how Rita would have felt if I had told her no, maybe she would have done drastic, she might have even go as far as………..
I pushed the thought from my head.
I got to the staff room and met one of the female teacher with the physique of Rita. She had quite a large bossom and a gap tooth with a cute face.
She turned to me a suspicious look.
” You broke her heart.” She said
” No I didn’t. I thought she never said anything to anybody.” I replied.
” Yes but I know everything, I know that she was so obsessed with, so infatuated with you, and bided her time with patience waiting for you to come on to her but you never. Now what have you done to her?”
” I didn’t do anything to her.”
” Yes you did, she has seen you with someone who is not just anybody, isn’t it? And that is the last straw that broke the camel’s back.
She looked at me with calm eyes, I didn’t answer her.
” Right?” She asked.
” But that isn’t a guarantee that she should leave the school.” I evaded her question. ” At least there are many people here she can turn her attention to.”
” Have you forgotten that you are the only single teacher here? That all other males teachers are married and no lady here is crazy enough to be starting a relationship with a married man, they want their own. Do you how you being single have been raising the hopes of the single female teachers? Most of them are trying their best to get your attention. And the fact that you are not a womanizer is just the icing on the cake. I know Nancy, she is my friend and she talks to me and she’s never for once minced words about his attraction to you, she claims that you had ticked all the boxes in terms of characters she wants in a man and she was prepared to ditch her own characters you wouldn’t want and embrace the ones you want. She was clearly winning the race as all the others were below her in the pecking order. I myself even have to back out of the race in order to give her a chance but you spurned all that and broke her heart.
I opened my mouth in surprise, ” even you.”
” Of course, what’s wrong with me?”
” But you are married.”
” Yea I am, but that’s only it, because the way I am now I’m just like someone who is not, my husband has resorted to drinking, smoking and all sort of nonsense. I have tolerated his sterility and now coupled with erectile dysfunction I haven’t had sex for over a year and a half now, I need love and you are the only person that could provide it.”
” Hmmm!!!” I grunted and it was clearly not the answer she wanted and seemed furious.
” Who is the girl that stopped the progress of Nancy?”
” Seriously you really wouldn’t want to know.”
”#8221; Why? I want to know.”
I shook my head and wouldn’t budge.

She lowered her tone and asked ” are you gay and is this girl we are talking about a guy? Because that’s the only thing that could disgust Nancy that much.”
” Oh no no no, I’m not gay.”
She seemed a little satisfied with the answer. ” Okay now that Nancy is out of the picture, what do you think of me?”
” I think it’s nothing, remember you are a married woman and I don’t like doing things with married women.”
She looked at me for a while and shook her head in pity or disdain.
” I don’t know what mould you came from, at least typical African guy would have grabbed the opportunities that had presented itself with both hands, but you are just different, funny a guy playing hard to get instead of the other way round. Okay if I could start a relationship with you, I would divorce my husband and I’m sure you wouldn’t have problem with a divorcee.”
I didn’t say anything.
” Okay fine I know it’s a lot to take in at the moment, so I’ll wait for your response soon and I want something positive.”
My heart was beating and I felt trapped, I began to feel Nancy’s pain as if it was a physical pain.
And with this woman also confessing her attraction and willingness to take a drastic step on my behalf I know it would be hard to curtail everything. But I know myself, I know that nothing would make me cheat on Rita.
She momentarily forgot where she was and pulled my head nearer and was about to kiss me and then remembered where she was and held herself. I turned around and could see the hateful stares the other teachers directed at her, but she didn’t care as she wasn’t a teacher and wasn’t doing it with a student.
I had to excuse myself and head to my office.
For the next three weeks, Rita and I didn’t get to meet with each other as she was quite busy with her examinations and I didn’t plan on disrupting her momentum. We saw each other in the examination hall.

It was the fourth week that their examinations were finally over and one could take a breather.
She came to my apartment the following day and we were able to have a good feel of one another after a long while. Here she got the full story of what really transpired between me and Nancy
After I finished she looked sad for a moment, ” I feel for her, but I wish she had stayed at least she always keeps herself under control.”
” What do you mean by that?” I queried.
” The school has found her replacement who would arrive next week and this one is a clear opposite of Nancy, she’s more beautiful than her, more endowed and more aggressive, she’ll hide at nothing to let you know she wants you and this is going to be a tougher test for you. But I can count on you.
” How did you know?”
” Well I just felt it just the same way I did when Mary was about to set you up.”
” I would see how accurate is your prediction.”
” Well I have some good news.”
” What good news I asked without much interest.
” I won a lottery.” She said with a half smile.
” Wow congratulations, how much is it? Probably two hundred thousand.”
” No! more than that. It’s ten million Naira.”
I stared at her for a while and then burst out laughing. I didn’t recover from laughing when she said, ” and I’m going to give you half of it.” This got me laughing more and I could see the frown on her face.
“Who you fooling girl? I know that might be a dream but not just right of the bat.”
Her frown deepened and she said ” look I am serious, I am joking about as you’re thinking.”
” Like seriously?” I asked still amazed and she nodded before showing duplicate of the lottery ticket.
” Wow you are rich girl.” I commented with sincerity.
” So as I was saying, I’ll give you half of it so you can establish yourself while I am at the university. I know you wouldn’t give up teaching, but that is not a bother for me. You could invest it in something maybe open a supermarket or a high class boutique or whatever that would get you good money. So that when I’m back from my youth service we can get married and make our wedding as colourful as we would ever like.”
” That’s so nice of you my love. Thank you.”
” Your welcome, but the thank you wasn’t needed remember you are my heart.”
” So what gave you the idea of playing this particular one?”
” Well I just felt it and decided to do it and it went out well and another good news.”
” What?”
” I have won a scholarship too.”
” Oh my God, what’s behind all this luck?
” It just the hand of God and the fact that I am in love with you.”
” So what are you going to do with your money?”
” I’ll invest it but would keep a low profile wherever I am in order not to be a target for kidnappers and hoodlums.”
“That means you’ll never buy a car?”
Yea but I’ll get a motorcycle as a means of transportation. So how about you are you going to buy a new car?”
” No I think I’m gonna stick with my friend she has been with me through tough times.
” Loyalty would not kill you.”
We both laughed.
” Why not go to the bedroom and get something doing?” She suggested.
” Who would ever say no to that?”

Nancy’s replacement arrived the following week just as Rita as predicted, her name was Isabel pronounced ( Izzybel). She was fair in complexion with a raven black natural hair, she had a tantalizing gap between her teeth, she had big boobs and and a bigger ass and walks with a self assured spring and wears glasses rather for fashion than for medical purpose.
If I was to compare her beauty with Rita I could say she beats Rita by 10% though that’s a little unfair as I haven’t seen Rita before with makeup.
The other teachers grew jealous of her immediately and many gave her cold shoulder but she had adopted an ” I don’t care” attitude.
Infact she made my office her second classroom and frequented it in a week more than Nancy has done in her entire stay in the school.
I tried and stayed as professional as I can and she was getting frustrated at this which I knew she would voice it out one day.
She kept coming to my office and sometimes made odd request like once she asked me to help her adjust her bra strap because it was too tight on her. I did it with a straight face and with no comment, but she had quite a nice body.

I always shared this with Rita whenever she comes to my apartment and asked her if she would leave if she finds out I am not interested in her.”
Rita shook her head ” she won’t leave she’s isn’t the type that gives up, especially if she loves you and also doesn’t want competition, she’ll do everything to keep other women away so it’s up to you but I can count on you.”
Three months later the Waec result was out and only two students failed. Rita had a very good result. Surprisingly an A in mathematics and a couple of B’s and C’s in other subjects. As soon as she got the results she came to my apartment to celebrate with me. It was a joyous thing. She quickly arranged for a matriculation exams as there was no time to waste. The result was out after a short while and she got the desired results.
I went with her to search for a .nice apartment for her to live at the area of the university she won her scholarship. She wanted something nice but not over the top. We succeeded in securing an apartment that was to her taste and the rent was affordable.
All through this Isabel Isabel never stopped coming to my office, sometimes just to engage me in some odd conversation and sitting suggestively, but I never blink seeing all those because I expected it. I had pledged my loyalty to Rita and wasn’t dreaming on breaking that. But Isabel never relented or gave up.

Rita visited the day before she moves to the university. She prepared my lunch and dinner and we had a talk together. Here she handed me the cheque for the money she promised. I was like ” I can’t still believe this is real.”
” Yea I know it looks like a dream but it’s true. You know, I want to marry a rich man, I want a rich husband. But instead of going out there to look for one why not make you one.”
” Yea, thank you very much, you know I never knew you would do something like this.”
” Like what? Playing lottery or giving you half of my winnings?” She asked with a cute voice.
” Both!” I replied.
Rita smiled.
” It’s the hand of God, he has a way of disgracing your enemies, maybe by the time she’s out of jail she would be surprised at how your doing.”
” I thank God for everything.”
” You know it’s good for you to go out and tell somebody your mind, I don’t know what i would have done now, if I see Nancy being all over you or boasting of you wherever she goes. I don’t know how I would have been if Mary had succeeded in sending you to jail. I’m sure I would have committed suicide.”
” No you won’t.”
” Yes I’m saying the truth, I know myself.”
” Thank God everything went in your favour and I even benefitted tremendously from it, you stopped me going to jail.”
Rita smiled at this.
” Sweedy you what?”
” What?” I asked softly.
” Our first issue is going to be girls. Twins.”
” Hmm!! How did you know?”
” I I just felt it. The same way I did about Isabel’s arrival and the lottery.”
“That’s nice.” I commented.
” So you should start sourcing for twins names.”
” That wouldn’t be hard, I already have one, Kinshasa and Brazzaville.”
” Your not serious.” She laughed. ” Anyway let’s save that for later.”
She looked at me straight in the eye and said ” I love you Callum.”
” I love you too.” I replied.
I tried to joke.
” You know now that you’ll be leaving, I’ll be looking like a sheep without a keeper. With all those women eager for you to get out of the way, what do you advise I do?”
” Please you have to hold yourself for me, I know it won’t be easy but I can count on you.”
” How about Isabel?”
” I know it’s gonna be a tough one, bit I know you can keep her at bay till I’m back fully, I try and visit you as quickly as I can when I have the chance.”
” What if another student shows up and confesses of her crushing on me and wants me in a relationship like you did?”
” I know none of them would have the courage, but if they did you know how to reply them.”
I gave a mischievous smile before asking the third one. ” What about Mary?”
Rita smiled and said ” F–K HER.”
I tried to say something more but she stopped my lips with a finger.
” Now let’s go to the bedroom and stop asking silly questions.” She held my hand and I we got up and headed to the bedroom.

The following afternoon she was all ready to move with her bags,
I returned her nudes to her and then told her I know she didn’t have to give me her nudes inorder to earn my trust but I had to take it because sometimes it’s better safe than sorry. So as it was i didn’t want a situation which somebody might encounter it and use it to blackmail her or ruin her, so she could dispose of the photos how she likes it.
She collected it from me and said “I love you” and I replied I love you too.”
I drove her to the bus station and we engaged in a kiss for a while before she exited the car. I watched her blow me a kiss before boarding the bus and it was so romantic.
Inside the bus she stared at me through the window and then pointed at something behind me.
I turned to look and it was a graffiti painting on the wall with the words ” YOU ARE MY HERO” boldly written on it.
I couldn’t remember the students singing and giving me the hero clap.
I looked back at her and nodded and she nodded too.
Soon the bus was full and began to move out of the park. She waved to me and I waved back till the bus was out of sight.
I felt a little sad as I drove back home though I knew I wasn’t losing her but knowing that I won’t be seeing her everyday as I have grown used to, being able to smell her chamomile perfume and kissing her. But I think I have fallen in love with her more than me before, I wished her well wherever she were.

As I got home I could see Isabel’s car parked at my parking space. And there she was waiting patiently for me beside her car. As I didn’t show up in school that day was enough excuse for her to come and see me, and “oh my!” She looked so hot in her mini-dress and strappy high heels. Her hair fell down in contours over her shoulders as she sported a pair of glasses and pink lips. She looked like a goddess.
There was no time for me to divert without her noticing, as I had noticed her too late.
I took a deep breath and remembered my promise to Rita and I vowed that I am not going to break it.
I took a deep breath and drove into my apartment. I saw her smile and thought ” somebody is going to get disappointed.”

Mary sat beside her cellmate at the dining hall for prisoner.
” Had I not been in prison, I would have taken My Waec by now.” She thought. She hated the prison. The food wasn’t bad, but it wasn’t something she would have liked if she was free but here you have no choice. It was her birthday but sure there was no party in prison. She only have to quietly wish herself a happy birthday. She still continue to think of her mother, what is happening to her now? Has she decided to move on with her life? Or is she crying everyday on her? or is she cursing the day she gave birth to her?
She never thought of praying, well she never believed in God so praying was just nonsense to her.
Her cellmate Cecilia nudged her and whispered to her ears ” hey mate, today is my birthday so eat well, I’m going to need some birthday blood.”
Mary’s heart sank, she didn’t know she was sharing a birthday with the witch.
She wished she could turn back the hands of time in order to right her wrongs but no one could.
She resigned herself to her fate as she was doomed to spend more 16 hears in prison.


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