S03 EP 02

I woke up at noon the next day with a headache and the others were still fast asleep. It was noon and I wondered why they weren’t awake; so I thought of waking them up but upon second thoughts, I didn’t. I went to shower and thereafter, I went back to the living room and quietly woke Jide up. I asked him to go with me to get food and so he also went to shower and then, we went to get the food. When we returned, they were all awake and were excited when they saw us with the food. I spent the rest of the day with Jide at the pool whereas the others were indoor doing their own thing.

And when it was 10:00pm, we went to bed. Early the next morning, we all left the house and went back to campus. There, Jide and Brian left for lectures; the girls went to their rooms and I went to mine. I watched movies the whole day and when it was evening, Stanley came knocking on my door. I honestly didn’t want to talk to him and when I saw him, I looked at him angrily and asked, ‘Stanley, why are you here? I thought I asked you to stay away from me.’ He looked so sorry and told me he came in peace and wanted us to talk about what happened that night when he slapped me. I didn’t care about what he had to say and even thought of sacking him; but he said, ‘I know you and Jide are already back together. I’m not here to ask you back if that’s what you are thinking. I just want to apologize for slapping you, so can I come in.’

I nodded and when he entered the room, I sat on my bed and listened to what he had to say. He told me how sorry he was for slapping me and added that he regretted it so much. Then he told me he knew he had an anger problem and was going to do all he could to control his temper and avoid getting violent. He sounded so sorry and added that though he wasn’t trying to justify what he did, he reacted that way because he wanted the best for me. Then he said,
‘Rabby really cares about you and I think she is the best person you need in your life right now and not those girls. I have a strong feeling they will lead you into doing things that you might regret later.’
And he added that, though people talk all the time and spread false stories about others, there’s always a little bit of truth behind every rumor and that though it might be there and the truth behind the rumors about my friends, might already be obvious to me, the good things about the friendship I have with them would cloud my judgment.
He sounded convincing but there was no way I was going to let him win, so I didn’t think it through. I just looked at him and couldn’t wait for him to stop talking. He told me not to get lost in the nice and fun things that the girls would have me doing and that it was so easy for anyone to get lost in such things; especially if the person was new to them. He advised me to take time and think about all that he was saying and my life and everything about my friendship with the girls. He asked me to do that and if I still thought the girls were a good influence I should forget about everything he had said about them but if I realized they were a bad influenced like he said, I should cut them off.

I looked at him with so much spite in my eyes. He had no idea how much I haated him. I hated him for slapping me and I didn’t pay attention to all that he was saying. He didn’t like my friends so it was normal for him to say things to make me not like them too; but there was no way I was going to take any of the things he said about them serious. And the fact that Rabby was a part of it made my blood hot. ‘After all we’ve done together? After all we’ve been through and the fact that it was even through me that she got to meet Prince, her boyfriend. God! That girl is ungrateful and she had the guts to go behind my back to tell Stanley nasty things about me. And after all that she still pretends that she cares. To hell with that! I don’t want to hear anything about her again. I don’t want to have anything doing with her again. Rabby isn’t the type of girl I’m supposed to be friends with. She is just childish, naïve and so archaic,’ I thought to myself.
I realized Stanley was still talking and wondered when he was going to stop as I couldn’t stand his presence any longer. After sometime, he stopped talking and sadly I didn’t hear the last thing he said. I just looked at him and asked,
‘are you done?’ He nodded and stood there saying nothing. Then I said, ‘okay, you can leave now. I heard everything you said. So please leave and never come back. Bye.’

He opened his mouth as if he was going to say something; it was obvious that wasn’t the response he wanted to hear but what could he do? I was so cold towards him and it appeared that I didn’t care about anything he said. He just shook his head and left the room. Right after, I heaved a sigh of relief, locked my door and sat back on my bed. I convinced myself that, what I did was the right thing to do and right after, I realized I had nothing doing. So I took my make-up bag, made my face up, dressed up and went to Brian’s room. I didn’t call him and had wanted to surprise him and pull him out of the room so that we would go out of campus together but then, instead of surprising him; I ended up being surprised instead.All that Rabby said was so much; she was something else and I wondered why she was like that. She cared too much and so I told her how grateful I was and added that I would talk to her later before ending the call. I rushed to see Miley after as I had remembered what she told me about us paying for the grades. I wanted an easy way out and I wasn’t ready to study with Rabby. I wasn’t going to go back to being friends with them, ‘no! That will never happen,’ I said to myself. Miley had an easier way out and I didn’t see why I had to study that much if there was another way for me to get good grades. When I got to her room, she was busily talking to someone on phone. I sat by her and she said after ending the call,
‘Bola, we need to pay for the grades. You said you are taking six courses so you need to bring 8000. I already told you about it right?’ I nodded and asked her when we needed to get the money and she said before the week ended. Luckily, I had 10,000 in my savings account.

I asked about the other two courses and Miley said we would have to see the lecturers since they didn’t allow for their grades to be bought. Right then, Miley called lecturers and scheduled to meet them the next day. I felt relieved after and went back to my room feeling so excited. In the evening, I went to the gym with Thelma and when we got back, we showered and joined the other girls in Tia’s room. We ate supper there and watched a movie together and right after, I went back to my room. I tried calling Jide and couldn’t reach him. That made me worried because I hadn’t heard from him the whole day, so I decided to go to his room to see if he was there.
When I got there, he wasn’t and his roommate told me he left for lectures in the morning and wasn’t back.
On my back to my room, I saw Stanley but I said nothing to him. I just passed by and ignored his stares. I called Brian and asked if he had heard from him but he said “no.” So, I grew more worried and I sent him a message, ‘Jide, call me when you see this message. Where are you and I’m worried.’ Jide replied my message the next morning and said that he had to go home as there was something he had to attend to. I had a feeling there was more to it, but I had a lot on my mind so I didn’t ask what exactly he had to attend to. He called me and we spoke for some time and we agreed to meet later in the day before the call ended. Right after, I showered and got ready to meet Miley in her room.



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