EP 01

It was during the end of 2019 Christmas when Glo shocked me with excessive data, after I did a normal subscription.

I opened WhatsApp ertic group afterwards. I had little time to come online, we were about leaving home for Church on 31st Night of December, when I decided to curb online. I switched on my data and a new number sent a message: hi, I checked if she is online and then her profile picture to see if I could recognise the face, my memory failed to recall which means I never knew the person. I used her room’s nick to know the group she sent the message from, if she is a fellow writer like me. A group created by Feathers to bring Facebook writers community together, a communalist group to aid development of new writers and also improve the skills of old writers. She inbox me from the ertic WhatsApp group I created.
Me: small gal, you will not go to church bah, you wan my use cane chase you go church? I type and send
Number: am not a small girl oh she replied
Me: okay, big gal leave things of the world and go to church. I type and send
Number: she replied with plenty laughing emoji
Me: you will not hear now oh! Before I use my d*ck flog you go church
*I type and send*
Number: and you wan go church?
she replied
Me: ehem, the kingdom of God suffereth violence, na by force we dey win soul nowadays oh! I type and send
Number: I hear you, soul winner. she replied
I saved her number without a name, so her contact displayed simply number.
I checked people’s status and her’s caught my attention, she did a video of her dancing to Naira Marley soapy and caption it.
Bye bye to soapy 19, I commented on her status with ‘mad oh! Mad oh! this your nyash is mad oh!’
Number: shey you will not go to 2020 like this? she replied
Me: I will drop my amu in 2019 I type and send
Number: , stop writing all those your prn stories, you are spoiling us. We the virgin association. Me: , big girls are not virgin na. Number: Mary is still called virgin, after given birth Me: chisos! Chisos!! Sister join me in repentance Number: repent ke? Pssy chaser like you.
She was not the boring Nigeria girls, that rebuff every act of fun in chatting, we flowed well till I saved her number ‘soapy19′.
My brother came out from the room and met me outside were I was sitting down on a plastic chair waiting for him.
Victory: why you dey laugh?
Me: see question, I dey laugh ’cause of say I don join NMA.
Victory: w€tin be NMA?
Me: new mad men association, Daniel come put this chair inside house.
Victory: stupid boy, your wife spirit is crying beside you.
We left and my brother took the chair I sat on inside, we were just stepping out of our compound when we over heard voices.
Victory: no be miss one corner voice be that?
Me: maybe, make we wait for them
We waited a little on the road that bushes are side by side, they came close to us.
Miss one corner: enjima, na ona dey stand there?
Victory: no, our ghost.
Mirian: where ona wan go this night?
Me: we dey follow ona.
Miss one corner: we wan go church oh!
Me: na there we dey go too.
I was the one who nicknamed her ‘Miss One Corner’, she has a flat ss but with huge hips, she could twerk your dck to hardness and cvmness without license.
Trust me, I did not take my hands off her whenever we are alone but I have not had a chance to fnger her, probably it will be that day. My brother and her sister went ahead while I held her back, I crossed my hand around her waist and the journey continues. We were closed to Havanna hotel when I crossed my hand across her shoulder, allowing my hand to dangle on the face of her dangerous looking brasts.
I lowered my face to examine the none too big twins that are separated from birth on her chest, I caught a glimpse of her cleavage and realized she wasn’t putting on any bra.
Me: this your left brasts big pass the right one? Miss one corner: aagghhh! Enjima you too spoil. I remained quiet as we submitted ourselves to the illumination of the security lights placed on the fence of the hotel, immediately we stepped out of the light. I held her npple together with my thumbs and twist, she let out a pleasurable man and ran screaming that am a very bad boy, I just shook my head and dug my hands in my pocket. I walked from behind as we past another yard getting to the now deserted tarred road, that has no sign of bike but only us standing alone. We went towards the church that are now roaring in praises for our Creator, I took my seat and joined in the dances. My phone beeped and I came out of the church to answer a call. Miss one corner: na here you dey? You no go enter inside church. Me: no na, shit dey worry me, escort me na… Abeg, I no wan go house. Miss one corner: I nofit come oh! Me: I go give you my phone to carry go house. Miss one corner: okay, if you no do am ehnn.. She followed me and we walked out of the church compound, we headed to our right and took another route that is on on our right. We walked past my father’s lock-up shops that he let out and his house that we let to tenants, some feet away is a fenced house that divides the roads into four existing foot-paths. We took the foot-path on our left, getting away from the eyes of any passer-by, I stroke a sudden discussion. Me: iffa handle you, you no go want another dck again.
Miss one corner: o shey, that your small thing.Me: that your boyfriend own no reach am half.
Miss one corner: no near, my boyfriend dck big well well.. You nofit compare am with that your small thing na. I held her hand and rubbed on my trouser, close to were jnr el is nodding impatiently to be freed. My clothed dck was responding to her touches and she was carried away, I unbuckled my belt and brought it out.
I held it and shook it twice, it gain attention quickly ’cause am hyperactive.
Her hand trembled as she held my big thick hrd long dck, she felt the cap with her thumbs and wrapped her fingers around it.
She started stroking it slowly enjoying the feel of my fleshy boner.
I moved my hands to her brasts and cupped the two twins, feeling the soft round bobs, she gasped and stroked me violently pushing me to the other world.
She wore trouser so I fumbled on her button, find the host and disconnected it. Freed the zip and dug my hand inside her pnt. I tickled her clt and she stroke me faster, I graned in excitement and placed her on the wall of a house that is yet to be completed. I dragged down her trouser and she spitted on her palm then rubbed it on my throbbing dck, she turned holding the wall.
I pulled down her p*nt and dragged down my boxer with my trouser with one push, she pushed back her bare *ss and I was confused on what to do ’cause I had no cndom with me, some feet away was waterproof that I could wear to prevent pregnancy or anything else. Miss one corner: you no sabi where the hole dey, na you carry that kind thing? I looked at the waterproof and my hrd d*ck, should I wear it or enter raw?



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