EP 03

I groaned excitedly as she increased the pressure on my throbbing hrd dck in between her wrapped fingers.
She held it tight and rubbed it repeatedly on her p*ssy hole, she raised her height high by tiptoeing because I am taller.

My hands flee to her bare *ss flesh, and grabbed the two bare *ss cheeks and squeeze hungrily, I kissed her neck softly and she trembled as I impaled her opening with my hrd dck.

Miss one corner: asshhh! Oohh!!

Me: ummhh..

I wrapped my hand behind her, I started pushing her into me as I pushed myself forward.
Her pssy was warm and wt making squashing sounds as I increased the pace of my thrsting in and out. My balls sac jingled in between her legs, brushing her laps as I powered in faster and hrder, we didn’t recognize our voices again, she maned loud enjoying the feel of my big dck inside her wt pssy.

Voice: Victor, where u dey?

Fear gripped me as I made three thrsts in a second, the sweet sensation shoot up from my feet. We disengaged struggling to put on our wears, my dck started spurting loads of c*um, I quickly grabbed it and direct it towards the wall as I watched the whitish fluid fly to different corners.

Miss one corner already had her clothe on as I quickly dragged up my trouser up without minding the leaking sp*rm.

Me: we dey come oh!

Victory: w€tin ona dey do for there?

She and I came out of the uncompleted room and saw my brother and her sister standing at the road side.

Me: she say make I help her check if snails dey inside the room.

Victory: hope say ona don see the snail he say mockingly

Miss one corner: I don tire to even check for am, maybe tomorrow we go see am.

We escorted them to their home and we returned back to our house, I was so exhausted as I felt like someone blood was drained from his body.

Victory: you just dey f*ck the girl anyhow. *we start laughing*

Me: person don see free toto w€tin man go do?

Victory: no kill yourself oh!

We knocked on our protector and my younger brother opened the protector, we entered and I went straight to bed and slept off immediately.
The next morning, I woke up with the incessant greetings of …

Voices: happy new year! The same to you.

I opened my eyes and discovered that I was the only person on bed, I yawned and stood up feeling very famished.
I came out and saw my twin brother sweeping the compound, I went to the kitchen and grabbed a can of drink from the fridge.

I took some slices of bread and returned to the room, I took my brush and placed tooth-paste at the mouth of my brush, I brushed my mouth and then returned to the room.
I started eating the bread and drinking the mineral, I was still on it when my phone rang, I checked the caller and it was Soapy19.
I picked and placed the phone on my right ear.

Me: small girl with big God, how you dey? she chuckle

Soapy19: you dey online?

Me: no… Come eat oh!

Soapy19: this early morning you don start to eat.

Me: the earlier the better.

Soapy19: come online, i wan show you something.

My dck twitch as her word sent a message to my sleeping dck to wake up, I switched on my data and messages started entering.
Immediately, video call request came in from Soapy19.

I raised the icon with video triangle up and it start showing connecting, few seconds a face appeared on the screen.
She was obviously smiling as she watched me, I couldn’t help to stare hard at her perky n*pples forming an arch on her singlet.

Soapy19: look at this small boy, what are you looking at?

Me: your n*pples.

Soapy19: see you, you don spoil true true.. Why you no wear shirt?

Me: I dey sleep

She lowered her eyes and held a smirk on her face, she started grinning and shaking her body sending a body language that I understand.

Me: you wan see bah?

She nod shyly and laughed, I shook my head.
She started scratching her cheek, pleading with her eyes I still shook my head she laughed.

Soap19: is it small? I nod

She started laughing, I lowered the camera to my stomach and raised the band of the boxer I wore.
My dck cap rose suddenly, I pushed the camera down further and she saw the big hammer head of my dck.

Soapy19: wow… w€tin be that?

I raised the camera up to see my face.

Me: my d*ck.

Soapy19: is so big, please show me well, am very h*rny.

I lower down my boxer and changed the angle of the face of my camera, I lowered it down a bit, as my flat stomach down to my ercted dck pointing gingerly at the wall displayed on the small box in the screen.

I grabbed my dck and shook it twice, she brought out her brasts from the upper part of her snglet and her aroused npples stood pointed at the centre of the full br*asts.

I started jrking watching her play with her npples, she m*aned sweetly.

Soapy19: ahhh, you are so big.

Me: aaahhh! I am scking your npples baby.

I started making throaty grans as I jerked my dck, she went bizzare and removed her singlet, the camera displayed the beautiful decorated celine.
The camera retained another position, her both legs touched the ground spread at the edge of the bed.

She shifted her pnt and her glistening pssy with her love juice was all for me to see.



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