EP 05

I placed a hand behind me and started pounding her hrder, I moved my waist faster groaning and sweating as I bnged her fast and h*rd.

I bent low and started devouring her npples, she spread her legs wide as I positioned myself for missionary style. I curled my hands on her laps spreading her legs wide, I started moving my waist faster this time, fcking her without caution.

Me: aaahhh! Aaaahhh!!! I groan

Endurance: asshhh! You go kill me oh! Aaahh!! Oohh!!

I felt my release building up, I pulled out immediately and spilled it on the floor, we started breathing heavily and sweating.
She sat down and our lips clicked, as she gave me a passionate kiss that I won’t forget in a hurry.

That is when I heard my phone ringing in my trouser pocket that I pulled earlier, I rushed to it and brought out my phone and saw my dad’s id as the caller.
I answered the call…

Dad: Victor, where you dey? Them no go drink the drink again?

Me: I dey road daddy.

Dad: since that time?

Me: the bike wey I enter spoil, I dey come.

He angrily ended the call, I quickly jumped into my trouser and wore my shirt as Endurance got a towel and tied around her. She got a rag and cleaned my c*m on the floor.

Endurance: you go still come again?

Me: yes.

I answered and ran out of the house, I got to the shop that they usually sold drinks and bought a carton then took a bike home.
I got home to meet everything prepared, they were waiting for the drink so that chewing and eating will commence.

I took the carton of the drinks to the fridge and they unpacked it, my older sister dished rice for me and drinks were shared.
We all settled to eat and chew, after we were done eating.

We took our bath, I and my brother ’cause we were already late for the masquerade dance.
We quickly dressed up and boarded a bike straight to the playground at Ahoada main town, luckily for us it was played in the town square that upstairs was built on.

The bike man dropped us some feet away from were the sounds of the drums were coming from, we walked down to the playground seeing one masquerade that is very dangerous running towards us, it wield the long cane it held anyhow, we had no choice but to step out of the road into a house by the road side.

Some group of girls followed us to our hide out, and one of them fair and somehow short with big bumbum stood before me, rubbing her *ss on my groin crying.

Girl: mommy oh! Mummy ooh!!

Me: as you dey cry like this, how you wan take watch am?

Girl: I no go fit go there oh! I dey fear she looks so new, I mean she look 2020

Me: stay with me na, make we watch am together. *I volunteer to be her super man.

Girl: no, problem.

She started jumping up in freight as the masquerade turned towards us, pointing the cane he held at us, moving his head side-ways.
My d*ck rose in my boxer, she felt the impact of my bulge on her backside and turned smiling.

With one swift run, the masquerade came after us.
Me I took cover oh! Come see race!!

Girl: hold me! she cry out!

I came back and dragged her along with me as we raced to the playground, the masquerade seem to have forgotten all about us and went about his business.

We got to the playground were lots of people were roaming around, some were dancing to the sounds of the drums while some are nodding away, masquerades were hovering around the town square, girls of different sizes dressed to kill.

Four canopies were set around the town square forming a box shape, with gaps in between them.
In the middle is a masquerade dancing with people on both sides moving along with the beats in one position.
Those who stood on the line on both side wore wrapper locally called ‘ijele’.
You can’t join them without you strapping the wrapper on your body.

She and I went to a canopy, she asked me to go in with her that she cannot stand outside the canopy ’cause she was afraid of the masquerades ‘who send you to come?’.
I would have said ‘no’ but her nyash is too big for me to reject.

We entered the canopy together, while I positioned myself at her back like her security.
My d*ck was about making a hole on my boxer, she felt the heavy bulge that am pressing on her soft bumbum and turned back.

Me: w€tin be your name? she blush lightly

Girl: my name is Ada, I want to pee.

Me: follow me.

We went together, ‘naso them take bless me with babe oh!’.
One of the masquerade controlled by weed instead of the spirit of the mask, climbed on the high pavement of the upstairs wielding the long cane he held anyhow.

We turned back and took another route, I don’t want someone to wipe me cane for no reason.
I escorted her to one of my relative’s house that stay in town, we called him Arrow because if he fights with you, the fight will continue where ever he sees you, till you beg for his mercy.

Me: Arrow man, how far?

Arrow: I dey oh! You no go watch masquerade again.

Me: I go go, help me show this babe where to piss.

Ada: hi.

Arrow: follow me.

She went some feet away with him, he showed a thatch bathroom and she went in, he came back.

Arrow: I wan commot oh! My lock the house.

Me: no, I go bring keys for you.

We shook hands and he left, I went inside his room and switched on the television.
He was watching prn as the DVD showed last memory and a black man with ‘strong mamba’ devouring someone’s daughter pssy.

Ada: where are you?

Me: I dey inside, enter…

She entered and froze at the doorpost staring at the television as the woman on the screen went mad with pleasure.



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