EP 17

Me: no, come now… We no go waste time.

Blacky: we no go waste time oh, because my mother send me message.

Me: na promise, we no go waste time to talk

I was standing in our verandah protected with protector, she was standing on the road just at the mouth of my frontage. She came directly to were I was wearing black t-shirt and black skirt.
She like to wear black ehnn…

Me: na outside you go stand? The sun no go finish you.

Blacky: ehnn… I wan stand for the sun, shey na my body the sun dey touch? which kind bad market be this?

Me: enter inside na, what if your mother pass here come see you for outside.

That how she agreed to enter inside the house, she opened the protector while I entered the room.
She followed me inside my room while I closed the door, I sat on the bed with her.

Blacky: see me here now oh, you don happy bah?

Me: I dey vex for you, you no try at all.

Blacky: why you go vex for me, w€tin I do again na?

Me: we don date since, but till now I never see your p*nt anyday.

Blacky: you nodey come our yard anytime I dey wash pant na.

Me: no be w€tin I mean na, I mean we never do mommy and daddy before na.

Blacky: how we go do mommy and daddy, our two never born pikin na.

Something dey worry this girl oh, em be like say she want am by force. The thing be say she no fine for face oh, but her b*obs and yansh finish work, na em make I even go woo am.

Me: you never give me f*ck since we dey date.

Blacky: na now you dey talk. hiaa! If na that one, I dey only give f*ck when we don date like three to four years.

Me: ehnnn! I no hear w€tin you talk.

Blacky: the relationship never reach the f*cking stage.
Me: so which stage we dey for the relationship?

Blacky: maybe kissing.

Me: make I get the kiss, so that I go get hope.

She wore a skirt that has rolled to her laps as she sat beside me, I raised her chin with my two fingers up.
I pressed my lips on her’s, she come close eyes.

I carry all my weight put am for body, she fall for bed. I used my hand pull down my boxer instanta, my h*rd rod stood still tapping her panted hole.
She removed her lips.

Blacky: stop stop! The kiss don do. w€tin dey touch my p*nt there?

She was struggling to get up, I insert my hand inside her pant and shift it. She was already w*t, she come dey form anyhow.

Blacky: I no wan do, commot from my body. I go shout oh!

Me: shout na? Na today we dey hear rape.

I dug two fingers inside her hole and started f*ingering her.

Blacky: asshh! I go shout rape for you…. Aaahhh.

I used my d*ck enter her hole, she opened her eyes wide.

Blacky: ooohhh! w€tin u put inside my body?

Me: why you dey cry na?

I started moving my waist slowly slowly, she was on her clothes no access to her bre*asts and other things.
The girl just dey cry like small pikin, i no too enjoy am sef.

Naso the sweety rush enter my brains go my groin, I pulled out immediately. My dck started vomiting loads of cm on the floor.

She looked at me and started laughing.

Blacky: see person wey wan f*ck, two minutes guy like you.



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  1. Peter Edet

    The reply Blacky gave when he said he’s never seen her pant before though.. LOL!.. And this guy no get chill oo.. He dey carry rape play sha

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