EP 18

Me: I pity you na, as you dey cry like small pikin wey never see d*ck before.

Blacky: story, w€tin I don see, I no even think say your mother don see am sef.

Hearing her say those shits, my d*ck rose like never before. She saw it and was surprised, I didn’t insert all my size inside for the first time.

Blacky: na this you carry, you no even sabi use am. Waste of time, my dey go house before my mother godey fine me.

She tried to walk away, I blocked her way and tried to pull down her skirt. She struggled with me but I succeeded, it was remaining her pnt on her waist. I pushed her down on the bed and held her pnt, she started crying again.

This time already, I no see send. I removed her p*nt fast fast, raised her leg and put on my shoulder. I started hitting her hand.

Blacky: aaahhh! Mooommmyy oohh! He has killed me oh.

Me: aaahhh! Aahh!!

I turned her over and raised her waist, her yansh point go celine. I entered from behind doggystyle, and commenced the pounding.

I didn’t last because she was crying seriously, even when I tried to ignore her voice. I nofit, my sac full with sweet sensation. I pulled out immediately and my c*m started spurting on the floor.

Blacky: you try, you last well well.

I knew I didn’t bng her upto 15minutes, I wondered why me that usually make girls beg for me to stop fcking couldn’t last upto common 15minutes. I couldn’t even say a word, she wore her clothes and left afterwards.

During evening I went to the kitchen and prepared egusi soup, with meat and dried ice fish. My brother returned later with my friend Biggy, with a school bag hung on his shoulder.

Biggy: man turkey, w€tin you dey cook na?

Me: I dey boil egg of life, where una two waka go na?

Biggy: ask this madman, we go collect age of Empire.

Victory: which time Nepa take light na?

Me: day before yesterday afternoon evening.
Me: make ona come eat oh.

I went inside the kitchen with torch, opened the soup pot I cooked. I put three meats on a flat plate, I avoided putting it on the same plate with the soup. Some people morsels just dey like English wrecking ball.

I took the bowl of garri to the room and the plate of soup also, I started eating while my two masters were outside discussing while sitting on chairs on top of suckaway.

Biggy: your brother dey waste time, em never dish the food finish?

Victory: Victor!!

Me: ummmhh…!!! busy swallowing

Biggy: that mad man dey eat oh!

Biggy ran to the tap to wash hand instead of looking for washing hand bowl, I didn’t how he made it to were I was eating first before my brother. But I have slim fitted their meats before them show sha…
The eating come be like war, as everybody dey swallow with speed. Nobody wan carry last.

After we were done eating, PHCN refused to bring their light. We slept off without playing game, sha… Mp was on play.
Biggy left in the morning, while my brother and I. Gathered our things to prepare for the journey back to PH. My parents came back from village, and they gave us small thing for hand to take travel.

We took different bikes to the park because of our luggage, they were lots of people stranded waiting for bus while their are just two buses available.
A lot of people were wrestling over the two buses. I saw one pretty girl standing, I wanted to satisfy my curiosity nodey look me like that.

Me: fine gal, this one them dey drag that bus, na free the man dey carry them?

Fine: she start laughing free? For nigeria? You no serious at all. Bus nodey oh, Choba na seven hundred naira.

Me: you no mean am!

Fine gal: but them mean am.

Conductor: Choba! Choba!! Na only Choba I wan carry oh.

I and my brother ran to the car instanta, luckly we beat some passengers wanting to get in.

Conductor: if you no get your eight hundred naira come down oh!

I was shocked oh! Opportunist don full this country, I no believe my ears. I was expecting people to come down and agitate, for where? No body shake body.

Conductor: how many people dey seat down here! Madam, you go pay for your big yansh and two extra seats oh!



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  1. Peter Edet

    This guy Don rape Blacky oo. He no for do a without her consent. Well some girls say No but they mean Yes.. And the werey say he don slimfit their meat before they show LOL

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