EP 20

I no even understand the kind dance she dey dance with no song playing, abi na cultural dance or na twerking I don’t even understand. What interest me is her ass that am seeing, I no know how many minutes we stood but as the girl enter house na when I know say children dey play for ground for one Yoruba church next compound.

Victory: o boy, I don turn family friend for that place oh.

Me: em no go work for you, you wan go drown for that girl toto.

Victory: leave the matter, when that time reach we go know iffa I go drown or swim.

We headed to search for the company that my brother told us about, on our way we didn’t fail to notice those girls with big bumbum that walked pass us.
We came out of the main road a big pot hole with lurking water that scares motorists away took space on the road, I come dey wonder if company dey that Village.

We went towards the direction, the road is horrible till we got to a road that curved to another direction. I come see company, the area fine and one clean tarred road to attest it. A tractor was parked by the side, I run go stand beside am.

Me: oya, snap me.

Victory: na so you go set, you no even dey like company worker.

Me: I never start work na, I just go inspection. Huncle snap before them go move this thing.

He snapped me and we moved across the road to see some company workers, I come see one oyigbo pepper with company workers going somewhere.

Me: make we follow those people.

Victory: what if them say we be kidnappers.

Me: we go say na school stuff, we wan do practical with them.

My brother agreed and we followed them quickly, they were pipes kept in a cleared broad area by tractor. The tractor still dey work, I waka go follow them my brother take me shot.
I come turn back him took me shot, the company people didn’t really noticed us.

Naso I turn back and we left that work place, and headed to the gate. The place was locked, so na just the gate I pose and he snapped me.

We went back home and PHCN no bring never still bring light, I come dey wonder if that area even get Nepa but the poles convinced me that they have.

I logged in immediately, I sent the pictures to her, luckily she was online. We started chatting fah.

Me: We just went for sight-seeing, my brother come dey snap snap me.

Chisom: cute pictures, baby. When will you start work?

Me: next week, them say my rest. How about we go out tomorrow to chill? When salary come, I go take u shopping.

Chisom: awwnn.. I can’t wait, lemme kukuma visit you, instead of going to eatery.

I no waste time at all, I quickly typed the address and sent to her. She promised to call me tomorrow evening, the joy wey dey my heart I no fit explain until Soapy come bring her wahala, her call come enter my phone.
I no get money to take anybody outing oh, before somebody go finish my upkeep money.

Me: my sugar pum pum..

Soapy: sugar pum pum kill you there!

Me: I nofit hold the laugh what I do again na?

Soapy: you dey ph since, why you no come see me?

Me: I never get money to carry you go pepperoni and Genesis na.

Soapy: laughing no wonder, broke ass nigga.

Me: I no broke oh, I no just get money to spend like yahoo boys na.

Soapy: eyaa! The luck you get say you no broke under if not your life don damage oh.

Me: ashawo! both of us start laughing na today I just enter, I go come your area next tomorrow.

Soapy: okay oh… My father na soldier.

Me: see I nodey come your house again.

Soapy: na em make I go come.

Me: thank you.

She ended the call and I got up from my bed and went out of the room, mu brother was busy eating in the kitchen and I joined her.

Me: you no even call me.

Victory: why I go call you? You dey busy they pursue woman. I no wan spoil your ministry.

Me: you don scatter better ministry with w€tin you just yarn now oh.

I joined him and we battled the food, my older brother came out of the room with his bag. I know say na till further notice we go see am, the way he came out innocently.

Happy: ehnn.. I don go, make ona take care of the house.

Later we finished eating and I wanted to bath ’cause it was getting late, I took bucket and went out to fetch water from the tap. I turned the tap and there was no water in the tank, I took a bucket and came out to look for where to fetch water. Along that street is a house of one man like that, he on generator and lots people are there waiting to fetch water.

I saw the girl that was dancing earlier with one woman that looks like her mother, I quickly follow. I fit even help them fetch water.



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  1. Peter Edet

    Be like this Chisom of a girl na gold digger sef.. She don hear salary of 200k. She don see pictures she don dey call guy man baby LOL!
    Nawa for some girls sha

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