EP 21

I followed them and they all ended in the tap to fetch water, one little girl and the woman. One girl too came out of the gate we just park in, I been dey expect girl wey fine so that we godey ease konji with bilateral relationship shey government students ona get, ehem.

What surprised is one short fat female king kong came out, I just bone that side biko. I need fresh blood, ugly p*ssy fit make person old quick oh.
Girl: na my turn!
Boy: no be your turn to fetch na me first you!
Both of them were there arguing when the woman I followed, Put buckets and suddenly the thing turn basin, I come dey wonder whether the water go run or something.
Woman: come help me…
I no need more invitation I rush go help am, make she see me as good boy.
I carry the jerrican of water mount for head, I come dey wonder if her daughter no come help them.
Woman: thank you *don’t mention, your daughter sabi how to thank me*
Me: madam oh, you fit all these buckets?
Woman: no, see my daughter here. My other daughter go still come help me.
Me: na only one bucket I dey fetch, my help you.
Woman: thank you.
I come fetch my own come help them carry one bucket join my own, I drop my own for front of gate then enter the opposite compound.
I see the daughter, she big sha… Maybe she old pass me, no be say I no go fit handle her. I am taller but she has more flesh and fairer than I am, her yansh na em dey mind me. If I dey knack am em godey vibrate anyhow.
Girl: with Calabar voice thank, okay, na you my mother dey talk?
Me: I no know say them don go back to the tap sef yes, na you be her fine daughter?
Girl: you get talk for mouth sha… Thank you.
Me: goodnight.
I come waka go house, them nodey rush things naso em dey take start. Slowly slowly, boom she godey shout harder and faster under me.
I carry my bucket enter inside our flat, mehn… My mumu brother don commot for house to go pursue toto, it is well. I carry am enter the other bedroom since na two bedrooms flat, one toilet for parlour and two for the other ones wey dey bedroom.
Them dey call that one for inside parlour visitor’s toilet, haha.. none of my female visitor go even use that one to avoid rape oh!
As I stepped leg enter the bathroom naso I run come out, the place no clean and sparkle the way I want. I carry my bucket go the visitor toilet wey dey manageable take my shower there.
After bathing, I come dey notice strange feelings around my dck. It is normally a good sign that I will be having more pssies soon, I wrapped the towel around my waist with the torchlight and got inside the room to wear something. My phone light dey on, wait oh… How come I didn’t know someone just called?
Me wey just commot here, so Favy flashed me? That girl no get joy at all. I picked up my phone and called her line.
Me: madam flash, how far na?
Favy: laughing I no get credit and I want talk to you.

Me: no girl they ever get credit, where you dey na? my carry you come show you where I dey stay.

Favy: I dey house, come Lizzy their shop.

Me: hmm.. I no know there, na just today I dey come.
Favy: that Church place, I wan do go house.
Me: I dey rush come, never go..
I ended the call and hurriedly dressed up, I come fine my way to that place. She tie head tie with one short skirt with t-shirt like that, as she see me she come give her small brothers them her bible and they left.
Me: how far? oya come my show you where I dey stay before you go house.
Favy: I go only see am go back.
Me: yes na, you go only make me cum go back*

As we dey waka dey go my house, the girl nearly killed me with gists that I don’t even want to hear, from how girls in the area are easy to corner.
Na only that gist wey I participate the rest I just hmm ehnn…

We got to the front of the gate, the street lights was on and a man that works in oil company in that street is the one that sets and always illuminates the street.

Favy: where ona house na? she ask jamb question when we pass the Yoruba church close to our compound
Me: we don almost reach.
Favy: na this gate? pointing at the black before us
Me: gate na person house, come inside my show you our house.
Both of stepped into the compound and I closed the gate behind us, the occupant of the next beside has light in his apartment, that means his generator is on.
Favy: na the first flat, I don sabi am. I go come tomorrow me wey nodey believe tomorrow

Me: no problem, just come see how the inside dey.

Favy: I nofit see am tomorrow and light no even dey inside.
I opened the door and asked her to come in, the girl do small shakara before she even enter.

She no even fine and she slim with moderate ass wey try come out small. All along my prick don stand Zouma rock for my boxer. Immediately she entered I closed the door behind and hugged from behind, I pressed my hard on at her bumb*um and kissed her neck.
She wriggled like small snake. I come know say she go soon resist iffa I no act fast.
I grabbed the two big mangoes at her front sharp sharp, I squeeze am very well so that she go confess the sweetness.

Favy: aaahhh!

Me: I whisper to her I get big pr*ick, make we do quicky quicky before them go start to fine you for house.

Em come belike say se*x demon enter her, the way my trouser commot from my waist till now I no know whether na me commot am or not.

She carry my hands put inside her puna since every dark na, I no be fan of s*ex in darkness but the girl come belike person wey don get degree, hope is not what am thinking.

I felt her hand wrapped around my hard dick, I come dey fear which part of her body wey dey touch my body soft like that.

I quickly brought out my phone and switched on the light.

I find her knelt wanting to put my di*ck inside her mouth, aunty blowjob I hail oh!

Favy: off light.

This girl na witch or w€tin ni?



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