EP 38

Me: food?
Victory: no, shit. If you like no stand up there come eat oh!

My brother stand up from his kneeling position and left the room, I sit down for the bed come dey wonder why I dey dream about Sandra everytime.

I sighed heavily. I come dey use my hand to goggle where I been keep my phone on top the bed, my hand stumbled on it and I picked it up.
Tapped the screen and it showed light, the time na 8pm at dot.

I stand up on my flash-light strolled out of the room, waka go parlour go meet my brother wey don sit down for the marbled floor with em both legs opened.

The space before him na plate of soup and plate of garri, with bowl of water occupy am.
I sat opposite him on the floor, then washed my hand.
Took a cut from the garri then started moulding into a ball, dipped the morsel in the soup and swallowed. The thing dey taste water water.

Me: guy, which kind poti you cook like this na?

Victory: you wan eat or talk?

Me: no lecture me table manner, I nofit even eat this soup.

He served me the water bowl, like say I send am to.

Victory: wash your hand go rest.

Me: I hiss na hunger make me manage this nonsense you cook oh!

I no get choice na, we settled the soup come digest am with water. My stomach full before we gathered the plates dump am for the sink, no light and I no go like wash plates with my phone flash light.

No water dey even run for the tap sef, I went inside the room sweating due to the food I ate. To eat na one big work too oh.

I carried two buckets and my brother took his own, we came out of our apartment set to go fetch water.
Amarachi came out also discussing with her aunt that was standing in the balcony.

Amarachi: ona wan go fetch water?

Me: yes.

Victory: you wan go fetch too.

Amarachi: no, my aunty send me message.

The way we even dragged our legs for ground like person wey them force to go fetch the water make the girl waka pass us, go where them send am.
My brother and I no wan too follow am talk, our security man na em dey enjoy her.

Victory: that girl toto na water water.

Me: na who tell you?

Victory: seeing is believing.

I smiled and opened the gate, I stepped out and my brother followed me.
Just then Favour came out of their yard’s compound, dancing with one small bucket like that.

Favour: brother good evening.

Me: Favour, you scam me.

Favour: brother I no scam you oh, how I take scam you?

Me: you do me juju collect my one hundred naira.

Three of us were headed to the public tap, that the security light was illuminating the surroundings of the house and the people taking turns to fetch.

Favour: aunty say you do birthday yesterday, what of my cake? no be small birthday oh

Me: you don already collect your cake na, the one hundred na your share of the cake.

Favour: ummh.. Umhh.. I no gree.

Me: give me the hundred naira back, I go come give you the cake.

Favour: no!

She ran off, as she small like that she don get sense. No wonder children of nowadays, come dey sabi bad thing early.
Anita, I promised to call her, I dialed her number.
And she picked after the second rang.

Anita’s voice: hello, who be this?.

Me: is me Victor, sweetheart.

Anita’s voice: ehnn.. Brother Oliver, I go come the choir practice tomorrow.

Me: I no understand.

The call ended and I stared at my phone to confirm if na the babe number I really call, humm… When I turn choir member talk more to become choir master.

I put my phone for pocket come see one fine girl wey wear singlet and bumshort waka pass with bucket for head, all these daughter of Eve. Them go just dey change person mind wey wan repent anyhow.
Victory: I like your shirt.

Girl: thank you.

Victory: help me fetch water for my buckets, I dey come.

My twin brother ran after the girl, kept his two buckets with me. I hissed and took them with me to the tap, two women were arguing on whose turn to fetch.

So immature, Favour said goodnight to me and carried her bucket home, I sat on my buckets and watched the two women argue and argue until one of them finished fetching and the other set her bucket also..

It reached my turn and I filled the four buckets turn by turn waiting for my brother, I was the only one in the tap.
He later came after I was done fetching.

Victory: that girl sabi shakara sha…

Me: she no even tell you her name.

Victory: he hiss na name I go chop?

Me: she fit don marry na.

Victory: no talk that thing again, the journey still continues.

I laugh sha… We carried our buckets filled with water inside our house. I took my bath and slept off.

The ringing tone of my phone woke me up, I stared at the screen and saw the caller ID- Anita. I picked the call.

Me: hello.

Anita’s voice: good morning.

Me: morning.

Anita’s voice: no vex about yesterday, I been dey with my mother.

Me: okay.

Anita’s voice: you still dey vex?

Me: no.

Anita’s voice: I go come visit you today.

Me: when you wan come?

Anita’s voice: around twelve.

Me: flash me when you dey come.

Anita’s voice: no problem.

What if Victory come today come meet this babe here, na war be that oh. I come dial Victory number to confirm if she go get chance. She picked the call.

Me: hello sweetheart.

Victory’s voice: good morning, baby.

Me: morning oh, how was your night?

Victory’s voice: fantastic, yours?

Me: missing you, you nodey by my side.

Victory’s voice: eyaaa! Come marry me so that I godey your side.

Me: I chuckle will you come and see me today?

Victory’s voice: I no sure, am going to the market today.

Me: no problem, in case you change your mind. Call me when you wan come, I no godey house.

We talked about few irrelevant talks until that ho-rny MTN lady voice warn me say call no be free..
I got up from my bed and stretched myself, my morning boner just dey harass my boxer anyhow.

I waka enter bathroom go release some fuel from my prick, I swept the whole house and the room while my brother was on the bed.

I took my brush and cleaned my mouth, had my bath and came out of the hous with money in my pocket. I waka come out of the gate, the moment I turned to the other street. A voice called me behind… I turned and saw Anita.

Me: my wife you look gorgeous.

Anita: smiling thank you.

Me: don’t forget to come oh!

Anita: I won’t.

She ran back to were she was and I continued my search for where they will sell egg three one hundred naira.
I saw Favour buying something from the shop, I been wan turn run go back but she don sight me.

Favour: where you dey go na?

Me: I forget something.

Favour: my change nkor.

Seller: take am.

Favour: thank you.

Me: you just dey fine these days Favour, w€tin be the secret?

Favour: you wan laugh me or w€tin?

Me: no na, why I go laugh beautiful gal like you?

Favour: I dey come ona house today.

She said and started walking away, which kind yawa be this na?

Me: which day?

Favour: infact now sef..



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