EP 39

Me: I smile oya na.
Favour: later, them send me message.
She waka dey go and I hope say this girl no wan spoil my Anita parole, I bought the eggs na one married woman sell am give me.

I waka go house to go meet my brother dey sleep, this boy take sleeping pills.
I tapped him till he woke up.
Me: why you dey sleep like that?
Victory: w€tin you want make I do?
Just then they brought light and he got up immediately, grabbed his phone and charger straight to the socket for charging.
I plugged my laptop ’cause the battery have drained since, I charged my phone also.
Went back to the kitchen and prepared the indomie, we later stored the house with water after taken breakfast..
We settled before the laptop and started playing PS2017.
Me: na only this old man dey for this club?
Victory: Robben or nobody.
Me: to use one person nodey tire you? why you no even on injury for this game.
Victory: so that you go send am go injury.
Me: why not? Only one person dey score four goals.
My phone started ringing, I stared at the screen and saw Anita as the caller I.D.
I paused the game and quickly picked the call.
Me: baby, you dey road?
Anita’s voice: I don forget ona house.
I got up immediately and proceed towards the door.
Victory: you nodey play again?
I ignored the boy and opened the door, then jammed the door close and then walked outside our apartment.
Me: where you dey?
Anita’s voice: I dey stand for that church place
I rushed to the gate and opened it, I turned towards the tarred and find her standing close to the church’s building wall..
Me: look front.
She turned and saw me then terminated the call, she wore a short gown bringing every details of her summer body out.
Her physique was making my rod to nod in appreciation.
She came closer smiling beautifully at me, I wan tell her say she look so take to bed.
Me: wow I mumble
Anita: this one you are wowing.
Me: your beauty don take away my oxygen na.
Anita: na you still dey alive?
Me: I laugh abeg, enter inside.
I opened the gate wide for her to come in and seized the opportunity to examine that her back side that have been wrecking havoc at young age.
I closed the gate and took her inside the apartment.
Anita: wow, na only you dey stay for this flat?
Me: no, with one mad person.
Anita: Jesus! Abeg, wey the room the mad person dey?
I smiled at her, I held her hand she was shivering.
I opened the door my brother was inside still knocking game with his laptop.
I stepped in but Anita was reluctant to follow, she later did. My brother looked up and saw the both of us.
Anita: na the person be this?
Victory: yes, am his twin.
I be wan laugh sha…
Anita: whisper to me is he mad?
Me: not everytime.
Victory: please feel comfortable, welcome to our house.
Me: em don do, avoid her.. Put movie for her abeg make she watch, which drink you go like baby?
Anita: fanta.
Me: sit down make I go buy am.
Anita: I wan follow you.
Me: no worry, I go come back now now.
Anita was still scared of my brother, I like am like that before their two go start to misbehave.
I called Favour and she picked.
Favour: I never do finish na, I go come.
Me: you dey house now?
Favour: yes.
Me: I wan buy something for Big Tree market, you go follow me?
Favour: I dey cook, I no go get chance.
Me: when I come back we go follow go my house oh.
Favour: no problem.
I ended the call, one out of the way remain Anita gown and her pa-nties sha… All these obstacles shall be moved.
I got to Angel’s their shop and met her with one boy like that, that girl dey change male visitor like house clothes.
The guy dey sit down for bench while she sit down for plastic chair be side the table at the side of the shop’s door.
Me: who dey sell?!
Angel: this boy, you no sabi greet oh.
Me: good night Angel, sell me fanta biko.
Angel: you forget to add aunty.
She received the bottle from me and went inside their shop, she opened the fridge and waka come back with a full bottle of fanta.
Angel: one day I go beat you for this street. Take!
Me: hope say na s£xy beating I wink at her, and take the full fanta see your money.
Angel: I no get change.
Me: I give her the money later.
I quickly exited the shop and kept an eye on the other way, I no wan see Favour at all.
I don dey enter our street I come see Small Favour Oniobong sister.
Favour: good afternoon, brother.
Me: Favour, how are you?
Favour: fine.
Me: your sister dey house?
Favour: no, she don go work.
She waka pass, I faced the road wey enter my street.
From were I stood I saw my brother coming out of the gate, I quicken my pace while he strode like say em get shi shi for pocket.
Me: where you dey go na?
Victory: rice don finish for house.
Me: oh! The girl still dey inside.
Victory: yes, I dey go market.
Me: go well.
I walk away heading to the gate, the moment I grabbed the handle.
Me: tell Favour say I don go big tree market in case she ask you.
Victory: no qualms.
I walked inside my apartment then went inside my room and met Anita watching Spartacus.
I wonder w€tin Nigeria babes get with movie sef.
She raised her head up and saw me, she got up from the bed.
I kept the drink at the foot of the bed.
Me: w€tin you want my prepare for you? soup, rice, beans, mention your choice.
Anita: smiling you sabi cook?
Me: chaii… This your question weak me oh, a whole bachelor of the year.
Anita: laughing am fine with the drink.
I went to get my phone and gave her after unlocking the password.
Me: snap your back side well well oh.
Anita: leave my yansh oh smiling
Me: you no wear anything for yansh, this thing too big for you oh.
Anita: I no wear. looking serious
Me: I wan confirm am I wink
I left the room giving her the thought that the gown she wore to my house must be removed, I opened the kitchen come dey google w€tin I go chop.
I opened the rice bucket empty, the potato we bought has finished.
Hope this boy nodey fry potato for midnight oh, I switched on the cylinder and boiled water on the fire. I opened the soup, it was still okay sha..
I made garri for myself and took some soup, I ate in the kitchen. Washed the plates in the sink and rested for some minutes in the sitting-room, I headed to the other room and took my bath because I was sweating.
I made sure say I smell nice and went to the other room with just boxer, I opened the door and met Anita sitting on the bed watching the pictures that she has taken..
I sat be side her.
Anita: which wey fine pass? swiping the pictures
Me: my see I take the phone
I started watching all the pictures, all of them she sow yansh. She is conscious of w€tin her back side fit do ho-rny guys like us.
Me: all fine, but na you fine pass. You be sweet girl.
Anita: you don taste me before.
I looked into her eyes and leaned for a kiss..
Me: na w€tin I wan confirm now.
Anita: I get boyfriend.
Me: I be your boyfriend too.
I captured her lips and my palm gro-ped her left bre-ast, I rested my weight on her and she fell on the bed.
I held the helm of her gown but she grabbed my hand, I raised it up with force and she broke the kiss.
Anita: stop stop abeg!
I dipped my hand inside her pan-t, she was we-t already and dipped two fingers inside her pu-ssy..
Anita: stop, no do abeg … Aaahhh!!



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