EP 40

I started moving my fingers in her pu-ssy in and out very fast, shifted her handless gown and her braless small left bre-ast surfaced.
She even get sense not to wear bra because nothing the bra go even hold.

Anita: asshh! oohh! sto..p aaab…eg
Pushing me away, I forcefully bent down and captured her er-ected ni-pples and started su-ckling like a little baby, dipping in and out of we-t we-t toto.
Anita: oohh gosshh!! yo..u are killing me mo-aning loudly
Why I no go kill her when she dey resist fu-ck wey she want, I moved away from her left ni-pples. She sighed in disapppintment. She looked at me with raw lu-st and disappointment in her eyes.
I held her pa-nt and tried to pull it down her waist, she grabbed my hand and I pushed her arm away and pulled it off from her legs.
I spread her legs wide and brought out my hard rod, she tried to crawl away.
Anita: stop stop stop! I no want, abeg no do.
I ignored her and dragged her both legs and spread them wide, I aligned my hard prick to her we-t opening and buried my di-ck inch by inch.
Me: aaahhh! assshh!! I start grunting
Anita: aaahh! Oh gawd!! Sto…p pl… aaahh!
The girl tight gan and it surprised me, I think say her big yansh and her bad mouth na because of the big prick wey she don fu-ck, reverse na the case.
Na conji dey make her behave like village witch sef.
I started moving my waist and then gave her long thru-sts, I go lift my yansh go up and pulled it down with heavy slam.
She will mo-an and scratch my back weeping lowly.
I pulled away and knelt in between her legs, I lift her up but she resisted.
Me: why you dey fear na?
Anita: I no wan fu-ck till I marry.
And you no be virgin? aunty how manage na?
I sighed.
I forcefully lifted her up and tried pulling her gown, she wrestled with me. I sweat tire before the gown kukuma commot from her body.
See figure eight with flawless skin, I turned her over. She tried getting up but I pulled her down and grabbed her waist with my both hands.
Anita: sto..p na.. Oohh! mommy ohh!
Me: shut up na!
I lifted her waist up and adjusted her both legs to allow me kneel in between them.
I spat at my prick and rubbed it then located her tight pu-ssy from behind and thru-sted in with my hard di-ck.
Anita: aaahhh! sto…p oohh gawd!!
Me: aaahh!
I held her waist tightly and started moving fast and hard, making her to grabbed my bed sheet and moa-ned loudly.
Our skins were making kpaakpaa sounds, my balls sac was just wiggling front and back.
Anita: oohh! Don’t st..op aahh! har..der fa…ster
Me: aaahhh! yes!! yess!!
I fu-cked her till she started crying like human being wey dey wan caste out demon from her body, her tight pu-ssy tightened around my di-ck as she started crying and mo-aning loudly.
I felt the sweetness get to my brain and I quickly pulled away.
Me: aaahhh! aaahhh! I start shooting my cu-m on the marble floor
She shook and vibrated burying her face on the pillow, I watched my bedsheet soaked with her w-et. See washing wahala, I sat tiredly catching my breathe.
I wore my boxer and got up from the bed and went to the bathroom, I poured water on my body and came out to see her face still buried to the pillow.
I moved closed to her and tapped her twice.
Me: baby, go and take your bath.
She didn’t answer me, I lifted her face up but she refused. Which kind small pikin be this na?
Me: why you dey shame na? you know say you be my girlfriend now.
She lifted her face up finally smiling.
Anita: I be your girlfriend?
Me: yes na, go baf.
I gave her my spare towel and she went to the bathroom, while I went to the kitchen to prepare something for her.
I came back with the garnished indomie, we gist and ate like couple. I even feed her, when we are done her mom called her to come home.
I got up and followed her to the sitting room, suddenly a knock landed on the door.
If na Favour or Oniobong na big disaster, I no wan loose this sweet yansh oh.
Me: who be that?
The person no talk anything, I nodey like surprise at all. So I stared at the door thoughtfully.
Me: who dey there?!
Voice: na me senior man.
Naso peace fly enter my heart from nowhere, Anita was beside me waiting for me to make move she dey fear too.
Anita: when your father dey return?
That question almost make me rolled on the floor with laughter, I just hold am before she go say I don mad. I opened the door and stepped out to see the security guy holding on to the short protetor.
Na him and one fellow rascal man dey take care of the flats.
Me: senior man no vex, I fit escort my babe go front just the road.
Pingy: no wahala.
I held Anita’s hand and we strode out of the compound, she was scared of me following her further because her house is just along the street facing us.
She started walking away after asking me not to follow, that yansh sweet well well oh. I turned to go back but she called my name.
Me: my follow you?
Anita: shake her head I fit come tomorrow?
Me: anytime, even for midnight. You be my babe.
She beamed and joggled away making me to imagine w€tin I go do that yansh if we fix another match, I turned after warning my prick to behave and entered the compound through the gate..
I stepped into the compound and looked towards the security house closed to our window, the security guy was busy washing with two buckets.
I walked over to him.
Me: senior man, you say my come.
Pingy: you know say the soakaway don full.
Me: I no know.
Pingy: I don tell you now, tell your brother say everybody dey contribute for 10k to suck am.
Me: no be just last two Months we suck am.
Pingy: I don warn them make them no wash inside house.
Me: no wahala.
I walked away wondering which knot shifted in his head that he choose Pingy as a nickname, na wa oh! I entered my apartment.
Unclad myself to boxer and switched on the laptop, I got busy with PS. I be wan learn from computer, so I played against superstar and set it
Champions league.
I gave Computer Benfica and used Madrid, the way those guys were dragging Ronaldo made me think that Computer has two Ronaldos and Messi’s in his team.
These people dey mad oh, they thrashed me 5 zero the first hand, and the second hand dey crushed me 7 zero.
They were flogging me 2 zero when my brother entered with Favour, perfect time..
Me: you don come back? Favour you fine this evening oh.
Victory: w€tin you cook?
Me: check pot.
Em better say I tell am say I no cook anything, when he reach there and saw no food. Em go fine way cook for himself.
Favour: w€tin you dey play?
Me: game, you sabi play.
Favour: no.
Me: my teach you.
She nodded and I handed the second pad to her, my plan na to vent all the frustration Computer give me to her.
I gave her Chelsea and took Man utd, I told her what the buttons are for.
My twin opened the door while the match was still loading.
Victory: which pot the food dey na? I don open all.
Me: I no cook.
He remained silent at the door for awhile before he finally left leaving it ajar, make em vex na am not a chef.
I went and closed the door and returned to my lying position.
We started the game and Favour was just pressing everything in the button, w€tin concerb me?
I was close to her goal post when she suddenly ask.
Favour: which color be my men?
I be wan say all these while you dey press? You no know who you dey control sef.
Me: Red. I lie
Favour: goal!! Oohh!!!
I scored and she shouted dropping the pad and jumping, she celebrated the 15 nill that I gave her and she called my brother over.
Favour: I win your brother fifteen zero?



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