EP 41

My brother stared at the laptop screen and shook his head unbelievably.
Victory: Favour, you wicked oh!
Favour was just jumping on the bed chanting the scoreline

Favour: em wan try me na, I show am pepper.
I was quiet laughing in my mind, my brother glared at me knowingly.
Me: you don boil the rice?
Victory: yes, abeg cook am na.
I nodded I was even bored and having strange feelings, I entered the kitchen washed the rice and then prepared a white rice for the stew.
I stemmed the meats he bought, and then used it to prepare stew.
I joined them later, their two dey watch movie.
I informed them that the food is ready, my brother and I headed to the kitchen.
I come put Favour own for separate breakable plate and my brother and my own for the same plate, we entered room and ate.
After we ate, my brother cleared the plates to the kitchen while we watched movie since PHCN bring the light that day. After some minutes Favour started acting childish.
Touching me and pinching me, rolling on my body. I dey feel the heat in between her legs.
Me: I no well Favour.
Favour: w€tin do you?
Me: my head dey pain me.
I got up and placed my palm on my forehead and strode out of the room, I waka go the kitchen and drank water.
I don tire for fu-ck, what if sperm finish for my body I die on top woman? No be me and these girls oh.
I waka go the other room lie down crash abeg, man pikin no go die because of toto.
The dream came again more vivid this time.
I find myself inside keke, I looked at my left and saw a man sitting quietly without saying a word. I looked left and saw Sandra smiling and staring at me.
I looked forward and saw a girl occupying the driver’s seat with the keke driver, the keke wasn’t making any sound but we were moving.
I looked back and saw no keke coming behind even as we drove out of Nkpor Village, the keke entered the expressway that have been destroyed long time ago.
The normal harmattan dust wey no wan divorce the road no even react as we dey move, the worse part be say nobody dey waka for the road.
All shops were closed along the busy road wey I sabi, we entered the tarred road from the curve that led to Okocha.
I dey expect am to make sound, I mean the keke napep. But this time we sped, I be wan tap Sandra wey sit be side me but I nofit.
I wan talk but I nofit open my mouth, I struggled in reality and felt myself broke out in sweat, we got to St John’s and Sandra stepped down without a word.
I quickly got down and ran after her, but there was this space betwixt us that I couldn’t breach.
She stood along Pepperoni road and waved, I looked around sharply but I no see any human being.
The same keke who dropped us along St. John’s moved towards us and stopped, I tapped Sandra.
Me: where we dey go?
She turned and smile, her face became blur and started fading.
Victory’s voice: wake up! Make we escort Favour.
Me: *I blink twice: w€tin?
Victory: oboy wake up jare!
I felt weak, I got up from the bed and went into the other room and changed up, I came to the parlour and met Victory with Favour there.
Three of us went out talking, suddenly as we came out of the tarred street along the main street, a black gate along that street opened and a hefty man with muscles, looking like a wrestler came out and glared at us.
I pause first, I dey suspect the man look. Hope say this one no get any connection with Anita oh, he turned and swiftly grabbed my twin’s brother shirt collar.
Hefty guy: na you dey worry my girlfriend?
He lifted him up…
Me: senior man, we no know your babe oh.
Victory: senior man, na mistake you dey make oh.
Hefty guy: you no know who be Tara?
My brother turn look, I give am signal to deny oh.. I no get strength to receive beating as I dey so, oh! You think say I go fight gorilla?
Victory: oh! na my community girl na.
Me: yes, em just dey greet am.
Make this mumu lies no backfire oh, the hefty guy stared at us menacingly and released his grip on my brother.
Hefty: make I catch you with my babe again, I go make sure say I direct you to hospital.
He turned and walked away, his strong yansh showing in the short he wore. I wonder which toto go humble this kind gorilla, Tara na strong girl oh.
Me: good evening oh!
Favour started laughing, I wonder w€tin dey worry the girl oh!
Me: why you dey laugh?
Favour: so ona two nofit join hand fight that guy?
Me: ona house no far from here again, I don go back oh.
Victory: I no want part 2 of this film oh, goodbye.
I went back to our apartment refusing to escort Favour again, who knows which gorilla will lunch another surprise attack.
Surprise just full this world, I put a movie title ‘The Ring of ….’. All the leading roles die for the movie, the movie still make sense.
The protagonist die after em get o deshi, em baf dragon blood wey give am.
The movie really make sense sha.. Before we watch the movie finish night don reach, the idiots come take their light.
Heat just dey terrorize person inside room, I waka come out for gate. Just then Oniobong start to dey come house from work.
Me: madam good evening oh! *I raise my voice*
Oniobong: Victor! w€tin you dey do there?
Me: I dey wait for my sweetheart to return.
She laughed out, I wonder w€tin funny for w€tin I talk.
Oniobong: you try, goodnight.
She entered inside their compound, and we continued our discussion. Me and Victory with one of our neighbor Smith at the gate, I got tired and went inside the house.
I picked up my phone and saw missed call from Anita, then she sent a message for me to come online.
I logged in Whatsapp and scrolled to her contact.
Anita’s message: bad boy
My reply: good girl
Anita’s message: with that your innocent face, na you sabi fu-ck like that
I was surprised by her audacity, I for don mistake her contact for another babe. Anita who was forming and doing shy girl is now talking loud about what we did on bed earlier.
Me: you no like am?
Anita: I like am well well, I need that your long thing again.
Me: you fit come out for quickie?
Anita: I nofit oh! see your head
We chatted for a long time and she promised to come visit me, after sometime a message from Victory bursted my head.
Victory’s message: you just forget me.
My reply: I dey craze?
Victory’s message: maybe.
My reply: lol, I nofit forget my sweetheart.
Victory’s reply: I dey come your house tomorrow.
My reply: talk truth.
Victory’s reply: I dey serious.
That was the longest night in my life, I woke four times in the night before it was morning. Na wa oh! if em no be say I no get official appointment the night for short like boxer, I quickly got down to duty.
I first package the remaining four co*ndoms for the basket, make she see am say I mean business.
Before I go carry broom, my brother still dey sleep.
His waist is moving upadan, is this one raping our bed, I tapped him.
Me: oboy, wake up!



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