EP 43

As I went out of our flat I dialed Victory’s number and she confirmed it that she is truly coming towards the end of the tarred street enclosed by fenced houses with a narrow footpath in betwixt the third fence and another fence that wasn’t totally done with.

I ended the call and opened the gate, as I just bounced out naso one hand grip me for neck.
I looked at the worwor face if I don offend am before, so that I go tell am sorry biko take heart. But I no know am from Adam.
Chisom: ehem, we don catch you.clapping her hands
Me: please, what is the meaning of this?
The guy holding me with tribal marks glared at me murderously, like say na me kill em papa.
Worwor guy: you still dey get mouth to talk abi?
Chisom: I tell you say I go deal with you for this Port-Harcourt we dey.
Me: do I sabi you?
The one smoking be side her was quiet, and the two guys looked like agbero. I suspect say Chisom don bribe these niggas with red eyes with fu-ck, mogbe! my own don finish.
The one smoking: make we handle am here.
Me: I start shouting I no know ona na, make ona leave me hand oh!
The gate opened and Pingy burst out of the gate, our gateman love gym wella and em gather small muscles.
Pingy: ona no commot here!
He said and went back immediately, my heart jumped as em go back oh! How I wan take fight these two angry ugly looking guys.
Chisom: Po, make ona start to beat am na.
Me: why? I don’t know you na.
The one holding me is the guy that Chisom called Po.
Po: that guy dey go carry weapon make we commot here.
Chisom: na lie, we go fight am. Ona don fu-ck me finish, ona no wan do w€tin we agree on.
Immediately they heard loud footsteps and two voices shouting “wey them from inside the compound” the one holding the cigarette threw it away and japa. The one wey hold me free me join am, Chisom was shocked.
The gate opened and Pingy jumped out with two matchet, my brother join am with one long stick.
Chisom: po and Harry, thunder go fire ona.
Pingy: wey them, I wan really kill person this afternoon.

The shout have attracted some people living around the area, even Favour and her mother came out Oniobong’s family.
One uncle like that wey been dey fetch water, em no come when them wan kill me oh!
He came when I was rescued bearing a bucket and showing off his hairy chest. His dangler was the one dictating his movement inside his boxer.
Brother: babe, na you bring those guys.
Chisom: eyes him cruelly w€tin concern you?
Brother: if you talk to me anyhow I go just slap you! shouting I resemble your mate, stupid girl.
My phone rang and I entered inside it was a call from Victory, I picked it.
Victory’s voice: where you dey na?
Me: come front, you go see where people gather for front of gate na there I dey.
Victory’s voice: okay, I dey come.
I came back and met the brother been held by Chisom, some people where trying to separate them but Chisom was very stubborn and refused to let go.
Victory: see the gasala wey you don ’cause.
Pingy: this girl na real ashewo, my man make I go wash.
Me: baba thank you, I go come see you senior man.
Pingy went inside and just then Victory showed up at the beginning of our street, I raised my hand and waved her over.

She some me and approached looking at the small drama happening before us, the brother dey struggle to commot Chisom from em body but she don magnet am.
I opened the gate and Victory entered, my twin brother followed and I locked the gate ignoring the noise outside.
Victory: w€tin dey happen for front of ona gate?
Me: you don see am na.
My twin bro: Samson and Delilah wan reconcile.
Three of us laughed as we opened our apartment door and went in, I sat on the floor to continue eating the fried potato and akamu we prepared earlier.
Me: come join us na.
Victory: thank you.
My twin bro: our wife, if visitor reject our food na abomination oh!

Victory was just smiling like cat-fish, she later sat and I fetched water for her using bowl.
I even bring spoon for her to handle the akamu, she sat and took charge.
She dey even chew like me meaning say the thing dey hungry her too, na wa oh! Don’t die in silent.
No see food dey make shakara oh for this life, she dey chew the potato dey hammer the akamu. After all she need am for the match I wan play with her for this afternoon, after we eat finish.
Victory: is yummy, who fried it?
Me: me.
My twin bro: my brother can cook ehnn.
Victory: surprise even soup?
Me: yes na, soup na small thing for me to cook.
Victory: lai lai, I no gree say you fit cook soup.
My twin bro: no worry, em go cook soup tonight, if you get chance wait and see for yourself.
Victory: I no go fit wait.
My brother and I cleared the plates while Chisom got up and sat on the plastic chair in the sitting-room, boys wan go plan for back room.
Immediately we entered the kitchen, I closed the door and my brother kept the used plates in the sink.
Me: I go need small privacy, my run this packaging.
Victory: I never baf oh.
Me: you go baf na, I no go waste time. Stay for kitchen here first, my carry am enter room.
Victory: no wahala.
I came out of the kitchen and closed the door behind me, I waka for the passage and stopped just at the end of the passage that gave the space for the sitting-room.
Me: baby, come to my room.
Victory: your room?

I nodded before she gree follow me, the girl fair and no too get yansh like that, but her chest isn’t of this world. w€tin sweet me for her yansh na the way the cheeks spread come dey like say them wan form triangle.
I opened the door and do the normal ladies first, as she pass me my eyes on their own x-stray the yansh as the ass cheeks stretched the handless gown, I suspect say the babe no wear pa-nt.
She really come for match, she laid on the bed and me too I sit down.
Me: how was service today na?
Victory: good.
I sat and then placed her both legs on my laps, and started messaging it slowly slowly. She was lying upfront on the bed, I stared at the co-ndom in the package and smiled in satisfaction.
Me: hope say you pray for me too.
Victory: yes na, I pray for you.
Me: w€tin you wan drink? My get you which mineral?
Victory: fanta
I got up I never commot from door when she say na water she wan drink, I entered inside the kitchen no come see my brother for kitchen again.
I checked the pure water bag wey I been buy the thing don finish, I rushed out of the gate you go think say I wan go fight but you no go know my prick don stand inside the short I wear.
The thing wey help me be say em no tight, the first yard on our street by the right if you wan enter whereas on the left if you are going out.
The woman tall black come born two small girls, the two girls inherited the glowing black skins from their mother.
I quickly bought the pure water in the small store they made in front of their two rooms just at the protector and dashed in back, I saw Victory patiently waiting for me inside the room.
Victory: na only you get this room?
Me: yes, nobody dey enter without knocking.
I wan give her the water to drink make I resume work, my body dey on fire that time.
Victory: keep am first, I nodey like drink cold water.
Me: me too.

I sat again and carried her legs, I started messaging it and moving my palm upward. Pushing the soft fabric to her waist, she just dey look me.
She sat up and I stopped thinking say she go talk something, she captured my lips with her own and I took charge.
I quickly find way to raise her gown up as she kneel down, her tongue dance skelewu in my mouth and I groaned in excitement as she kissed and necked me.
I buried my two fingers in her we-t pu-ssy and did justice to it, fi-ngering her fast.
She moa-n and tugged at my short, she quickly dipped her hand and fished out my di-ck.
She felt my length and a moa-n “aaah!” escaped my lips, she jer-ked me twice feeling how hard my big di-ck was.
She let go and I pulled out my we-t fingers with her juice, she raised her hands up lifting her gown together.
The moment she covered her face with the fabric, I brought the two fingers up and smelled it, issokay. I quickly discarded my short and the t-shirt I wore.
I unclasped her bra and pushed her to the bed, her bre-asts was freed and I tugged it away seeing two pairs of slippers on her chest.
No way near round and firm at all, I still feasted on the ni-pples as she mo-aned and jerked my di-ck, I no too enjoy the boobi as em don fall.
I just dey gather am instead of pressing and squeezing milk out of it .
Victory: fu-ck me, I nofit wait.
Me: my wear condom.
I got up and went to the basket to collect the condo-m that I kept there, I stared at the first basket I no see am.
I searched the other two frantically, my head burst, w€tin dey happen?
I nofit hold my frustration because the veins on my di-ck dey threatened to burst my di-ck, I searched the basket I wan even turn upside down.
Me: you see co-ndom?
Victory: no, if you no wan do.. I wan wear clothe go house.
Me: abeg, no do oh!
I rushed to the spread her legs wide and buried my hard long thick di-ck inside her w€t toto, she crossed her legs around my waist.
Me: aaahhh! I gro-an
Victory: yeeeaaaa baby, fu-ck me hard
She flicked my earlobe, and fire catch me for body. I moved my waist up and slammed it down kpaaa!



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