EP 49

I started sweating right in that open air, the evening breeze nofit settle the mechanical energy wey dey worry my mind. I pleaded with Victory to say something else but she maintained her stance.
Victory: you think say I like am as I get belle ehnn!! she bark fiercely at me
Me: calm down, no be w€tin I mean. So how we go do am?

Victory: I no know, you suppose know no. be you dey knack me harder and faster.
I looked up to the sky and it was dark, em be like say heaven don close door for my case.
Me: what of abortion?
Victory: no even talk that kind thing, our family nodey do abortion. My sister try am she die.
Ona family nodey do abortion but ona dey fu-ck without condom? I was provoked inwardly. But two angry people nofit reach decision, I begged and begged this babe, oh boy I swear say I no go fu-ck again after this trial. How I wished my di-ck listened to my brains, everything would have been alright.
Victory: you go give me 30k so that I go run the ritual?
Me: 30k?!
Victory: abi you want my keep the baby?
Me: no… no… You get bank account?

She nodded I brought out my phone and used my first bank application and transfered the money to her.
She hugged me tight smooching all over my face, to me the kiss was irritating me, abeg. No love me when you don tax me a whole thirty thousand naira abeg.
Victory: I love you.
Me: I no wan talk because em dey do me too cry
Victory: Vic, I talk say I love you.
Me: I don hear na, aahhh!
Victory: collect your 30k back, I wan keep the belle.
Which kind wahala be this? which demon dey behind this girl, abeg?
Me: I love you very much I give her smack kiss
Victory: you sure?
Me: one thousand surety guarantee.
Victory: oya hug me.
I hugged her and I could feel that arousal heat, mehnn.. This girl expect my prick to respond to her advances.
I just lie say headache dey worry me waka go house, the girl was upto no good that night.
I don sin enough to get involve in another compromise, what if somebody come catch us dey do that kind thing for their shop. Where I wan tell that story?
I went home without my senses, half of me has been taken away. My entire savings drained. I no feel well as my feet were heavy as I walked home, I locked the entrance door to the apartment and landed on my bed.
Me that can’t sleep without bathing, did that exact day.

I find myself standing at the Agip junction along Choba to Mile 1, I looked around and saw Sandra walking towards the opposite side not facing the fly-over.
I ran after her but couldn’t really get close to her, I tried and tried till the same keke napep that brought us from Nkpor to St. John’s appeared from nowhere and rode towards us, coming from were we faced.
It stopped before Sandra, she went in and I paused staring at the keke napep.
I tried not to move struggled physically, I could even hear my own breathing it wasn’t all a dream.
It felt like my subconscious mind is very much active, I got in and find the same passengers.
The keke napep moved silently as I kept watching the houses along the tarred road, I kept my mind away from Sandra.
The keke napep stopped after we rode pass a police station, I was the first to drop. I felt like my energy is drained whenever I tried to resist, I was so closed to keke napep that I imagined Sandra bopping into me if she tried to come out.

It surpassed my imagination Sandra dey give me social distancing dey waka ahead of me, she went into another and I followed quickly.
She was walking too fast that I even tried to meet her up in physical, by moving my legs that felt heavy.
She stopped before a black gate and stood, I walked slowly towards her.
I felt I could talk.
Me: where be this, Sandra?
She turned and smiled.
Sandra: my house.
Her face started fading and everything became blur, I opened my eyes and the morning sunrise light coming from my window blinded me momentarily, as my phone rang the thing shocked me out of my bed..



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