EP 54

I shrugged it off and balled into the hall only to be welcomed by loud shout of goal, I rush enter the hall hoping say na Man U score when I hear say them don knack us one zero.

Naso I just weak for Head wooodward and Glazers family matter, man no wan watch drama players.
I carry myself commot from the hall dey waka go house abeg, I nofit just stress myself.

I looked around for the old woman who has sent me to buy the diary for her and didn’t find her, one mumu keke-man for don brush me commot from road if I no dodge earlier.
He slowed down and poked his head.

Keke driver: if you wan die go express, anoufia!

He rode of after vomiting such nonsense, Nigeria drivers and agberoes have wakanda wahala and they say so much shit that even the soakaway will be filled before the day runs out.

I no even reason how the guy just spoil those babes mind wey dey feel me for that area, I was at the edge of the curl path of the tarred road that had registered pot-holes more than INEC voters in the village, the road runs through the village sha..

When I sighted Anita and one fair fine girl like that, Anita wasn’t smiling at all and her friend was talking happily.
The girl is fine for face but at the look of things her front is small and am not understanding her back.

I follow Anita bone too, I no send any babe abeg.
Her friend was telling her something but she wasn’t responding.

Anita’s friend: I dey talk you, you dey busy dey look that boy?

Anita: look which boy? abegi.. my see road joor matcheeww…! she hiss

I no just send them I jejely waka pass them acting like I wasn’t the one she was talking to.
I didn’t know how I ran into Favour for goodness sake, ASUU make ona allow person graduate na make person vamoose for this area.

Favour: Victor, you dey this area na you hide from me?

Me: if I dey hide you for see me? na you no get chance for me.

Favour: how far na? you dey go house so?

I nodded and saw the bible in her hand, hope say this babe no wan leave church to come collect d!cking oohh!

Me: na church you dey go so? what of your sisters them?

Favour: help me with your charger.

Me: I go carry am come.

I know say she wan use that format parole come my house come receive my doggystyle, but I no wan fu-ck skinny girls wey them go use my sp-erm fat then end up dey shake bum-bum for me without regard.

After we whine each other finish she give up and I waka go only to look Angel their shop to find three boys, the girl dey carry boys upadan I come dey wonder if them be just friend as she dey claim, lemme be minding my business.

I was opening my door when my mother called, I quickly picked up.

Me: mommy mo!

My mom’s voice: you no even wan come house again, school never resume w€tin you dey do for Port?

Me: mommy I go come na.

My mom’s voice: come tomorrow.

I agreed right a way before she remind me of how she mothered me and my wrongs in life, I no like stress.
I cooked that night and my brother ate when he returned with goodness, Man Utd later won the match.

I come regret why I no watch the match, sha… I slept off after dropping the diary around my room.

I saw myself following Sandra again to that exact room that she took me to in the other dream, she opened the door and the drawer then brought a pikin diary

That is how I woke up immediately and got down from bed sweating, anytime I dream about Sandra I dey always sweat.

Victory: why you wake up like soldier wey dey Sambisa forest?

Me: day don break?

Victory: no, day don scatter. Go brush mouth, I wan go eat.

I got up from bed and searched for the diary around the room but couldn’t find it, I went to the kitchen to ask my brother if he removed any pink diary.

Me: you commot any diary pink?

Victory: no, I no even see any diary.

I searched for it till I got tired I even doubted if I kept it in my room sef, after I was done eating.

I took my bag and travelled back to Ahoada, trunks just dey occupy the road that day and I no even dey feel the travelling because two careless men mount for my both sides dey suppress my small body while one fine babe sit down for the ending for the same seat too.

I no fit vex for you Burna boy to those men if they are reading this, w€tin pain me pass na when I reach house my mother was telling me that we will uproot cassava in the farm tomorrow morning.

I was like not again, na why ona call me say make I commot from Ph come.
That evening I went to buy card and came in contact with Mercy, mehn.. she wasn’t wearing any bra and sagging boo-bs come dey display for the soft fabric shirt she wore.
Iffa I no feel those melons em no go good, at least the area was dark apart from the light bulb that was attached to the PHCN pole.

Mercy: how far na, Victor?

Me: I dey oh! today na my birthday oh!

Mercy: happy birthday to you, age gracefully.

Me: you for add am hug na.

Mercy: okay.

She just hug me I rub my chest anyhow for her front, my hands on their own nearly gro-ped her yansh.



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