EP 55

The way I take stop my hands from going down there ehnn, she ended the hug and gave me bad girl smile. Chai! Pastor pikin oh!

Mercy: I don wish you bah?

Me: you don wish me well well, goodnight.

Mercy: okay oh!

she waka go her own and I waka go my own, as I don dey near house I come remember say I no take her number.
Wakanda of mumu I be, I turn back to run go take am.

Damn! I no want make she start to dey take me as yeye boy, I should be calming down with the parole.
I balled home after family prayer, I say my enter whatsapp clear mind.

Messages just dey harass my phone anyhow, I come notice say Anita send me message.
I scroll go her own come open.

Anita: who are you sef? you can’t apologise shey first message

Anita: you dey snub me? second message

I read am finish press back button dey reply other messages, Anita sent another message again.

Anita: thank God you are online now

I read am finish no gree reply dey chat with other friends for thirty minutes before another message enter my phone again from Anita.

Anita: am sorry.

I laugh switched off my data slept off.
I find myself opening a door when I heard someone weeping, I opened the door and find Sandra weeping bitterly pointing at her drawer.

Sandra: help me, Victor help me!!!

Naso I wake come dey hear “kor! Kor!! Kor!!!” for my door, I for don throway myself for ground.

Me: who be that?

Voice: come for prayer.

Daniel voice, Sandra I no go rest because I chop your toto.
I shook my head and left my room to the sitting-room, after the prayer I went back to sleep.

As day break small my mom said we should go to the farm.

Me: make day break well na.

Mom: you wan carry the cassava for sun?

I come dey reason am, what if all those babes wey no no no. My mom plan na to spoil my swag, I carry wheelbarrow follow am go farm go uproot cassava.

After we uproot finish I carry am for wheelbarrow go house, as I just enter my house road na so somebody with one yeye suit stop me.

Man on suit: hello my friend.

Friend kwa? friend now now?

Me: good morning, sir.

Man on suit: morning, you are such a gentle young man, what do you do to that young girl?

I look around to see the young girl he is referring to but didn’t see any girl.

Me: I don’t understand.

Man on suit: you are making her to cry so much, help her

I looked around properly to see who the crying young girl is.

Me: sir, what do…

I didn’t see the man again na only small thing make me no leave the wheelbarrow there run commot oh! The eyes on me will conclude am already running mad.

I quickly pushed the wheelbarrow home with one kind pressure I no believe say I even possess.
After we peeled the cassava come soak, I just dey chill when my phone ring na call from Anita. I pick am

Me: hello, who be this?

Anita’s voice: Vic, na me Anita, so you delete my number?

Me: how may I help you?

Anita’s voice: your brother tell me say you travel go see your parents.

Me: when you get w€tin I go help you with call me.

I ended the call and continued surfing the internet, she called twice more but I no gree pick.
I made up my mind to go to Sandra’s house tomorrow, I told my parents am travelling back tomorrow.

My mom: you no even stay again.

My dad: why the rush?

Me: I wan go check school.

Both of them agreed, my parents love school die like say without school you nofit succeed in the 90s, sha na true.
That was the first night I didn’t see Sandra in my dreams, I brush my teeth took my bath and picked the first bus to PH.

I stopped at Rumoukoro and took another bus to Agip fly-over, stopped there and crossed Agip junction.
Paid keke fifty naira and find myself before the black gate.
I hammered the gate and I heard a voice, one mallam open the gate.

Gateman: na who I dey look am for?

Me: Sandra.

Gateman: I no get aeroplane, I no get motor ko, I no even get gucci gucci come dey look am for my madam.

Me: abeg tell am say I dey look for her.

Gateman: tell am who for me? wahala tali I no go commot here.

Voice: Musa, who is at the gate?

Gateman: na one boy wey dey look am for madam Sandra ko!

Voice: let him in.

Gateman: my madam say my let you in ko.

I entered inside the fine compound and my mind told me money dey good oh! Poor man godey shout vanity upon vanity when him nofit afford the vanity.

I didn’t see the angelic voice that asked Musa to let me in, the front door opened and a girl that looked like Sandra came out.

Sandra sis: are you looking for Sandra?

Me: yes.

Sandra: come inside.

I be wan ask am if her soldier father dey house so that I go declare my mission impossible, her big yansh no allow me and I follow.
Only to meet one angry looking man with two sons and a daughter with one woman sitting as tribunal for me.

I greeted and I was asked to sit down, I yansh down dey look everybody.

Sandra sis: daddy, he is looking for Sandra

Sandra father: young man, how do you know my daughter?

I told them how Sandra is my best friend on whatsapp and how she visited me a Month ago.

Sandra father: when did you say she visited you?

Me: probably two Months ago.

All of them were looking surprised when I answered again, the man stood up and asked me to follow him.
I did and we went to the backyard only to be shown a grave.



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