EP 56

I looked at their faces and they were all looking gloomy, the two guys that looked older than me were not left out.
I could see tears threatening in the eyes of the girl that looked like Sandra.
Me: sir, I don’t understand.

Sandra’s sis: what don’t you understand, my sister is dead long time ago.
I was shocked when she said that, the man shook his head regrettably.
Sandra’s dad: when did you say you met my daughter? are you sure you in the right place? because this grave was built second day of the year.
I pulled out my phone and scrolled to Sandra’s pictures in my gallery and gave to the man.
All his children gathered around him but his wife wasn’t moved, and the woman fine oh.
Sandra’s sis: that is my sister’s pictures where did you get it from?
Me: we were best friends on whatsapp, she kept asking me to visit her home in my dreams.
Dad: you mean her ghost?
Sandra’s bro1: dad, ghost doesn’t exist.
Sandra’s bro2: says who? I believe their are ghosts and spirits.
Dad: this isn’t the time to argue religion, young man why did she asked you to visit us?
Me: I don’t know.
Sandra’s mom: honey, can you get this dirty pig out of the house? I feel like throwing up.
Sandra’s sis: are you sure? try and remember why she asked you to visit us.
I thought deeply and remembered her room and the diary.
Me: can I go inside?
Dad: sure you are free.
We left the grave side and went inside the house, they were surprised when I took the staircase and headed upstairs.
All of them followed but her mother was complaining bitterly, I remembered the door that I always opened in my dream and hold the handle then turned it.
It made a creak sound and opened up, I shoved the door with my body and entered.
Sandra’s bro1: how did he know Sandra’s room?
Sandra’s bro2: I told you ghost and spirits exist.
I looked around and opened her drawer then picked up the pink diary with her pen.
Sandra’s mom: what are you doing with her things? thief get out!!
Sandra’s dad: if you don’t shut up, I will show you the reason I am a military officer.
Sandra’s sis: did she ask you to pick up her diary?
I nodded and didn’t know what to do next, she didn’t tell me what to do with her diary.
Sandra’s dad: read it.
I opened the first page and saw the title Victor, glance through it.
“I love that boy Victor, mehnn.. Diary wish I can give him my virginity. He didn’t even know am a virgin, I will surprise him”
I flipped through that page and glance at the title secret.
Dad: we are waiting young man.
I started reading this part when I glance through it and saw nothing relating to me.
Me: I am so confused right now, I can’t believe what I saw. Mom having se-x with Uncle Philip, oh! God dad will be heart broken if I tell him.
Sandra mom: get out! liar!! get out!!!
Coming to drag me out of the room when Sandra’s father knack am hot slap wey make am fall for ground, I nofit laugh I swear.
Dad: read.
Me: am going to confront them.
That were she stopped writing on that page, I flipped to the new page and saw another title Mom and Uncle Philip begged.
Me: am happy mom have promised to change and stay away from Uncle Philip, I don’t want dad to get hurt again because it took years before he replaced mom in his life. I love you daddy.
She stopped writing on that page, I flipped to another page and saw another titled am feeling dizzy and weak.
Me: am so weak can’t even chat with Victor this night, I can’t even go out with brother James and Joshua…
She stopped writing there and I flipped to the next page titled my virginity.
Me: am so scared right now, I don’t even know how to say this, I don’t know how I lost my virginity, am going to report to mom.
She stopped writing there and I flipped to the next page titled unwanted pregnancy.
me: mom said am pregnant, I don’t know what to do Oh God, help me. I can’t be a mother this soon, I will talk to mom about and won’t let dad know ’cause he will be disappointed.
She stopped writing there and I flipped to the next page title abortion.
Me: I don’t know the kind of drugs mother gave to me, I have been bleeding since and feeling so much pains am scared.
Sandra’s mom: everything in there is a lie, you! why do you want to scatter my marriage.
Sandra’s dad: is that all?
Me: yes
Sandra’s sister took the diary with tears in her eyes and started flipping through, when she was done she cried out.
Her dad lunched at the woman ehnn.. see beating, before we rescued her her face was already swollen with bruises.
The man made calls, I be wan run when the man called me back and asked me to drop my phone number with my account number.
I left there house and stepped out of the gate only for my phone beep, checked the message to see 1 and six zeros behind it.
I for jump up celebrate am but what I have witness inside just weigh my spirit down, who go believe say I don fu-ck ghost?
I strolled out of the street and came out of the road to see someone looking at me across the road.
I raised my head up only to see Sandra smiling at me and waving her hand.
Me: Sandra!!


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