It definitely wasn’t heaven. If it were, there would be bright lights shining everywhere, and there would also be angels attending to me. The sounds of songs of praise and worship to the God of heaven would be heard tenderly.

Joy unspeakable would fill my heart and the voice of Jesus the Messiah would welcome me to eternal living. I would also get to see saints and prophets who had passed on, and the glory of the Lord would engulf my whole being. All those weren’t happening at the place I happened to find myself after supposedly passing on to the afterlife, so I kind of began to wonder where I was.

Some would say I was in hell, since there are only two places men go when they die; either heaven or hell. In a situation where a man dies and doesn’t find himself in heaven, it is logically and spiritually believed that he has succeeded in making hell, where they’ll be much weeping and gnashing of teeth for all eternity. From what I heard about hell, it was supposed to be blazing hot with demons in it to torment the unfortunate ones who didn’t heed the warning of the Messiah and his prophets to amend their ways and prepare for the second coming of Christ. But carefully analyzing the place I found myself, none of those things which are recorded in the bible to occur in heaven or hell played out there. It was simply a large space covered with thick darkness. Once again I asked myself; “WHERE THE HELL AM I?”

My feet started moving my whole body while my eyes looked carefully to observe any source of light it could find. I wouldn’t want to take you through my experience in that vicinity, but the long and short of the matter is that it was the most uninteresting suspense filled adventure I had ever taken in my life. What ended that adventure was the sound of a set of cutleries which dropped on the floor somewhere close and awoke me from the most unseemly slumber I had ever had. I wasn’t dead after all, I was only sleeping, same as Ogechi.

Ogechi had woken up and made arrangements for food while I was still feeling like a dead saint. The cutleries fell on the floor mistakenly when she tried to wake me up to join her have the meal, as her hands were shaking out of excessive hunger. On awakening, I saw Ogechi devouring the food like a starving cannibal while extending a spoon across to me with her other hand so that I could join her to eat. I was baffled by the way she ate that food. It didn’t speak well of an American based superstar millionaire singer. If a girl I had proposed to eats like that, I would cancel the wedding. When I saw her eating, I remembered we had vowed not to eat until Cynthia awoke, but there she was, eating like a hungry village girl. What was she supposed to do? It had been seven good days without food and water. I quickly got the spoon she extended to me and joined her to eat in a manner that baffled her more than her way of eating baffled me. Then it was clear to me that our attitude on the meal was inspired by the seven days unplanned fast we had embarked on. Hmmm, na so person for don use play-play die that day oo.

We finished eating the meal and relaxed resting on each other, still sitting on the floor of the room where Cynthia was laid to either recover from coma or die. Our relaxation graduated into another brief slumber which endured for about an hour and thirty minutes. We finally woke up feeling all refreshed and revitalized. We were happy to have returned from the city of the dead without dying. We also got to know that those who commit suicide do so out of complete ignorance. There is nothing pleasant about death, except the Lord calls you to glory in His own time. All that had happened, yet there was a major problem on ground. (SO I THOUGHT)

“Ogechi, even though you grab a knife and t—-t it into my heart, and I manage to survive, I will not hold it against you. As a matter of fact, I’ll only love you more and give you the opportunity to do so again if you will. But the only thing I would demand to know is why.” I said to Ogechi

“Even if I become the devil, roaming to and fro, seeking whom to destroy, you wouldn’t appeal to me like someone who is due for destruction despite the havocs you might have committed in your life time. As a matter of fact, your touch would redeem me and turn me into the angel you desire. So imagine not such about me, for you are my prince, in whom I am well delighted. But permit me to ask why you made such statement?” Ogechi asked.

“I hope you know that doom will soon come upon us, for we have done contrary to the vow we made not to eat until Cynthia recovered. Now we’ve eaten, and can only hope for the best while expecting the worst. We shall welcome misery into our lives, and depression shall be our next door neighbor, all because we made a vow, and broke it.”

“None of those shall happen my prince. On the contrary, we shall forever remain grateful that we made this vow and kept to it faithfully, and also recorded the result the vow yielded.”

“Suddenly your words have become puzzling my dear. You speak in parables so hard to understand. Do you mind helping my understanding by breaking down your utterances with the most common of words? I will be so pleased if you do that for me.” I said.

“Gladly my prince” Ogechi replied. After we prayed and delighted ourselves with goodly words, expecting to embark on the journey of no return, I had a remarkable experience. Firstly, I found myself in a very dark place that seemed very large with no inhabitants. I called out randomly to see if any living creature could pick the sound of my voice and trace me. Unfortunately, nothing like that happened. There was an eerie silence, and the darkness there was darker than darkness. I called on you but got no response, then it dawned on me that the thick dark seemingly large and spacious place I found myself was to be my new world for a period of time unknown to me. I managed to seat on the floor, after which I started singing one of the songs I did with Ck titled; VOICE IN MY GENERATION.

“I had been singing for a while before I finally saw a very bright little light from afar heading towards me very slowly. The closer it got to me, the larger it became. I sort of believed it was the song I sang that attracted the light to me. Perhaps it hadn’t heard the sound of music in a long while and couldn’t resist one when it heard it. I was immensely flabbergasted when the light got to some distance away from me, stopped and spoke with the voice of a man. Getting that close to me, I could decipher its image and height, but couldn’t tell if it was a man or not, as I couldn’t see its face, though it had the image of a man. We got engaged in a little dialog which produced the joy that births our sorrow. These are the words the bright light spoke to me when it had gotten as close as it wanted to get to me.”

“Young lady; THAT WHAT IS GOOD FOR THE GOOSE IS GOOD FOR THE GANDER DOESN’T MEAN THAT THE GOOSE AND THE GANDER SHARE THE SAME DESTINY” The prayers you and your friend have made are heard, and I have come to you with the answers you seek. The lady you both intercede for is a virtuous woman who desires nothing but a perfect life of love. Indeed, she is willing to pay whatever price there is to pay, and make whatever sacrifices in order to get love, just as you are. It is quite unfortunate that you both have sacrificed equally for the love of one man; the one who goes by the name, Jesusboy. Since you both have sacrificed equally for his love, none of you is more deserving of him than the other except the one he chooses for himself among you both. Without a second thought, he would choose you over and again in any circumstance because he has also sacrificed a lot for your love, unlike he has for Cynthia who lies on that hospital bed in critical condition; a condition he put her in. For that reason, his privilege of choosing who to be with between you and Cynthia has been withdrawn from him. He can only end up with who you chose for him between you and Cynthia. But note; if you chose to be with him, Cynthia will not wake up from that coma, and you’ll have her death on your conscience all your life. But if you let him go, Cynthia will awake from that coma and continue with her wonderful life with him as her lover. Everything shall go well with everyone as it was before anything bad ever happened. The only supposed sad thing will be that you and Jesusboy will not end up together as you both had dreamed to. The choice is in your hands Ogechi. Hold on to Jesusboy, and Cynthia dies. Or let Jesusboy go, and Cynthia lives.”

After the light said all that to me, it retreated to where it came from in the same manner with which it came to me. When it had retreated to a certain point, it said to me for the last time;

“If you decide to let Jesusboy go, just hold Cynthia by the hand and denounce your relationship with Jesusboy, telling her she can have him, and Cynthia will come out of that coma before the end of 300 seconds.”

I ran towards it as it retreated, trying to tell it to reconsider its options, as it was difficult for me to choose from the options it gave me, but it paid no further attention to me until it completely vanished. That was when I struck my foot against an unseen stone and made way to fall but woke up from my sleep before that happened. Hunger welcomed me back and I had to run and get food as there was no need to continue with the fast since the answer we sought had been given to us. Now my love, here we are; me, you and Cynthia. Inasmuch as I love you very dearly and may die without you, I wouldn’t want to let Cynthia pass away when there is something I can do to help her.

I was shocked on hearing that. I mean, I and Ogechi had to separate for Cynthia to live? What sort of a condition was that? And how would I even know it’s true? Be that as it may, it remained the only way out of that situation. But I wasn’t going to let Ogechi leave my life forever just like that. Not after all we’ve been through. So I looked into her eyes which were already wet with tears as she sobbed, held her by the hand and said with tears in my eyes;

“Though the heavens may fall, I will still love you. And if all hell breaks loose, my love for you will only intensify. I love you more than life itself, and won’t trade you for anything no matter what.”

My words found its way to Ogechi’s heart and made her more emotional than she was. She held onto my hands tightly with tears flowing expressly from her eyes and she sobbed in a more audible tone. Then she asked me;




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