EP 05

I became a shadow of myself after the second encounter with Deji. Since then Deji practically turned me to his sex slave. He has since forgotten everything about Stella and her pregnancy. The will to say no to him died because I saw no need stopping him again. He has seen everything in me. At a time I began to enjoy it too. It grew from casual sex to an affair.

Deji relocated me from my house to a better accommodation around Ikeja. He got the house without discussing it with me. He called me one afternoon, Mercy where are you? At the office of course. He asked me to take a 30 minutes excuse to join him around Ojudu side, that he has a surprise for me. What could that be? I thought within me. I left office to meet him at the junction he promised to wait for me .”Enter the car”, he ordered me.

I obeyed and he drove me straight into a compound and pointed at a two bedroom flat, “This is your new house”. He handed over the keys to me and asked me to enter the car again. He drove me back to the same junction and gave me N2,000 to take a cab back to the office. I watched the whole thing like drama. I was so surprised that I couldn’t utter a word to him.
For three days, I was still pondering on what happened. I didn’t step into the house until a week later. When I got to the house to do some clean up, I was shocked! Deji had furnished the house to a desirable taste. He bought everything I will ever need in the house including a set of foreign couch. He kept the spare keys with him so he could come anytime he chose.

Deji was readily available like a man who is not married. Sometimes, I wondered what he tells his wife because he was always with me. My house became his second home. He pays my bills and even opened a savings account for me where he transfers N10,000 into every Monday. This was neither my pocket money nor my upkeep. He has never failed to make the transfer every Monday.

After sometimes, he moved me back to the headquarter church as the choir leader. I became so powerful in the church that I was the brain behind almost all the decisions of the church including local transfers. Deji knows how to play his game so well that nobody suspected anything between us. At the church, he’s very formal and official. He’s hardworking and you hardly see lapses in his work.

On the 13th of January, I began to feel feverish. I called Deji, I need to go to the hospital, I told him on phone. I have been feeling feverish and tired for some days. I have taken panadol but no relief at all. “I will come and take you there shortly”, he promised. “No, there won’t be need for that. I will be fine”, I assured him.

You are already guessing the reason for my sickness, wait till you read what happened next in part six



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