I stood there speechless, my mouth opened but no words came out, just staring at her that i got carried away.

Mirabel: Hey! Aint U gon’ welcome me?

Me: Oh! Sorry,,, i just, just ughh…

Mirabel: Sure U’re Ok?

Me: Yea sure… what about your guards?

Mirabel: Why? Will U kill me??

Me: Huh??

Mirabel: Smiles Just kidding,,, I left them to stay at home

Me: Why do U even have guards?

Mirabel: Are U gonna keep questioning me under the sun or U gon’ let me in?

Me: Sorry about that,,,, please come on in

Mirabel: Thank ULetting Out A Simple Smile

I ushered her in…

Me: Welcome, to where I lay my head

Mirabel: Hhmm… nice place

Me: Don’t even think of flattering me

Mirabel: I’m being serious, its clean and well kept

Me: Well its Saturday, I did some cleaning

Mirabel: Sure U did

Me: Please seat… (ushering her to the plastic chair)

Mirabel: Here should be better (seating on the bed) soft and cool

Me: Yea. I got yoghurt in the fridge, Care for some?

Mirabel: That won’t be necessary, I actually came with ah wine and some food,,, fried rice precisely, your favourite.

Hearing that, I got hungry instantly.

Me: How’d U know fried rice is my favourite?

Mirabel: Smiles

Me: Of course, who else if not Cynthia and Lola

Mirabel: Yea, they said U really love it, thats why I came with plenty of it.

Me: Hhmmm…. If I lay my hands on those friends of yours…

Mirabel: Laughs Don’t blame them, blame me. I was the one that sent them

Me: Really?

Mirabel: Yea, I’m in your house already, so… what U gon’ do to me?

(Where is she heading to?)

Me: Well, luckily… U came as my visitor

Mirabel: Is that so?

Me: Yea

Mirabel: What could U have done if U hadn’t seen me as a visitor?

Me: That’s for me to know…Smiles

Mirabel: Hhmmm…

Me: Yea

Mirabel: C’mon give me a clue

Me: No

Mirabel: Please…

Me: Nooo… (In Mercy Johnson’s voice)

Mirabel: Ok… I’m hungry, haven’t eaten today

Me: Why?

Mirabel: Nothing…

Me: Me too, haven’t eaten today

Mirabel: Why?

Me: Nothing…

I ate Indomie sha, I lied ‘coz I eat fried rice a lot no matter what, so… incase she sees me eating much, she’ll understand that I’m very hungry.

Mirabel: Ok, you’re hungry I’m hungry, food is here… lets eat

Me: Yea, we should.

She brought out the food from a big flask, she brought out the bottle of wine and something else…

Mirabel: Uhmm… I got this from the shop where I bought the wine on my way coming, thought U will like it

Wow! A gold wrist watch!!

Me: Woah… But U didn’t have to…

Mirabel: I know,,, but I couldn’t take my eyes off it when I saw it, I know it will suit U. Common, lets try it

She put it into my wrist

Mirabel: See? I told U, it really look good on U

Me: I really appreciate this, thank U very much.

Mirabel: U’re so welcome

There came a sudden loud silence, our eyes met, I caught her slowly licking her lips.

Me: Ok! Lets eat!!

Mirabel: Yea, lets eat

Me: Lemme get the plates

Mirabel: Ok, do that while I go get the wineglasses from the car

She went and get the glasses while I set the plates. She came back, looked at me somehow, she went to where I keep my utensils she then took a tray, dropped it on the floor. I was just looking at what she was doing. She opened the flask, full the tray with rice ignoring the plates on the floor.

Me: What are U doing?

Mirabel: Let’s eat from this… It will be fun

Me: Hhmm…

She filled the glass with wine. I don’t really enjoy eating rice with wine but with hollandia yoghurt.

Mirabel: Pray for the food, before we eat

After praying, we just hold our fork not touching the food, E dey my body to eat this food finish sha, but eh… E get as he be

Mirabel: What U waiting for?

Me: Nothing…

She just smiled and began eating…
Na eating tinz o…
I joined her eating slowly, the food too sweet that I didn’t know when I started eating the food in a rush.
She didn’t say anything, she’ll just look at me and smile.

After some minutes, she stopped eating, she sipped her wine then faced me directly.

What?! Now I’m very much uncomfortable… I start eating slowly but that one no fit make me leave the food sha, no way!

Me: U know,,,, this is delicious! U prepared it?

Mirabel: Yea

Me: It really tastes like the one your friends prepared for me the other day.

Mirabel: Laughs

Me: What’s funny?

Mirabel: Those ones that can’t even boil a simple water, I actually prepared the food that day

Me: Really?

Mirabel: Yea

Me: Wow! U’re really good

Mirabel: All thanks to my mummy and the cooks

Me: U have cooks at home?

Mirabel: No, uhmmm… I meant cooks, U know like food my mummy prepare.

Me: Ok, I understand. She must be great

Mirabel: U can say that again. Go on keep eating or are U’re Ok

Ok for where?

Me: No, not yet

I continued eating, getting more comfortable.
I retired after eating almost all the food in the tray before I got full. I took my wine and drank it all at once.

Me: Thanks for the food, I really enjoyed it

Mirabel: Thanks for eating, I really like how U enjoyed it

We both smile

Mirabel: Lemme wash this… (holding the tray)

Me: Noo,,, I will do it (grabbing her hand)

On grabbing her hands, we both stayed still then slowly raising up our heads to face each other. We stared at each for few seconds, our faces getting closer bit by bit… we opened our lips to kiss before.… someone from outside came knocking.

Intruder: Where that bastard?!



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