S02 E03

They placed a small table across my waist and put the food on top. A tumbler was filled with yoghurt.

Mum: Take giving me a spoon start eating. Make sure u eat a lot, lemme go and close the shop. I will be back soon.

Me: Ok ma

Mum: And your medicines, make sure u take them accordingly ok?

Me: Yes ma

Mum: Please uhmmm… is it errmmm Miracle?

Mirabel: Mirabel ma

Mum: Ok Mirabel, please help me look after him

Mirabel: I will ma

Mum: Help me make sure he eats well because he hates food whenever he’s not feeling well, and please make him take his medicines accordingly

Mirabel: Okay ma

Mum: Thank u very much. Oya Nancy let’s go

Nancy: Mummy…

Mum: Come on!

Nancy: she starts doing that child-like angry attitude and walked out

Mum: Ok till i come back

Mirabel: Okay ma

Mum: Victor eat well oh…

I didn’t say anything, she left.

Mirabel: What happened to u sweetheart?

Me: U said your Dad saw the video, do u know what that means?

Mirabel: Wait, what? I never said such

Me: U answered yeah when i asked u

Mirabel: Oh (laughs) I said where not yea, Like where would he have seen it

Me: U mean he hasn’t seen it?

Mirabel: Yeah

Me: But news as such should’ve gotten to him

Mirabel: Not if something has been done

Me: How do u mean?

Mirabel: Don’t worry, eat first we’d talk about that later. Go on, eat

I start pretending like i’m not interested in the food. Well its like that for sick people, buh am i really sick? I’m just weak. I still couldn’t help but pretend.

Mirabel: Eat dear, don’t u want to get better? Its your favourite… oya eat for me, for my sake please… see yoghurt, u can drink as much as u like,,, come on start eating already

My mind sweet me eh….. i dip the spoon into the rice, fetched out small of it and ate

Mirabel: There u go, try it again or should i feed u?

I took my yoghurt and sipped it like i was drinking a bitter herbal medicine. Mirabel supported my hand to make it flow more into my mouth, i tried to decline but she persisted and i really enjoyed it,,, just pretence. After finishing it, i looked like a baby that was just fed.

Mirabel: Excuse me lemme use the rest room

I nodded in agreement. As soon as she closed the door behind her, i grabbed the hollandia and start sucking it from its container.

The door just burst open

Mirabel: Gotchaa!!

I freezed immediately with my eyes wide opened facing her speechlessly. She caught me!!

Mirabel: I knew it! That nothing can make u avoid hollandia yoghurt no matter what.

I didn’t know what to say or do, i slowly dropped the yoghurt

Mirabel: Hhmmm… do u have anything to say?

Me: Sorry…?

Mirabel: Good! U know what to do now

So jeje i started eating my rice, the chicken was so many. I ate and drank as much as i could before i retired. Mirabel gave me the medicines which i took.

Mirabel: How do u feel now?

Me: Hhmmm… forming sick

Mirabel: Talk jare!!

The shout shocked me. Seems like Mirabel don’t take nonsense oh…

Me: I feel much better now, thanks dear (I humbled myself)

Mirabel: Did u enjoyed the meal?

Me: Yes it was good, uhmm… why were u smiling when u were putting the food on the plate for me?

Mirabel: laughs I saw how u were swallowing your saliva on seeing it

Me: No i didn’t

Mirabel: Yes u did, U didn’t ke. Tell that to the gods

The Doctor and a Nurse walks in

Doctor: How u feeling now Victor?

Me: Better sir

Doctor: Okay, lemme see…

He examined me.

Doctor: Ok good

He collected a paper from the nurse and wrote down some things.

Mirabel: How is he Doctor?

Doctor: He is okay now, I will discharged him immediately the bills get settled. Where is his mother?

Mirabel: She’s not around buh i can take care of it

Doctor: Ok lets go

Mirabel: I’m coming Victor

Me: Ok

She came back some minutes later

Mirabel: Time to go, you’ve been discharged

Me: Thanks sweetheart, u are dah best

Mirabel: And you’re so welcome my love

Me: Hhmmm… can i get, U know touching my lips I miss it like crazy

Mirabel: No u can’t

Me: Please….

Mirabel: No! arranging my stuffs

Me: But why?

Mirabel: U pretended not wanting to eat and drink ‘coz you’re ‘sick’, so,,, why don’t u wait till u get better before u get ‘this’ giving me a sharp kiss

Me: But i’m fine now that’s why i’m being discharged

Mirabel: I don’t care

Me: Babe…?

Mirabel: Yea?

Me: Come on

Mirabel: No no no no

Me: Why?

Mirabel: That’s what u get for pretending,,, I don’t like pretence, not even from u. So beat it

Me: Arrghh!! I fell back on to the bed and unintentionally hit my head against the steel frame of the bed

Mirabel: Oh my god! What happened?

I was holding my head in pain

Mirabel: Sorry dear, i’m coming lemme call the Doctor

Me: No!

Mirabel: Why?

Me: I don’t need the Doctor

Mirabel: Then what do u want me to do? U are in pain

Me: Kiss! I want kisses from u, arrghh

Mirabel: What?

Me: Aish! Kiss oh… kiss kiss kiss please kiss

Mirabel: Ok! Alright calm down

She kissed me for like 3 seconds

Mirabel: Alright that’s enough

Me: No, more more more… my head oh… please more

She kissed me again, this time i grabbed her so she won’t escape, she tried to get off but i held her tight until she gave in and responded, we then kissed passionately. We continued until the door burst open bringing in my momma.

We disengaged immediately.



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