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Do not joke with the power of PRAYER for it is the KEY to your PROBLEM,,,, There is NOTHING TOO BIG to ask GOD for and in the same way NOTHING TOO SMALL. The Bible says,,, ASK AND IT SHALL BE GIVEN UNTO YOU. You don’t just seat down and get everything You need without ASKING. Even when You need something from someone, Pray to God first for FAVOUR. For when God Favours You, Men will Favour You BIG TIME.

It’s a good thing that Mirabel wasn’t suspicious of anything,,, I went inside to join them.
Promise: It was my Aunt from Zaria that was able to convince my Mum to let come
Mirabel: So you and your Mum are very close?
Promise: Very close,,, we don’t hide anything from each other
Mirabel: Same with me and my Mum, even with her busy schedule, she always try to make up for it
Seeing them talking, I went to help myself with a chill hollandia yoghurt from the fridge and went back to the parlor to continue surfing the internet untill they’ll call my attention. I don’t know why the three of us can’t gist together,,, these girls sef Sips yoghurt
Phone Rings: Unknown Caller
I excused myself from the parlor before answering the call.
Me: (Waited for some seconds) Hello
Caller: Its me Lola, move away from Mirabel now
I quickly set the call on record
Me: Why? and why did you hid your number and change your voice ??
Lola: Don’t be afraid handsome, just want to let you know that I don’t need your little d!ck,,, gosh! I thought you were so hude
Me: What are you talking about?
Lola: Well I kinda touch and felt it last night,,, and i was so disappointed at myself to stoop so low for that little thing, jeez!
Me: So what does that mean?
Lola: My sexual urge for you ended last night, so we can be very cool friends from now on
Me: You’re serious?
Lola: Yeah I promise
Me: Woah,,, thanks so much, I really appreciate this
Lola: Nah,,, you don’t need to appreciate me, you should appreciate your little thing
Me: Okay oh
Lola: Alright bye, we’ll talk later
Hangs Up
Woah,,,, It happened! Glory be to God!!
Did I mentioned that I prayed over the issue of Lola? I have actually been praying over it. It became my top prayer point since the day I dreamt that I married her. I prayed over it seriously in the Night Vigil we did recently back home. God works in mysterious ways, I mean, look at how He did it,,, Of course my thing ain’t little at all, I think God confused her so she’ll leave me alone and I bless God for that. I started singing praises to God when going back to the parlor.
Mirabel: Honey…?
Me: Yeah…?
Mirabel: What happened?
Me: Like how do you mean?
Mirabel: Why the sudden happy face and singing?
Me: I’m happy
Mirabel/Promise: both chrosed Why…?
Me: Nothing,,, I’m just happy. I mean, who wouldn’t be happy to have such a great and extremely beautiful girlfriend as you my dear
Mirabel: You never talk true
Me: I’m being serious
Mirabel: You left here to receive a phone call and returned happy,,, and you’re telling me something else
Me: Okay relax dear,,, uhmmm its about a friend of mine that’s been delivered from something evil
Mirabel: What evil?
Me: Trust me on this babe, You don’t wanna know
Mirabel: Why?
Me: Just trust me,,, so what are you girls talking about?
They now face each other
Mirabel: Yes, so Promzy what happened next?
Promise: He had to free me of course,,, I made him realized that he’s not my type and if
he continue to send me such messages and those disgusting pictures of his again, I will show it to my Father, that he should know what that means. (Her Dad was an Air force actually)
I can see they’re talking about guys, I just took my laptop and focused on it while sipping my yoghurt as well.
Phone Rings
Mirabel: Hey Nancy how you doing?

Mirabel: How’s Mummy?

Mirabel: Okay… are you at home or the shop?

Mirabel: Alright tell her I say Hi

Mirabel: Yeah I’m at His place right now

Mirabel: Okay thank you

Mirabel: Byeee…
She dropped her phone down
Mirabel: Its Nancy
Me: Ok how’s she?
Mirabel: She said they’re fine
Me: Okay…
Promise: Who’s Nancy?
Mirabel: His younger Sister
Promise: Ok
Then they continued with their discussion. That useless Sister of mine, she doesn’t call me oh,,,, only my girlfriend.
Phone Rings
Me: Hello
Nancy: Hi Senior Bro
Me: How you doing?
Nancy: Fine oh…. Aunty just delivered a baby girl
Me: Really? Woah,,, that’s good news, hope they’re all doing fine?
Nancy: Yes they are and Mummy is now preparing to go there tomorrow, and you know Daddy will be travelling next week… so i will need to stay with someone till Mummy arrives
Me: What are you saying? Why won’t you follow Mummy?
Nancy: But Bro its not necessary, I don’t have anything to do there
Me: You can be of little help there,,, besides, don’t you want to see the baby? or is it not your wish for her to deliver a baby girl?
Nancy: Yes, but let the baby grow up a little first
Me: If you don’t want to go there, then where do you want to stay?
Nancy: Errmmm…. I’m thinking of
Me: Cuts in Don’t even think about it, You’re not coming here!
Nancy: No its not your place, its Mirabel’s
Me: What?
Nancy: Yes I spoke to her about it, and she said its okay for her but I should ask you first
Me: You wanted to skip me in the first place by going to her first right?
Nancy: No its not like that Bro, its just that…
Me: Cuts in ** You are not coming here,,, you should go with Mummy!
**I hanged up
Mirabel: That must be Nancy, why were you so hard on her?
Me: Don’t just mind her
Mirabel: Why don’t you want her to come?
Me: Mirabel I think you should stay out of this
I got up with my yogurt, laptop with modem and walked in to my room. Mirabel came in about three minutes later.
Mirabel: What’s wrong with you?
Me: I’m fine
Mirabel: No you’re not,,, I mean look at you
Me: Listen, I know my sister very well, she’s an opportunist. She’s not just trying to come here because she needs a place to stay, She just want to use that as an opportunity to come to you
Mirabel: Is there anything wrong if she want to stay with me? Or Am I a bad influence
Me: Come on babe, don’t say that
Mirabel: Then what is the problem?
Me: Like I said, she’s an opportunist,,, she wants to use this medium to see other part of the world
Mirabel: How do you mean?
Me: She wants to engage herself on what she sees in the movies,,, having the opportunity to be partying, clubbing, dating, and all that
Mirabel: Are you sure of what you’re saying?
Me: Positive
Mirabel: You were also like that before untill you learn to be of good behaviour the hard way,,, wait, just out of curiousity…. was your Parents like this in their youthful age?
Me: Stop it,,, please don’t go there
Mirabel: I’m sorry dear
Me: Its okay…
Mirabel: But I won’t let her engage in such activities with me
Me: Can you refuse her pleas?
Mirabel: Yeah if it comes to that
Me: Mirabel, You and I know that you can’t refuse her,,, I know You, You don’t want her to see you as a terrible person, You wouldn’t want to hurt her feelings by refusing her. To tell You the truth sweetheart, You don’t have the boldness to handle Nancy, You really can’t handle her. And of course You girls would put me in the dark when You give in to her.
Mirabel: So are we just going to refuse her like this?
Me: See what I’m talking about? It hasn’t even gotten to a minute that I said it and You’re already manifesting Your Nature.
Mirabel: It will make her very sad
Me: There You go again,,,, She will get over it, I know my Sister very well and She knows me too, I don’t tolerate her stupidity or any nonsense emanating from her
Phone Rings
Me: Hello Ma
Momma: Ab’ele? (How are you)
Me: O lafia Ma (Fine Ma)
Momma: Joy just gave birth some minutes ago
Me: Ok yeah, Nancy told me just now
Momma: Okay good,,, and I shall be travelling there tomorrow
Me: Okay…
Momma: Nancy wants to stay with you people there at school ,,, specifically with Mirabel as Your Daddy will also be travelling too
Me: But why can’t She go with You?
Momma: She said she wants to be learning some things about the school as she’ll be coming there later this year or next year by God’s Grace. Please let her go and learn whatever She wants,,, me I’m tired, just let her
Me: Okay Ma
Momma: I will call You before I leave tomorrow
Me: Okay Ma
Hangs Up
Me: Ok Mirabel here is the deal
Mirabel: What?
Me: She will stay here in this house
Mirabel: Why?
Me: So I’d watch her movement while under my control
Mirabel: Its okay… you’r the boss!
I felt so good hearing that from her… That’s why we need WISDOM and BOLDNESS to handle situations and then YOU CAN BE RESPECTED FOR IT and you can also BE THE BOSS!



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