S02 E25

Lola and Cynthia arrived when we were about to leave the hospital, they left for school from there while we went to Mirabel’s lodge. I managed to eat some plantains so I could take my drugs. I took my drugs; slept for over three hours then I woke up feeling much better. I even had a video chat with Ike (Mirabel’s cousin). We talked on many things; actually he did most of the talking while I followed up. He was quite a jester, He even said that “If your Parents won’t approve of you both, just elope and come to the states” He said it jokingly though and it made sense but I thought about it again that it’s not right. Marriage without parental blessing is not right. I also thought about my sister Nancy, so I decided to be making her happy and to make her feel comfortable with me as her big bro. I wanted her to look up to me, to always listen to me with clear understanding and trust me completely. So, instead of imposing power on her that she won’t have a boyfriend, I switched to advising her, making her see reasons why I don’t want her to have a boyfriend and I also coached her on relationship issues. I started showing her love and care as well as showering her with gifts. I made sure I get something for her whenever I returned to the house most especially ice cream and other snacks. I knew why I had to change my attitude towards her, because,,,, she might rebel against me in the near future when her eyes open fully,,, and she might also start dating secretly. Since I started doing all what I mentioned, she as well changed. My sister and i became friends. She started opening up to me, she mentioned to me all the useless boys that has wooed her and the pending ones. I was surprised to know that some of my useless friends were among. Being close to my sister is what i should’ve been doing instead of forming senior. All thanks to Mirabel that brought such a wonderful idea,,, or were you thinking it was my idea? Nah…
My sister can talk from morning till night, she always have gist for me, she never run out of gist,,, it’s no surprise she inherited it from our Mother.

I waited for Mirabel’s mother for many days but she didn’t show up. I remained indoors after my daily lectures awaiting her surprised visit. I asked Mirabel why it is taking her mother so long; she said her mother has been busy from one meeting or conference to another.
Ike (Mirabel’s cousin) and I retained good communication with each other, he did most of the calling though. We became friends. He taught me so many things on computer and technology, how to hack on devices, how to spy on someone, he sent me a lecturing video by him on how to design a website and tips on creating traffics and many more.

Momma returned home after two months and two weeks,,, Nancy also had to return home two days after, I went with her to spend the weekend at home.
On Sunday after service, I approached Dorothy’s Mother to know why she didn’t come to Church. She said, Dorothy travelled to one of her Paternal Aunt at Asaba, Delta State. She also said that, they’ll all be relocating to Port-Harcourt in two weeks’ time. I asked for Dorothy’s phone number but she told me that she lost her phone and hasn’t gotten another one yet and that they only get to communicate through her Aunt.
As time passed by without reaching Dorothy, I unintentional forgot about her.
The second semester exams was fast approaching, I didn’t allow anything to hinder my study. Although I still watched movies, chats, play video games and all my normal activities was still in place but with timing as there’s time for everything,,, I set time to do whatever I wanted. All this while, Mirabel’s mother still didn’t show up.
After some uneventful months, I came back for my second year (200L) while Nancy joined me weeks later as she got admitted,,, she studied Mass communication.
One peaceful evening when I was chilling with my girlfriend Mirabel before she suddenly ruined the mood with no-good news.
Mirabel: Baby…?
Me: Yes dear
Mirabel: Remember when we talked about our past relationships?
Me: Yea,,, sure
Mirabel: You remember the one I told you that we didn’t get to break up, that was forced to school abroad and eventually got jailed?
Me: Yea, what about him?
Mirabel: The thing is uhmm… uhmmm…
Me: What is it dear?
Mirabel: He is back. He came in last week and has been troubling me to go see him; I dunno how he got my contact
Me: You can make it clear to him now that you’ve moved on,,, nothing much there
Mirabel: There’s nothing I didn’t tell him, he told me to cut whatever tie I gat with you that he’s back for me
Me: Forget about him, he can’t do nothing
Mirabel: He is a crazy guy, he just came out of jail, and we dunno what he’s capable of
Me: Are you afraid of him?
Mirabel: Of course I am, he is crazy
Me: Have you forgotten who you are?
Mirabel: What should I do?
Me: You get him locked up if he tries anything stupid
Mirabel: Okay
Me: What’s his name again?
Mirabel: Marcus
Me: Don’t take him serious dear,,, he can’t do nothing, I’m here for you
Mirabel: What if he gets to know that you’re my boyfriend and he comes for you?
Me: I can take care of myself dear, besides I’m not worried at all
Phone rings
Mirabel: He is the one calling
Me: Give me the phone
I answered it
Me: Hello…
Marcus: Who dah f–k is this?!
Me: Dah f–k is Mirabel’s boyfriend and who are you?
Marcus: Give the f*cking phone to Mirabel mahn, I ain’t got no business with yo’ a-s
Chai! This guy messing up with 2Pac’s number 1 fan,,, A self-gangster
Me: Ok listen up motherfucker! She told me about you and everything you both had before you left her
Marcus: I didn’t leave her!
Me: Well… she moved on, I advise you do the same
Marcus: And I advise you to give her a-s up mahn, I didn’t go through all what I went through just to come back and get nothing for it
Me: What are you talking about?
Marcus: I ain’t explaining sh!t to you, just give the phone to Mirabel and go blank
Me: She’s not gonna speak with you ever again,,, I’m in charge, got that?
Marcus: I ain’t got no beef with you hommy, Mirabel is mine. Let her go like nothing ever happened between you two, only then this town will be cool for you and I…. I love Mirabel like crazy and I ain’t gon’ let you or anyone else hold me back from getting her back, she’s mine!
Me: You’re just ranting dude, it’s long been over between you two ever since you left
Marcus: I didn’t just leave motherfucker!
Me: Yes you did; she lost you and found me
Marcus: F–k you!
Hangs up
Mirabel: What’s all that about?
Me: Just forget about him dear, everything will remain as it is,,, he can’t nothing
Mirabel: I hope so but I don’t like how you talked to him
Me: I’m not a weakling dear; I’ve never been and can’t even pretend to be. I have to be strong for us; I will always fight for us. Nobody will ever come between us except the inevitable. I haven’t told you this before but I want to spend the rest of my existence on this earth with you and not even that ex-con can make me bow down.
Mirabel: Whoa… I dunno what to say
Me: Just don’t worry about anything, we shall overcome anything that tries to come between us, let’s just see them as trials…
Mirabel: Ok my love Smiles my life is getting more interesting and I’m getting stronger all because of you,,, I love your courage
Me: I love your submission
Mirabel: Hhmmmm…. we’ll make a wonderful couple
Me: Couple? More like a beautiful home
We laughed out
I got back to the house and couldn’t stop thinking about this Marcus of a guy. I think he’s going to be a problem.
I got into the house as unknown huge guy wearing black suit and blank shade opened the gate for me and saw a big SUV car parked inside. All my guts went off, I started sweating and breathing hard. I instantly locked car so he won’t come and drag me out. The only thing that came into my mind was that, they were robbers.
*What am I going to do? And my Sister is inside the house, what if they do anything to her? I dunno how I’d take it if they should rape or kill her.
The guy came knocking on the car; I didn’t know what to do and the guy kept knocking. Out of fear, I quickly grabbed my phone to call Mirabel for help. I dialed her number and it started ringing before I turned to look at the entrance and saw a woman walking out. She resembles the woman I see on TV somehow; I looked closer to be sure before I saw Nancy flaunting her white teeth. Then I heaved a sigh of relief that we’re save and I thanked God immediately. When the woman removed her shade, I saw that she’s the perfect description of the woman I always see in TV and the portrait in Mirabel’s lodge,,,,, Mirabel’s mother the First Lady is finally here! I thought surprisingly inside my mind.



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