S02 E40

I quickly drove off to the house like someone who’s about to miss his flight. I got in to the house and started imagining how to go on with the plan of getting my love back. I immediately dashed to the fridge to get something that’d help me calm my nerves (Hollandia yoghurt). I started progressing in my thought, my mind became composed. So… will Mirabel refuse to come to me if I should send for her? I don’t think so, she can’t do that. Now my plan is to go to the lodge later in the evening with Nancy, then I’ll send Nancy to go in and call her out to meet me somewhere. Come to think of it, I have never given her flowers before, how unromantic I have been gosh! Ok today will be the day I’ll give her flowers for the first time. I think I also need to look good as well, she knows all my clothes so I need to get something new maybe a white suit (when you have the money, buying won’t be the problem winks) or………. Why can’t I just propose to her tonight? After all, we’ll be graduating in few months’ time. Whoa… I have never thought about that before, ohhhhhh… what should I do? What should I do oh…?? I furiously raced to the fridge and get myself another yoghurt. After drinking it, something popped into my mind. I took my phone and dialed Frank’s number and he picked up.

Frank: Hello

Me: Hello Frank please I need you and your wife Jummy to do something for me as a matter of urgency…

Frank: Ok no problem

Me: Thanks man hangs up

I called Vincent, he picked up almost immediately

Vincent: Hello bro

Me: Hi bro, please I need your help…….

Vincent: Whoa… I got your back on this bro

Me: Thanks man hangs up

I also called Promise

Promise: Oga

Me: How far

Promise: Fine oh… this one you call me

Me: Yea… I know you don’t go out at night but I need you to do something very important for me

Promise: What is it?

Promise: Are you serious…? Whoa… I won’t miss it

Me: Thanks… madam Promzy hangs up

(Calling Nancy)

Nancy: Hello

Me: Nancy where are you now?

Nancy: In the class about to come home, anything?

Me: Yea… you will go to Vincent’s house from there and help in doing something

Nancy: What is it?

Me: Vincent will fill you in, and make sure you drive safely before you drive anyhow because of your curiosity to quickly know what’s going on teasingly (Yea she drives my camry)

Nancy: Haba senior bro

Me: I don tell you my ownhangs up

Hhmmm…. I wish Lola is here to make it more exciting, she would have been very useful… I really miss her.

If you guys know how my heart was beating that moment eh… chai! I quickly grabbed my car keys and accelerated straight to the bank to do some transfer and also withdrew a substantial amount of money before visiting a luxurious boutique. I took my time to select what I wanted before I finally got them all and left there to a barbing saloon to have a nice haircut that is different from my usual hairstyle before I drove back to the house. I called everyone for updates and they said it’s going on fine that I should go to the lodge around and the time is already past six.
I hastily had my bath and dressed myself up with the stuffs I bought, a new fitted white suit, white pair of shoes, new cologne different from the one I was using, new wrist watch and neck chains because I wasn’t going to wear a neck tie. I just wanted to look exclusively different before the eyes of my love Mirabel. I grabbed my car keys, shut the door and went straight to my white range rover car feeling myself…. Vames on white! Hailing myself inside my head Victor! Victor!!

I went towards the gate to open it; I opened it and saw a lady backing me in front of the gate… She slowly turned around to face and also removed her eyeglasses.

Me: Norah? surprised

Norah: Hi Victor

Me: Why are standing out here? Why didn’t you knock?

Norah: I was just contemplating if I should knock or not, maybe you wouldn’t want to see after what I almost did the other day

Me: That’s in the past now, I didn’t even have it in mind and I suggest you also forget about it too

Norah: I’m really sorry for coming to you like that on that condition

Me: It’s Ok Norah

Norah: Forgiven?

Me: Yea

Norah: Thanks… uhmmm… may I come in?

Me: Oh… sorry I was on my going out when I saw you standing here

Norah: I can see that, thought you could spare me some seconds

Me: Maybe some other time, I’m already late

Norah: You look charming; I almost failed to recognize you

Me: Thanks Norah but I really need to get going

Norah: Ok I’ll call you

Me: Alright Turning to go get the car

Norah: Wait

Me: I turned to face her Yes?

Norah: Do you uhmmm… have a girlfriend?

Me: Smiling Yea

Norah: Hhmmm… I wonder who the lucky girl might be

Me: Laughs Lucky girl? Well… you’ve met her before

Norah: Me? When?

Me: When I was in the hospital

Norah: Huh? Which of the girls?

Me: Mirabel

Norah: The President’s daughter you went to rescue?

Me: Yup smiling

Norah: What?! I mean wow! I didn’t know… so she’s your girlfriend?

Me: Yea and I’m going to her now

Norah: That means I stand no chance with you?

Me: Sorry…?

Norah: Uhmm no nothing… never mind.

Me: Ok then, so later on phone?

Norah: Yea sure turns to leave

Me: You came with a ride or something?

Norah: Turns backYea, my car

Me: Alright

I went to get the car and drove it out of the gate; I stepped down to lock the gate before I drove straightaway to the lodge. On my way driving to the lodge, I dunno but thoughts of Norah took over my mind. I noticed the way she turned out sad when I told her about Mirabel being my girlfriend. I kept on imagining her physique; she looked great and appealing on mufti and no doubt that she’s very beautiful and adorable. What am I thinking? I vibrated my head to get Norah off my mind and focus on meeting Mirabel. I called Vincent for update and he said everything is in place.



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