S02 E53

I dunno what’s in the diary, but her reaction just
got me feeling so nervous and scared on what she
might have discovered.
Me: Why would you go through her diary? It’s so
not right na, you’re invading her priv…
Mirabel: cuts in If I hadn’t gone through it, I
wouldn’t have discovered this secret you both are

Me: That diary must be containing her private life,
please respect it and go keep it for her; I don’t
want to know what’s in it please…
Mirabel: Do you even know what I’m talking about
here? I’m talking about a lady professing her love
for my man that’s supposed to be her friend. What
do you know about this victor?
Me: Her diary should be her 100% privacy; I didn’t
even know she has a diary till now. So… whatever
it is you see in it is her privacy please Mirabel,
stop all this doubts for it’s not helping matters at
all. How can this help our marriage that’s coming
next month? Please don’t give the devil a chance
to destroy us
Mirabel: It would’ve been mare doubts if I had no
prove, Fred warned me about something like this,
and look what’s happening? From flirty chats to
professing of love in a diary, that you’re the only
man she loves, is that also just a friend thing? So
you’re even the reason why she can’t have a
boyfriend? No wonder! I thought it was about her
being a good girl and a saint, not knowing she has
my man at heart; Victor are you having an affair
with her?
Me: Of course not!
Mirabel: You’re lying,,, there’s no explanation for
this anymore! Fred was right all along
Me: Mirabel… I have nothing to do with her; I
never had any intimacy with her even before I got
to know you
Mirabel: You both are deceitful!
Me: How can be saying something like this? We’ve
been together for four years and I’ve never for
once proven to be unworthy in any way, how can I
be having an affair with Promise, for what?
Mirabel: silence
Me: Could it be for $ex of which you and I agreed
to abstain from because we know it’s not right for
the unmarried? Or is it for love? Why then will I be
getting married to you? It’s not making any sense
can’t you see?
Mirabel: Don’t even imply that I’m insinuating
nonsense when I the prove in my hand
Me: What prove? How can that diary be a prove
that I’m cheating on you? It’s someone’s privacy
for goodness sake. It could be her thought or
something that she wouldn’t want anyone to pry
and it could be very embarrassing to her if she
finds out about this
Mirabel: Embarrassing? She should be ashamed of
herself for professing such rubbish for you
Me: Mirabel what’s going on with you? I mean…
this is not you, why the sudden temper?
(We heard Promise’ voice from the living room
asking where is everyone)
Mirabel: She’s here walking out of the room
Me: Where are you going to? Mirabel don’t… (She
slammed the door behind her)
Chai! What’s all this for goodness sake? Why is
Mirabel changing all of a sudden? This is nothing
but the hand work of the devil, the destroyer. Just
when everything was going well, now Mirabel of
all people is the one causing headache and
nagging around on everything….. God have Mercy.
I dunno why Promise could be so careless to
forget something like that in the kitchen. I’m
already losing the trusts Mirabel have for me, I
don’t think she’ll be comfortable with me again,
she’ll be suspecting my every move. So this how
innocent people get accused wrongly? I really hope
that we push through with the wedding and pursue
our dreams instead of arguing and fighting
unnecessarily with words.
Just then I ran after Mirabel to the living room
where she’s already confronting Promise.
Mirabel: Promise what is all this you wrote in this
your diary?
Promise: Why are you in possession of my diary?
Mirabel: You haven’t answered my question, what
is the meaning of this love confession for
Victor who you know is my fiancé
Promise: Mirabel that diary contains my personal
and private life with my thoughts which I don’t
intend to share with anybody
Mirabel: Oh really?
Me: Mirabel please you have to stop this, she has
no evil intention towards our relationship
Mirabel: Of course! The saint who is in love with
my man will never have any evil intentions
Mirabel just start to annoy me for the first time
since we started our relationship, this is not the
Mirabel that I know, what has happened to her? Or
is this her true colours? Definitely not! She’s been
humble from the start, she’s shown me nothing
but love, she’s always been there for me, she’s
always ready to do anything for me, she’s ready to
submit to me. This is all Fred’s fault! He was the
one that started all these perils. I regretted hooking
him up with Promise, he brought nothing but
trouble which is now affecting my relationship with
Promise: tears soaking in her eyes
Me: Mirabel…
Mirabel: You know what? I’m stopping the wedding
Me: No Mirabel, you can’t do that please…
Mirabel: Yes I can and I will!
She said that then furiously rushed to the room.
Then I started perceiving something smelling, the
food is burning in the kitchen!! Somebody should
just wake me up from this nightmare!!!



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