S02 E01

What my heart started doing wasn’t heartbeat anymore, it was hitting hard. I if hadn’t calmed my heart that moment, maybe I would’ve been the youngest guy in history to have an heart attack.

Me: Nancy! (my younger sister) Nancy!!

Nancy: Yes senior bro from the background

Me: Come here please

Nancy: See me

Me: Take handling her ₦1,000 note go buy me two hollandia yoghurts

Nancy: What’s the occasion?

Me: Nothing, just thirsty

Nancy: Hhmmm… senior bro, are u expecting someone? and why are u sweating like this??

Me: No… Nancy please go quickly I don’t have time for this

Nancy: Okay, ah… she went out

Chai! If I’m not dreaming, then my life right now is a film trick,,, I’ve never been this scared in my entire life. I became restless, breathing like a dog, sweating profusely like a suffocated pig.

Nancy: Here senior bro giving me a leather containing my yoghurts with my change

Me: Thanks collecting it and burst one open immediately

Nancy: Bro

Me: Yes?

Nancy: Won’t u give me some?

Me: Nancy…. take this and buy whatever u want
giving her ₦100

Nancy: No senior bro, I want yoghurt too

Me: Oya add this one and buy your own yoghurt gave her another ₦100

Nancy: Thanks… buh senior bro, u don’t look ok

Me: I will be fine

Nancy: Are u sure?

Me: Yea, lemme be alone for now

Nancy: Or has she left u?

Me: Nancy…

Nancy: Okay,,, I’m out. Thanks for the money anyways, I’ve been looking for money to recharge my phone.

She talks too much geez! Every moment is a joking time for her.
I burst the second yoghurt open and rushed the drink till it remained small. Now I can focus on my thinking on what to do … before I could think of how,,, my phone rings. I wanted to ignore it and switched off my phone, but the caller was a special one.

Me: Hello Mirabel, have u seen it? Has your father seen it? What are we going to do? Should I run to my village and hide? Or i shoul…

Mirabel: Relax Victor, I’m on my way to your place now, I will call u when I get to the junction u told me.

Me: Okay… please answer this question I’m going to ask u

Mirabel: What is it?

Me: Has he been told about the video? I mean your Father??

Mirabel: Yea

Me: Oh no…

Mirabel: What?

That was the last thing I heard before I found my self on the hospital bed.




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