NEW 9JA STORY: Segun [EP01 – 02]

EP 01

Segun was a cassanova. He was known for his chronic womanising.

The moans that always emanated from his room also showed that he actually knew his stuff.

The moans were so loud and you could tell that the women he lay with enjoyed whatever he did.

Segun had a named Hauwa.

She was his next door neighbor and only a thin wall divided their rooms.

Most nights, she had stayed awake listening to Segun and his lovers. It was torture for her.

Most mornings, she would just murmur her greetings and pass quickly. She couldn’t look Segun in the eyes.

It was their routine.

One night, Segun was at his usual bedmatics and the whole area was filled with shouts of ecstasy.

Hauwa was reading for a quiz and she heard the first gasp.

“He just entered this one, they always gasp when he enters”, she said to herself.

Then the shouts of, “Oh Segun, show me shege” came on and Hauwa managed to suppress a laugh.

She stopped laughing and began to wonder as she knew the girl in the room to be an Americanna.

“Whatever Segun is doing, he knows it well” she thought as it was surprising to hear the Americanna speaking pidgin.

“Segun..seg…..ah..ah..mummy, God” the Americanna kept muttering gibberish with occasional grunts from Segun and a fast clapping sound.

Hauwa’s curiosity reached it’s peak.

She wanted to see.

Hauwa quietly opened her door and was surprised to see Ngozi, her neighbor, outside.

Ngozi was pretending to read a book but you could tell from her eyes that her attention was elsewhere.

Her eyes were shut and it appeared one of her hands was below her reading table. Hauwa understood and went back inside.

“The rate of conji in this town is alarming walahai” she said in shock.

Images of Ngozi, eyes all shut, biting lips and ‘reading’ was just too much for one night. On top of everything, Segun was going strong and the lady was louder than speakers in clubs.

Plugging in her earpods, Hauwa played music and hoped for sleep.


“Ding ding ding ding”

Hauwa’s alarm roused her to life. The time was 7:30am. She had her quiz by 8:00am.

She hissed and cussed Segun. Dressing as quickly as she could she rushed out to the junction with hopes of boarding a Keke.

Segun was at the junction too waiting for a Keke as well. One came and Segun flagged it. He boarded and Hauwa reluctantly joined.

“Hauwa good morning, your eyes are quite heavy and your face is dull, you didn’t sleep well abi?” Segun said.

“I was reading through out the night for a quiz”

“Eyaa, I was also reading for a quiz as well but that was from 3am”

Segun said and Hauwa looked at him for the first time but he was looking ahead.

She felt insulted and she wanted to blurt out her anger but kept calm.

Hauwa noticed how he looked at girls as the keke sped towards school. He had this glint in his eyes whenever he saw a girl with a big behind.

They got to school and he paid for both their fares and wished her luck and walked away.

She saw how his coursemates crowded him.

“Guy see when you dey show, I no want find you inside hall, this quiz go hard die, na you be my hope”

One of them said.

Hauwa was shocked because Segun didn’t strike her as someone who was intelligent.

She shrugged and found her way to class.


“Ngozi, ngozi chai, it’s like you had a quiz today abi? I saw how you were reading seriously last night”

Hauwa said with a straight face to Ngozi who just smiled and talked about university stress and wicked lecturers.

Hauwa playfully slumped on her bed and thought of what to eat.

She had some rice but in her rush she forgot to warm it.

She just lay there as she knew the rice was far gone to even check.

“E no go better for Segun”

She cussed her ceiling.

She remembered when Segun bought a carton of noodles some days back and she marched to his room.

She knocked on his door and a lady opened and eyed her wickedly.



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