Jude’s side of the story continues from the last episode

‘’alright fine, I will be in my room waiting for
you’’ I managed to force out a smile while
Tracy nodded and returned her attention to
the guy who appeared calm even though I
knew deep inside he was boiling with rage.

I headed to room where I restlessly waited for
Tracy to join me.

I couldn’t help but wonder
what she could be discussing with the guy.

Yes i was so nervous, worried and restless. About fifteen minutes later, I heard a knock on
my door. I quickly opened it to see Tracy
standing at the doorway. She forced out a
smile even though she was looking terrible. ‘’he has left. I want to rest in my room, I’m
having slight headache. See you later’’ she
breathed softly. I quickly grabbed her hand. ‘’alright let’s go to your room together’’ I
offered with a smile. She shook her head. ‘’that isn’t necessary. I just want to be alone’’
she replied, snatched her hand from my grasp
headed to her room as if we were quarrelling.

I quickly shut my door and ran after her.

‘’I told you I want to be alone, didn’t i?’’ she
asked as she opened her room door while I
softly grabbed her by the waist. Together we
walked into her room. ‘’I know you had a hard time with him but it
shouldn’t get you worked up. I’m here for
you, I will always be here for you’’ I promised
softly. ‘’you don’t understand. I threw out a good
man, I threw away a good opportunity all
because of you. He left in anger because of the
way I treated him. I had no reason to treat him
badly but I did. I just pray I didn’t make a
terrible mistake’’ she breathed and fell on her bed while I slowly sat beside her and caressed
her body softly. ‘’you did the right thing Trey, nothing will stop
us from being together not even Juliet’’ I
promised solemnly.

She rolled her eyes. ‘’oh please, you are just confused. Let me be,
let me rest. I don’t even understand myself
anymore’’ she begged. I smiled, kissed her
cheek and got up. ‘’I will be heading back to the house later in
the day to drop some money for Pamela’’ I
informed her as I headed to the door. ‘’but what exactly is your plan for her?. Will
she permanently stay at your house and care
for the baby as a single mum or are you really
going to do what with her?’’ she suddenly
asked, stopping me at the door with her
question. ‘’oh Trey I thought we have talked about it
before?’’ I asked, ‘’no we haven’t’’ she insisted. ‘’first I will do the DNA test and if the little girl
turns out to be mine, I will care for her to the
best of my ability but I won’t get back with the
mother, I just gave it a big thought and last
night meant something wonderful to me. I
can’t leave you for anything. After all Juliet is nothing but a girl and life isn’t just fair, she will
have to take things the way it is unless I can
convince her mum to drop her in my care. I’m
so confused about many things right now but
I’m very sure of one thing, and that is, I will
never get back with Pamela’’ I explained softly. ‘’oh Jude may God help you. You are very
much confused’’ Tracy breathed and sighed
while I left her room without another word.

I barely had gotten to my room when my
phone rang and it was Pamela calling. ‘’hey please can you be able to get me the
money now, I want to buy some things for
Juliet please’’ she begged. ‘’I will be there in few minutes’’ I replied and
hung up.

Fifteen minutes later, I was in my house to
meet Pamela fully dressed up. ‘’where are you going?’’ I asked without
thinking. ‘’to get some things for Juliet nau’’ she
answered with a smile.
‘’so you are going out with Juliet?’’ I asked ‘’nooooo, you will be with her till I get back’’
she replied while I yawned. ‘’I’m not good at babysitting’’ I protested. ‘’well you have to learn it today, anyway I
won’t take long’’ she replied as I handed her
the money I got .

Ten minutes later, I was all alone at the sitting
room with Juliet who did nothing but play
with me.

She gave no trouble and it was just as
if she knew her mum wasn’t around.

I couldn’t help but fall in love with the little pretty girl
over and over. About an hour later, Pamela returned carrying
a whole lot of things with her. I paid no
attention to what she bought, and was more
relived that she returned on time.

‘’thanks for everything. I got this fruit drink for
you’’ she said happily as she dropped two
cups of juice before me, drinking from one of
the cups and leaving the second cup for me.

drank it without thinking twice and never got
myself till much later in the evening when I opened my eyes to see myself lying beside her
in the bedroom. I couldn’t believe she drugged me.



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