NEW 9JA STORY : SUMMER CAMPUS [EP 18] || written by Donvick_AVB.


EP 18

Frankie’s pov continues

Before Freya could say another word Alex called her, she turned and sighed before walking away
“she’s unbelievable” I breathed out
“I know, she still loves me because we’ve dated like six years or so” he said and my eyes widen
“six years!”
“yep, six happy years of Freya and i but this camp had to ruin it. All” he said and shrugged “I know she loves you, but wasn’t she like supposed to stay by your side, lovers stay by each other’s side loving each other day by day and also not leaving
them out in any part of their laugh, are you even sure she loves you” I say and he laughs and said
“since when did you know anything about love, you don’t even have a boyfriend”

“I may not have a boyfriend, but who the hell doesn’t know
anything about love” I yanked at him and he rolled his eyes
“well you have to stay close to me, so we can put on more
show because Freya is breaking and I can feel it, that’s what
she gets for leaving me” he said and I breathed out a
Maurice walked up to us with his mouth open. “Shit, I didn’t
know it was you Frankie and you’re looking..youre smoking
hot” he said and I flickered a smile
“uh I’m over here” Zic scoffed
“and how may I help you” Maurice said rudely
“you’re a fucking asshole Maurice how dare you come here
and just call my girlfriend hot when I’m standing right here
beside her” Zic half yelled
Girlfriend?.. Hmm..i thought
“oh I’m so sorry I didn’t know she was your girl friend, hmm
and why didn’t I know it’s because you guys aren’t meant for
each other you guys are not a perfect match look at you Zic
and look at her, she’s so not your type she deserves someone
better She’s too good for you” he said and my eyebrows
suddenly arched, why does everyone sees me as this innocent
bird that can’t fly even with wings, I know I’m innocent but I
don’t want to be it’s awkward and annoying and everyone will
see you like you’ll break any minute..
“what the hell are you talking about” Zic said through his
clenched teeth, he was getting angry
“I said Frankie deserves someone better not someone like
you” he says angrily too
What’s his business with me, he’s not my neither my brother
my cousin or my classmate, is he even my friend?? Why is he
getting angry about this.. Hmm
“are you telling me that I’m not good for her” Zic said but
before Maurice could say another word I stepped in between
them and said
“Maurice? Go.. He’s my boyfriend okay, so please don’t put up
a fight” I said and his breathing got high and he walked away
angrily, seems like acting is not kind of bad.. It’s easy but
“good job” Zic tells me
“wait what’s up with the how can you be complimenting my
girlfriend when I’m over here I thought we only need to act
that way when Freya’s around” I said
“I know but we have to make look real to others too or else
they’ll be suspicious” he replied and I sighed, he does have a
“okay.. ” I breathed out
We heard the whistle which means time for breakfast.. About
time I was starving to death.. Zic grabbed my wrist and then
let go of it and clenched our fingers together and pull me
towards him
“let’s get another show started” he smiled
“you’re a badass ken” I said smiling also
“who’s Ken?” he asked
“you” I replied
“what the Fuck.. I was named Zic Asin Zicken not Ken you
curly wobbly.. ” he defended
“I know but there’s Ken in your name” I protest
“so that doesn’t mea.. Oh maybe you should call me Ken it’s
kind of nice Freya never had another name for me it will
totally blow her off” he smirked and I shook my head
“I’ll call you Frankiestein” he whined
“oh no.. Please and it’s not FranKIEstein it’s FranKENstein
full name is Frankini” I tell him. And he nods abundantly
“okay I’ll call you Rain” he says
“Huh? That doesn’t even make any sense” I say narrowing my
“yeah I know I just picked out letters from your name well I’m
bad at giving name and I’ll be calling you rain for now” he said
and I rolled my eyes ..
Breakfast was served and Zic made sure he sat close to where
Freya can see the both of us he’s so juvenile but it’s great that
he still loves her and ready to fight for her back..
If my boyfriend’s going to be like that I’ll love him till death,
will I ever have a boyfriend?. .
After breakfast Zic pecked Me in front of Freya and smirked
before walking away and so did i..
I head back to the boys dorm and to my room, I met Craig
and Alex inside, Alex.. I used to be friends with him when we
first got here but since he stole my girlfriend I’ve been
avoiding him … I wouldn’t say avoiding since we’re roommates
anyway .its actually the silent treatment I was giving him..
As I walked In, I immediately landed on my bed and sighed
heavily, the way Craig and Alex looked at me made me feel
uncomfortable and angry
“what is it” I barked at them, this is the main fucking reason I
wanted to have my own room, but my dad’s so predictable he
wants me to have friends, well I do have friends, I have
Maurice, well he’s my friend but I don’t know why he’s been
such a douchebag lately.. I have Fran.. Is Frankie even my
“I know what you’re up to Zic” Alex said
“and would kindly and stupidly explain that” I scorned
“you know I love Freya and I know you’re Just suddenly dating
Frankie so she could get jealous” Alex blurts out..
Oh I love where this is going time to tell him words he
“oh sorry for interfering in your relationship but I’m not trying to
make my EX girlfriend jealous I love Frankie” I lied and almost
laughed at my tone..
“stop lying would you” Alex said with his clenched teeth
“why would I ever lie Alex, hold on, so Freya’s jealous of my
relationship with Frankie”i said pretending I didnt know and
then took a dramatic pause.. And then continued
“dude, are you even sure she loves you because how can she
gets jealous of me dating her roomie when she clearly broke
up with me” I sighed heavily like I was surprised and
devastated, Alex wanted to say something but the knock on
the door made him stop..
And Craig stood to get it,i almost forgot he stays here.. When
the door went open, Freya walked in..
She looked back and forth between me and Alex before
breathing in and saying..
“Zic I have to talk to you”
Yeah that’s what I like to hear
“about what? ” I yanked
“something” she replied and gave Alex a shy glance I didn’t
know Freya get shy,
“well go on ” I urged
“well not in here somewhere private” She said and Alex shot
her a glare but she ignored him.. This is what I like
“as you can see there’s no one here so spit it out” I smirk


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