NEW 9JA STORY : SUMMER CAMPUS [EP 19] || written by Donvick_AVB.


EP 19

Zic’s pov continues

Alex quickly stood up in annoyance and walked away, and I glared at Craig and he walked out too..
“okay. Now we’re alone spit it out fast I’ve gotta go meet Frankie” I lied, I never knew acting could be this fun

“Zic, why? ” she said and sat down on one of the bed opposite mine
“why what? What are you talking about” I’m already getting pissed off
“why Frankie, they’re billions of other girls around camp why
her, why my roommate on top of that” she winced and I almost laughed
“Freya can you listen to your self, Frankie’s human okay, I can date whoever I want you know so don’t you go all why her!
Because I ain’t taking that shit” I yanked at her but she doesn’t flinch..
“what do you really want” I ask her and she sighed
“y.. you” she stammers.. I suddenly burst into laughters she’s not serious she’s not fucking serious, it’s exactly what I wanted to hear but it’s so crazy and so not right
“look I don’t know what I want actually” she added
“why are you doing this Freya, you broke up with me just
because of Alex who you’re with now but still being jealous of
me and Frankie dating,” I scoffed and she sighed
“I’m not being jealous I’m just looking out for you,” she said, I
know she’s lying she still loves me I know it, I know I’ve been
wanting her to come back to me but now it doesn’t feels right
she’s not being sensitive at all..
“looking out for me? What am I eleven ,” I yanked and she
sighed heavily and stood up
“okay I’m gonna say it, Zic I love you and you know that, we’ve
been a great couple but I fucked up by leaving you for Alex, I
started to have feelings for Alex two days after we came to
camp, my feelings for him grew each day and you were
becoming boring you didn’t talk as much as before or even
want me around you I think so I had to go for Alex” she
explained and my brain almost cracked
“how did you expect me to act when you know my mom just
passed away, Huh! Tell me” I yelled and she flinched
That’s more like it
“you want me to laugh and cheer you up when I know my
mom’s gone I know she did wrong and she deserves death
but she’s my mother I was supposed to feel bad… But
thankfully I got over it and then you decided to break up with
me, well congrats on that Freya because you did break up with
me” I half yell and she sighed, bringing out tears..
“I’m sorry” she softly remarked and sniffed…. I didn’t know
what to say any more why is she even crying, I sighed heavily
and looked away
“I’m sorry” she said again and .sniffed cleaning her eyes,she
seriously pissed me off but what can I do
“it’s okay actually… There’s nothing to do” I said sighing
“there is something to do.. Let’s get back together” she said
quickly, I took a good look at her teary face and red nose
“get back together? Freya don’t think..
“please I made a huge mistake and I’m ready to take it back,
please let’s get back together” she said cutting me off
“Freya, this is absolutely crazy” I say and another ball of tear
roll down her eyes
This is what I wanted since when she broke up with me, I
wanted her to beg me, cry and ask for forgiveness, it’s all I
ever wanted to hear from her, but now that I’m hearing it, it’s
like I never wanted it… I feel bad already for Alex, Freya has
always been like that getting and doing whatever she wants
,but I don’t think she’ll get what she wants this time because
I’m not giving her.. She needs to learn her lessons..
“please?” she tilts her head and sniffed, I walked up to her
and gave her a warm hug wrapping my hands around her
“I’m sorry Freya I don’t think I can do that, even if I can…. I
can’t” I tell her in her ear and she sniffed, I pat her back
before pulling away and walking out..
“done talking” I hear Alex’s voice behind me and I turned
“yeah, what’s it to you” I said and he scoffed and looked away
then at me
“I love her” he said, why the hell is he telling me this
“so.. Fuck off” I said and was about to go when he said
“I heard your conversation in there” ..i paused and turned to
him, despite the fact that I seriously hate Alex for taking my
girlfriend from me, I still feel bad for him … That Freya still
wants to ditch him and come be with me.
“so what are you now some sort of spy, that you were listening
to our conversation” I whined but he just sighed
“well all I can say is thanks for not accepting her, ” he said and
walked inside, his words made me feel plain as I walked
away.. All this relationship sucks it’s actually driving me crazy

I head deep down in the woods to a small river where me
Alex Craig and Blake played” in few days earlier .. I took off my
shirt and my shoe leaving me in my jeans, I walked in the
water and breathe in maybe this will calm me down, the way
my body suddenly reacted to the cold water made me breathe
in and out
Freya!! Oh she is worse than scenarios ….


I was sitting on my bed staring at the wall Jasmine and I were
the only ones inside, she planned on sleeping but ended up
reading a novel..
She suddenly closed it and hugged her pillow
“what’s wrong” I ask her and she sighed and said
“not really, this novel is seriously giving me heart ache that I
want to know what loves feels like..”
I laughed a little and said “really what’s the title”
“heart untamed” she replied and I smiled
“I’ve read that one it’s not that romantic but I like it” I said
“it’s my first time reading a romantic novel okay, and it’s very
romantic I love it, Zeeland and Julianne” she heaved and
pushed the book closer to her chest ..
“are you sure you’re not falling in love with the book” I teased,
“maybe I am, but all I just want is to experience love ” she said
and turned to me
“nah, I don’t think love exists anymore” I replied and she
“it does you dweeb, Julianne loved zeeland and that’s why she
kept her virginity for him till she was thirty see Frankie that’s
love she waited for ten years till the love of her life came
back.. That’s love” she said and smiled
“that’s just a book” I scoffed
“think whatever you but I think love is great” she said and I
“yours is better, you’re experiencing love with Zic” she said and
my heart suddenly skipped
“Uhm.. y.. yeah.. ” I miss my word and blinked rapidly letting
out a stressful sigh
Experiencing love with Zic.. Ugh as if ..
“he’s your zeeland and you’re his Julianne” she said and I
couldn’t help but rolled my eyes, if she’s going to talk about
me and Zic all day then I think I’ll just need a bucket to puke
in.. Not that it’s gross but it’s awkward falling in love with Zic
Is the last thing I’ll do..
“I’ll just head out side for a minute maybe give you time to
finish that book” I said and stand up
“okay” she shrugs and I head to the door and said
“zeeland and Julianne later had sex and she changed to a mist
but they solved it and got married”
“well thanks Frankie for ruining the ending for me, spoiler
alert” she eyes me and I laughed and walked out..
I leaned on the leaning tree and stared at everywhere, I saw
Freya looking sick and pale, she walked upstairs slowly and I
wondered what up with her ..
Craig suddenly appeared and I sighed and, he’s kind of a little
nuisance to me.. “hey Uhm Frankie can we talk” he said
No.. I wanted to say, I don’t have anything to talk to Craig
“Uhm not really I kinda have something to do” I lied and he
“okay then another time” he says and I nod and walked away
and head deep down in the woods
I had no idea of where I was going to I just kept on going to
where my legs was taking me too, I came across a river and
spotted Zic, his eyes was closed and he was standing in the
“Zic?” I call and his eyes fluttered open and he turned to me
“oh…hey” he said quietly and sighed
“what’s wrong” I asked
“nothing” he said, his tone calm but yet frightening..
“nothing? Or something” I tease
“don’t fucking joke with me Rain, ” he said and I rolled my
“geez I’m sorry you don’t have to get all yelly okay, ” I seethe
and he sighed
“Freya begged me to come back to her” he said
“really?” my eyes widen and I took a seat on a huge rock
opposite Zic,
“yep” he poured out and I smile
“wow.. So did you agree?”I asked and he shook his head
“but why” I cried out
“no matter how much I want her back… She’s going to break
Alex’s heart And I don’t know how much damage that’s going
to curse, I don’t want it and besides Freya’s being selfish she
need to learn her lessons” he said and I gasped lightly
“wow Ken, I didn’t know you were this friendly and kind, those
words weren’t supposed to come out from somebody like
you”i poured and he shot me a glare..
“you’re probably not serious” be said and smiled a little
Wow I didn’t know he could smile and talk friendly this way,
it’s great, really
“you should have taken her back Alex would be just fine” I
“what, wait do you like Alex or something” he asked, his eyes
wide open
“what.. No way no no” I rushed my words and laugh nervously
“you’re not a good liar” he said and got in the water ..i rolled
my eyes, he’s right I’m Not a good liar
He suddenly came out of the water
“ah this is nice” be breathed out
“seems like you’re really enjoying your self in there” I said and
he nods
“Care to join” he asks
“no good ” I say and he suddenly laughs
“what’s wrong” I ask him
“nothing, just that all this is crazy I mean out of everyone in
camp it’s you that I get to talk with about Freya and all” he
“I know right! What a coincidence” I seethe and he rolled his
“come in” he said
“excuse me?” I seethe
“I said Come in the water” he ponjured
“why would i” I ask and he sighed
“you’re difficult” he breathes out and I shrugged, he stared at
me and we made an eye contact, I looked away and he just
smiled and when I looked at him he tilts his head down the
water for me to come in..
It really wouldn’t hurt
“trust me you’ll like it in here” he said
“trust you? ” I. Poured
“you know what I mean” he said and I smiled and starts to
unbuckle my sandals, as I was done I placed them beside the
rock and stood up to go In the water
“wait, you want to ruin your dress” he asked
“you expect me to go naked In front of you ,and don’t worry I
have alot of this dresses” I replied and he shrugged and got in
the water..
“oh my it’s cold” I shivered as I got in deeper
“I know right” he smiled and swam close to me .. I nod and he
secretly pushed my head in the water causing me to hold my
breath, I quickly came out and started to breathe rapidly
“are you crazy” I squeaked and he laughed “just so you know I
can’t swim” I said and he shrugged
“should I teach you” he ask
“no” I replied plainly “you’re harsh” He said and placed both of
his hands on my waist,
I paused and we both stared at each other .. What’s
His head started to move closer and closer as he got close to
my face and kissed me. .
Why is he kissing me, I don’t see anyone or Freya we were
supposed to act around, then why is he kissing me..


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