NEW 9JA STORY : SUMMER CAMPUS [EP 20] || written by Donvick_AVB.


EP 20

Zic’s pov continues

I pulled away from the slow kiss I had with Frankie, I had no idea why I did that, the look on her face made me realise she was surprised..

“why did you do that” she asks quietly .. I don’t
lie.. Never.. So I said
“I don’t know”
She nods and turned her gaze away from mine
Why the hell did I do what, she looked at and then at my
hands and I realised i was still holding her waist.. “oh sorry” I said and removed my hands, but she just smiled and said “it’s
“are you sure you’ve never had a boyfriend before?” I quickly
changed the subject
“nope” she shook her head,
She is pretty, really but those glasses didn’t really do a good
job on her, she is way too pretty without them, but I’m not
gonna tell her that, no way..
“oh really, what of the dude I saw the other day you were
holding his hand” I say and she stared at me strangely, maybe
trying to remember the dude.. She suddenly gasped and it
turned into a smile..
“you mean David” she said
“David? He had blonde hair and..
“that was my brother” she cut me off..
“oh wait like is he your biological brother or step brother” I
asked and She laughed
“he’s my biological brother didn’t you see the resemblance
between us” she said and moved her wet hair back
“nope..there was no fucking resemblance between you two” I
protest and she sighed
“can you not use the “F” word around me” she said and bit her
lips angrily
“what! you want to scold me now” I said and she rolled her
“I’m going to smack your head if you say that again” she said
and I laughed.. She’s actually making me laugh aside from
Freya she’s the second girl to ever make me laugh… Okay
thinking about that just made me felt awkward..
“I’d like to see you try” I said and she rolled her eyes, smiled
and said
“you know. Zic you look rude and arrogant from the outside
but the real you, the inside you, is soft kind hearted and
loving, I have to admit” she said, am I really soft hearted..
Nope. I don’t think so
“nope you’re actually kind of wrong” I tell her and she gave me
a look
“hmm” she said softly
“I just seem soft around you because.. Because.. I.. Hmm I
really don’t know” I admit and she burst into laughter ..”you’re
funny” she said and my head tilts In confusion, she’s beautiful,
my heads said and I shook my head negatively
“what?” she said
“what? ” I asked
“you just shook your head”
“of yeah I was Uhm straightening my neck ..” I lied.. She
moved back a little and splashed some water on her face
“what wro—
“what did it feel like” she cut me off
“Huh?” I said
“when you fell in love with Freya what did it feel like” she
“well Freya and i were friends at first, we didn’t really have any
feelings for each other, but when we got to grade seven she
started becoming beautiful everyday, her smiles grew
magnificently, I couldn’t resist her, I go to school very early
just to see her and be close to her, I love every minute with
her since then, then one day she heard that one of her friend
Janine had a crush on me and I met her in class crying, It was
funny, she told me she liked me and that’s how we started
dating” I smiled remembering her then..
“wow you have a romantic love memory” she said smiling and
I laughed
“so.. Tell me yours” I said and her smile froze..
“I don’t really have a boyfriend, you know that” she said and
turned her gaze away,
She’s shy!
“well haven’t you fall in love before” I asked staring at her
“not really,” she glanced at me and then away ..
“wow” I breathed out and she laughed and said
“crazy right?, no one’s ever liked me for me since elementary
school it’s kind of sad and not welcoming at all, I’ve never
been in love before but I’ve experienced crushes” she said
“crushes? Like with who Alex” I tease and she shot me a glare
“maybe? ” she breathed out lightly
“Alex? No wonder you were urging me to get back with Freya,
you like Alex” I said and she rolled her eyes “well not
anymore” she said and I gave her a knowing look
“I’m not lying I don’t have feelings for him again” she said
defensively and u shrugged


It’s true I don’t have any feelings for Alex, he’s a goner..
“so I think it’s time to go out of the water” Zic breaks the
sudden silence and I nod,
“Zic. ” I called he turned to me and i said
“I really think you should get back with Freya, you both have a
wonderful love story” I said and smiled
“thanks” he smiled
“seems like I underestimated you Rain you’re smart and funny
and also a good listener and a great advicer” he added
“wow I didn’t know I had all that in me” I laughed and he
Zic’s lovely.. Uhm lively I meant lively..
I moved back as he started to walk out of the water his black
hair became more darker and droplets of water roll down his
back, I have to admit he have an amazing body.. He suddenly
turned and caught me staring at him, “why are you looking at
me that way” he suddenly said
“Huh? What way” I quickly realised my self
“like you’re going to bite me” he smiled and i suddenly looked
away, he stretched his hand toward me and said “come-on
lemme help you out” I placed my hand on his and he dragged
me out of the water, I hugged my self as a sudden breeze
“cold? ” he asked me and I nod
“here wear this” he said and threw his shirt at me, I caught it
and stared at it ..”your dress is wet so just wear the shirt on it”
he said and I shrugged and put it over my head
“Thanks” I said
“no problem, that’s what I was supposed to do anyway” he said
“I.. Don’t.. Understand” I say slowly
“you know you’re a girl.. I’m a boy I’m supposed to be the
good guy here and” the confused look on my face made him
stop and he said
“don’t worry, just forget it”
Zic and I walked back to the building wet. He was shirtless
and it kinda feel uncomfortable with me walking with a
shirtless guy.. Who happens to be my fake boyfriend.. We were
in front of the boys dorm and I was about to go when he
stopped me.. And said
“Uhm return my shirt.. “
“oh yeah thanks” I said and spotted Maurice watching us and
Zic did too
“is something going on between you and Maurice” Zic asked
“what no why do you ask” I quickly said
“he’s been avoiding me ever since we started this “F”
relationship of a thing” Zic replied and I shrugged
“maybe” Zic breathed out
“maybe what? ” I ponjured
“maybe Maurice likes you” he said and my eyes widen
“what? No way.. ” I eyed him and he held my shoulder and
said “think about it” ..
Think about what, Maurice doesn’t like me.. Oh. Wait a minute
“the kiss” I say my thought out loud
“what kiss? ” Zic’s hand falls from my shoulder
“Maurice kissed me a night ago” I whisper and his lips formed
a smile
“wow? Maurice is.. Maurice. …is. yeah I don’t know what to
call him” he said and I shrugged
“he likes me or not, I know I don’t like him.. But anyway I’ll be
heading to the girl’s dorm see you at lunch” I said and he
nods, I was about going when he stopped me
“how long do you think this fake relationship should last” he
“perhaps today?” I replied
“why today?” he said trying to hide a frown
“you’re going to get back with Freya right.. So we’ll pretend to
be broken up and then you can have her”i said trying to get
over the lump in my throat and the sadness in my body,
Why am I. Feeling this way…


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