NEW 9JA STORY : SUMMER CAMPUS [EP 21] || written by Donvick_AVB.


EP 21

** ZIC’S POV **

For some reason I don’t know. I didn’t want us to end this fake relationship, I’d love to be with Freya again.. But.. Uhh.. I’m not sure about my self ..

“you’re going to get back with Freya right. So we’ll pretend to
be broken up and then you can have her” Frankie said and I
didn’t know how I suddenly felt about that
I remained quiet thinking, I really really want Freya back in my
life but still I don’t want her what is wrong with me..
“agree?” Frankie voice rings and I nod suddenly and rapped
“a.. Agree” ..
“good” she said and smiled, her smile is starting to become
Wait.. What the hell
She walked away and I watch her slender figure vanished.. I
went back to the room and I met Alex, Blake and craig,,
fucking great.. I was starting to think I’d be alone ..
I laid on my bed and sighed heavily.. “where’s your shirt” Blake
“Frankie” I replied I have no idea why I answers him..
“Frankie.. Wait she took your shirt, what did she do like rape
you or something” he said and laughed and i Shot him a glare
and said “Fuck off”
“but to be sincere you guys are made for each other” Blake
said and I rolled my eyes
“no way Frankie’s way too good for you” Craig chipped in.. And
I angrily sit up
“what the hell did you just say” I say through my teeth
“he’s right Frankie’s way too good for you, but I prefer you two
together” Alex said and I felt like ripping his head off
I Can’t believe he’s dating my girl, and I can’t believe my
Frankie is falling for this dude
“but is it me or is that Frankie chick getting prettier everyday”
Blake said with a smirk.. And everyone suddenly turned to him
“what?. I’m just saying my mind, maybe I’ll end up falling in
love with her like Craig” Blake added and laughed,
Craig suddenly stood up and walked out angrily
“sometimes you just say the dumbest thing” Alex tell him and
he shrugs..
Craig loves Frankie.. What the hell, the thought of that. Made
me cringe..


I went back to the girl’s dorm and to our room, no one was
inside and I was kind of glad I didn’t want any question, I
removed Zic’s shirt over my head and stared at it for a
moment before placing it on my bed, I unzipped my dress and
was about to pull it off when the door flew open and Freya
walked in.. She was in ponytail her eyes had ring under it and
and she looked sick.. I paused and we both made an awkward
eye contact, she looked away and her gaze went directly to
Zic’s shirt.. She flinched and sniffed.. She moved closer to my
bed and grabbed the Shirt
“is this Zic’s” she asked, I slowly nod observing the strange
tension between us
She brought the shirt to her face and closed her eyes sniffing
it hard …. When she opened her eyes there was tears
“Frankie.. ” she called and my head tilts in confusion.. “Huh?”
that was all I could say,
“if there’s anything, anything I’ve ever done to you I’m. Sorry.. I
swear i am.. I just want Zic back in my life I miss him I love
him so much please I beg you let go of him, I made α mistake
breaking up with him” she sniffed again as tears rushed down
her cheek
Okay I think I might cry too, because the way she sounded like
made me wish i should fall In love too.. She’s in love, I can’t
stop love
“and if there’s anything, I can do.. Anything at all.. Then I’ll
“Freya! It’s okay.. You don’t have to do anything” I tell her
realising I’ll break down any minute if she continues this way..
“if Zic is what you want then Zic is what you get” I tell her.
“so you’re willing to give up your love for him, just for me to
have him back” she asked, feeling surprised
I’m not in love with Zic, If only she knows that, that means
there’s nothing to give up on.. But strangely I do feel like there
“yeah he was your boyfriend first right? ” I said stupidly and
“oh Frankie.. I don’t know what to say” she said and my smile
“can I hug you?” she asked, cleaning her tears
“yeah. ” I replied and she threw her hand around me and
breathe in.. “I shouldn’t have doubted you Frankie you’re
awesome” she said and I breathed out a “thanks” .. She let go
of me, smiled and then walked out, I quickly changed my
clothes and suddenly realized how uncomfortable that dress
was.. I put on a blue bum short and a white T-shirt with a pair
of black boots… Now that’s more like it, I’m. Camping, not
beauty pageant-ing ..
I stayed in the room Alone till it was lunch time when the
whistle went off, I got down from my bed and head
downstairs, as I hurried down the stairs i bumped into Jimmy,
Brianna’s crush
“hey there pumpkin” he said but I just rolled my eyes and
walked away, “it was nice talking to you” I hear him yell..
I met Zic on my way to the table and he was in a black shirt
“oh hey rain I’ve see you’ve Uhm changed” he said eyeing my
“hey quit, that I’ve gotta tell you something” I said
“what is it” he asks
“it’s Freya she cried today begging me to let you go and all that
she regrets breaking up with you–
“she cried? ” Zic breaks me off, he’s voice in a surprised tone
“yeah” I replied
“wow.. She did learn and regret a lot” Zic said and shook his
head negatively
“yeah, so. Ken sun down we’re breaking up” I tell him and he
“but you’ll still sit with me today at lunch” he asked
“it’s lunch already and yeah, no problem just that we won’t be
sitting where Freya is” I said and he rolled his eyes but nods..

—>>>** fast forward ** —>>>

It was sundown, Zic and I were sitting on a log opposite the
small river we both entered earlier..
“ we’re breaking up” my voice cracks and I hated it
“seems like it” he said
“is this what break ups feels like” I asked
“not really maybe when you get a boyfriend someday you’ll
experience it” he remarked and I hit him softly “hey, that Is not
something you say nicely” I said she he laughed,
“what? ” he asked me
“what? ” I asked back
“you were staring at me” he said and my heart skipped, Dang
it, why do I. Keep staring at him without even noticing..
“sorry” I said lowly but he just smiled
“so let’s head back to the dorms” he said and I nod and we both stood up but unfortunately I slipped and mistakenly
pushed him and we both fell on the ground with me on top of
him.. Looks like the universe have a mind of its own..
“Frankieeeee you’re heavier than you look you’re crushing me, get off of me ” he whined and I gulped and said sorry.. Not actually gaining my balance I stood up but accidentally
stepping on his.. penis
“goddammit Frankie” he graoned in anger and pain tossing on the floor
“oh my.. Oh my goodness I’m so sorry” I said not knowing
what to do… “help me up” he ordered stretching his hand
forward I took it and helped him up.. He got on his feet and Gave me a look
“you are one bag girl” he said
“what? That was by mistake” I defended
“you’re lying what were you trying to do, rape me?” he said
and my eyes went open
“whoa.. What the.. Rape you???. You are C..ra..zy” I said
started to walk away but he caught up to me and pulled me
“come-on I was just joking before we go let’s do one last
thing” he said
“what are you taking about, do what” I ask
“kiss me” he said
“no way the deal is off and I’m sorry you can’t just kiss me
because I’m no longer your gir—
He quickly shut my mouth with a kiss and I strangely reciprocated.


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