NEW 9JA STORY : TANURE FOREVER [Chapter 02] || written by Donvick_AVB


Chapter 02

The following day, Tanure came to buy water.

“How are you feeling today?”He asked trying to sound deeply concerned.

“Fine, thanks again for the drugs”

“Well,I don’t feel good, I’ve got a stiff neck”Richard complained but saw that she didn’t get the message.

“A massage from you would make me feel better”He announced.

Tanure nodded,he had helped her the previous day so it was right to help him too.Richard sat on the rock,she gently placed her hands on his neck and massage gently,he felt he would melt any moment from now,he must have a taste of her before leaving this village.


They had become friends…….close friends and were seen everywhere,he always helped her in carrying her bowl home,they played at the stream and other places.Tanure felt happy being with him, while he continued to build castles in the air for her.

He noticed she had started falling for him when she saw him talking to other village girls.He had apologized and professed his love for her.

Tanure didn’t know what to do,he seem different from all the other city boys.

“You shouldn’t be decieved by his sweet talks, he’s just going to use and dump you”Sade,one of her friends had warned.

She wanted to listen to Sade but not when Richard keeps promising her the world.

“Do you really love me, Richard?”Tanure asked as they took a night walk around the village.

“Yes”He replied.

“Why?”She asked and stopped walking staring straight at him.

Richard rubbed the back of his neck trying to come up with something.

“Maybe it’s your sweet little mouth and your simplicity, but I always long to be with you, Tanure, I think of you every single time”

Richard stared at her battling with herself not to let his words get to her head but he knew it already did.

He moved closer to her and held her chin then bent his head,she pulled back.

Richard knew he had to say something more convincing.

“I’ll be leaving for Lagos soon, and I’d like to see your father so that we can go there together”Richard said, smoothly.

Her face brightened up.

“Really?”She asked with a broad smile as her dimples deepened.

Well,he wouldn’t deny the fact that he loved it when she smiles.

“Yes, I don’t think I can live without you”He replied and then she hugged him tightly.Richard wrapped his arms around her back,he was just a step closer to what he wanted.

Tanure was happy… happy.She would go to Lagos and start a new life with him…. away from her mean stepmother…..away from her cold father….. away from everyone who had hurt her,she held onto every word he said and trusted him with all her heart,she just couldn’t wait to leave the village.To her, Richard was an angel and meeting him was the best thing that had ever happened in her life.

They laughed seeing a drunk old man dancing with a tree,he was practically rocking his body into it.Richard stared at her,if there was anything he would miss when they part ways,it was her smile and laughter.


It wasn’t entirely Tanure’s fault to have given her heart entirely to Richard,she just wanted to be free from the maltreatment she got from her stepmother.Her father had refused to sponsor her education further,she was a bright student at the community secondary school,if she was given the chance to go to a university,she would have studied hard and be an important person in the society.

If only her father didn’t see her as a mistake…..a badluck then he wouldn’t have turned a blind eye to Maami Funmi’s maltreatment.

He had told her while growing up that he loved her mother alot but he never wanted her to get pregnant,he didn’t want any children but then the woman didn’t listen and took in.

She didn’t make it out of the labor room and Baba had blamed her for that, claiming that she was badluck……a child who shouldn’t have made it out to see the world.

Things took a drastic turn when Baba came home with maami Funmi,she didn’t hide her hatred for the little girl and beat her up at the slightest opportunity Everyday, even if was water was in the house,Funmi would tell her that she must fetch water,she did nothing, Tanure would sweep,cook, wash the dishes,wash everyone’s clothes and keep the house always clean.

As the years rolled by,Maami Funmi had three children for Baba whom she had told to keep their distance from her.

She had tried to remain positive about life,it wouldn’t take a wicked stepmother and an uncaring father to bring her down.She couldn’t suffer any longer and there was Richard,he would take her away from this hell,that was all she wanted,to be with Richard……. happy and free from her family.


Richard slumped on a chair in his living room,he would be leaving in three days,he was almost twenty-eight and marriage was certainly not on his mind in the next three years.One of his dreams before was to marry a white woman and have half caste children but he quickly cancelled out that dream cause Baba would disown him.His father wanted him to marry a Yoruba woman, just as he did, just as Tayo in Uk did.But now,he wanted to marry an educated elegant woman when he gets his promotion at the company.His father has a strong spirit of tribalism and he wondered if he would ever accept his girlfriend, Christine Ekure who was an Urhobo lady.The worse part was that he had a strong dislike for the Urhobos.He was always say.’They are too cunny’

Richard shrugged, Christine would make him wealthy when he marries her for she was the only child.Not that he didn’t plan on working hard though but it was nice knowing that he could never get broke.

He smiled at the thought of his village lover,Damn!He wanted to see her,he had discovered that she was a virgin recently, though when she had told him,he had laughed it off but thinking of the skittish move she made whenever he was close made him slightly convinced.

He had always entertained the thought of bedding a virgin,so he had to have one when he had the chance.

He visited her that day,she was as usual happy to see him,he sat in a chair in the living room, The house was so quiet.

“Where did your family go to?”

“Maami Funmi and her children went to visit her parents,Baba had gone to repair his transistor radio”Tanure replied.

Perfect timing!

Richard looked around, the house was fairly furnished but couldn’t be compared to his house,there was an ancient television and faded chairs.

He moved closer to her.Richard frowned,she was making that skittish move again but he won’t entertain it today.

He kissed her without an objection,his lips were warm……. and commanding….. and moist.She had never been kissed like this before and he knew because her inexperience rendered her helpless.

With her eyes closed,he pulled her closer to him and deepened his kiss,he let his hand slide to her breasts, feeling one then the other,he placed his hand beneath her wrapper,she jerkily pulled herself away.

“Come on, Tanure I love you, don’t you trust me?”

“I do but……”

“We would be spending our lives together, I won’t leave you for anything”He promised, passionately.

“What if I get pregnant?”

Richard’s jaw clenched,was she that clueless?

“Smart girls don’t get pregnant and if that happens,we’ll be together already, married and happy”Seeing her features softened,he pulled her against him kissing her hard and long,he caressed every inch of her and loosened her wrapper, reaching out to the hem of her shirt,he gathered it up slowly, and stared at her body,she was beautiful and seeing her chest already rising and falling, rapidly made him believe that he was the only man who had seen this. He parted her legs and pulled up her panties,she tried to close her legs but he wouldn’t let her.

“You’re beautiful,baby, don’t hide yourself from me, I’m yours already and you should be mine completely”

He quickly tugged down his trousers and boxer then ever so slowly,he started sliding into her,so carefully that she could see beads of sweat and on his brows.

She was breathing hard,she whimpered when he thrust into her fully,she felt every hard, long inch of him embedded inside her.

“Uhm”She groaned, painfully tears trickling sideways touching the floor,he slowly kiss her tears then her lips.

“I’m sorry, you’re just going to feel the pain now, you’re going to get used to this, okay?”

She nodded weakly.

He rocked his body, driving in and out of her ignoring her cries.

He slaked his lust in a very satisfactory way and exorcise the gnawing need in his body.

After everything, Tanure was in his arms…. spent and claimed from a first painful experience.It was worth it since he had promised her his love.

Richard held her on that position,his stay in this damn village ended on a sweet note afterall,he had deflowered her and someday she would find someone else to fulfill those promises he made to her.

Goodbye Tanure, he thought.


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    TANURE FOREVER was written by a lady called Pamela Osaretin

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    U guys are monsters!

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