NEW 9JA STORY : TANURE FOREVER [Chapter 04] || written by Donvick_AVB


Chapter 04

It occurred to her that this was Richard’s girlfriend,she quietly walked up to him at his study.

“You have a visitor”She announced, calmly.

Richard stood up from his chair and strode towards the living room,he frozed seeing Christine.He stared at her then at Tanure.

“Christine, let’s talk outside”He muttered holding her hand.

“Let go of me,I demand we talk here”She yelled.

Tanure quietly excused them.

“So she’s the reason why you’ve been coming up with different pointless excuses so I wouldn’t come here, Richard, please tell me you have nothing to do with that pregnancy, she’s a relative, right?”Christine asked with tears filled eyes.

“Please, don’t cry, Christine,I can explain”Richard begged.

Christine sat on the couch.

Richard sat beside her and told her that when he had traveled to the village,she was one of the village girls running after him and she seduced him when he was drunk,he wasn’t thinking straight so he slept with her.

His parents forced him to take her in.

He hid the fact that he had paid her bride price.

“You’re my world, Christine.Tanure means nothing to me”He said trying to hold her hand.

“Don’t touch me”She choked out, sobbing.

“I’m so sorry,we could still be happy”

“Happy? you’re expecting a child from another woman, how can I be happy?”She yelled and stormed out of her house.

Knowing Christine very well, going after her won’t change anything.He glared at a closed bedroom door.

He stormed into Tanure’s room slamming the door hard that it startled her.

“Congrats!You have succeeded in ruining my life,if I had known that you were nothing but badluck, I wouldn’t have gotten involved with you”Richard growled.

Hurt ripped through Tanure’s chest.

“I never asked you to get involved with me?”She snapped.

“I thought you were just gullible,I didn’t know you were also very stupid”

“Just please leave me alone, Richard.I’m sick and tired of this insults,I know I deserve all of it but can’t you just allow me live a single day peacefully in this house?You don’t know how it feels to want freedom,you have no idea how much I loved you….all you think about is yourself and what you want, you’re an arrogant and self-centered jerk. I don’t want to be with you so please avoid me like a plague”She yelled.

Richard gulped,why does she keep on talking back at him?

“I’m tired, I’ve had enough,if your mother had just let me stay at your family house in the village,it would be more bearable than this. I don’t want this cursed marriage too, I told you before, I won’t be an obstacle to you and your lover, I will cook,wash and clean the house,you just have to provide for this child, I don’t need anything from you”She said and lay down to sleep.

Richard slowly walked out of her room.Did Tanure really feel nothing for him?He slumped on the couch.Why did she believed so much in him? whenever he was with her then,he always talked smoothly and he sometimes wonder if she hadn’t heard the saying that ‘smoothtalkers were great liars’

Richard sighed,he suddenly wanted to know why she held on to every word he said.He wondered what was going through her mind right now.

Days ran into weeks, Richard felt lost,he knew he was in the time of his life when he had to make a decision that he wouldn’t regret later.

There was no way of getting rid of Tanure from his life, and he still didn’t want to lose Christine.He had to choose between his lover and his wife or both and then eventually be a polygamist.

Christine wasn’t picking up his calls neither did she reply to his messages.He didn’t plan on hurting her like this.

Richard walked into the mall,he stared at the shopping list,he was tired of going grocery shopping every week but he pitied Tanure, her baby bump had gotten bigger,she only managed to cook at times because she always felt tired.

He took a shopping basket,as he stared at the list,he went about the mall looking for the listed items.

Richard walked into his house,he found Tanure sitting on a couch, watching a program on TV.

“I bought everything you listed”He said announcing his presence.

“Thank you”she replied, dryly without staring at him.

He stared at her belly still amused.It looked like a big watermelon.

Sometimes, he’d get frightened when he watched her cooking and moving about.

He wondered if her slender body could support her belly.

He headed towards his bedroom, Baba and Maami had been calling him alot always asking when the baby would be out,they were just too excited to see his baby.

His? Maybe they weren’t the only ones excited.He was, even if he hadn’t planned on having a child this soon but the thought of holding his baby and things he could do with his child especially if it was a male made him feel so enthusiastic.He had already already written some names down.

Just like himself,he wanted both English and Yoruba names for his kid.His uncle who was based in America had named him Richard,he was sure that if it was someone else,Baba wouldn’t let him bare that name, but he had so much respect for his brother.

If it was a boy,he wanted him to be called, Max Olamide Boyowa, if it turns out to be a girl though he was praying strongly against that,she would be called Catherine Temitope Boyowa.He smiled staring at the back of a magazine where he had written the names.

He was still quite baffled that Tanure’s father has never called to check up on her, didn’t he care about his daughter’s health?

Richard sighed,it was just two months remaining and the much awaited baby would be out to the world.

Richard received a call from Christine,she wanted them to meet up and talk things out.

After the day’s work, he met up with her in a restaurant.For a tensed moment,they were both silent,each trying to come up with a perfect deduction to save their relationship.

He held her hands.

“I missed you”He began.

“Me too. I thought I could forget about you Richard, but I can’t, what’s going to happen to us now?”

Richard didn’t know what to say to her,a part of him was saying it was best to let her go, but he could never come to terms with having a village wife.

“Say something, Richard”She pleaded.

“I don’t want to lose you”He murmured.

“Your parents already chosed her,if I had known, I’d followed you to your village, that girl is such a cheap slut”

Richard wanted to make her feel at ease so he spoke without thinking.

“I hate everything she represents,I can’t even imagine myself touching her again, what holds us together is the child in her womb”

Christine smirked.”What if she loses the child?”


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