NEW 9JA STORY : TANURE FOREVER [Chapter 06] || written by Donvick_AVB


Chapter 06

“Please….Please try and save both of them,I can’t choose”Richard muttered.The doctor walked away.

Richard slumped on a chair and brought out his cellphone,he needed to tell his parents about this.He gave Maami a call.

Hours later,Mr Ojaide,Bisi and Mr Boyowa arrived at the hospital after a long trip from Ibadan.On seeing Richard,Mr Ojaide rushed towards him and grabbed him by his collars.

“This is all your fault!You murderer,I hope you’re happy now”He thundered.

“It wasn’t my fault, I swear, I didn’t do anything”Richard replied shakily,he glanced at his father who was staring at him disappointedly.

Just then, the doctor came out,Mr Ojaide released Richard as they rushed to meet the doctor who was sweating profusely and looked so exhausted.

“We tried our best but we couldn’t save the baby”He announced.

Bisi sat on a chair feeling so bittered, the long awaited baby was gone.

Richard legs were transfixed to the floor,he still couldn’t fathom out the doctor’s words.Mr Ojaide stared at him,if not for his newly found faith,he would have smashed Richard’s head against a wall.

Mr Boyowa shook his head sadly.

“How is she?”Bisi asked.

“She still hasn’t regained consciousness but I’m sure she’ll be fine, but mentally… I don’t know,so you need to stand by her more than ever”The doctor replied and walked away.

Richard closed his eyes wishing the ground would open and swallow him.

Tears trickled down Richard’s cheeks, even if nobody had noticed,he was the one who mostly looked forward to the birth of his child but now there would be no child that he could call Max Olamide or Catherine Temitope.

“Why did you come here to hide and weep”Bisi asked behind him, he was at the back of the hospital.

Richard quickly cleaned his face.

“I wasn’t crying…. I just yawned”He replied.

“And you let your yawning turn into uncontrollable tears”Bisi said and sat beside him.

“I really didn’t mean for any of this to happen… I swear..I really wanted the baby”Richard confessed.

“Do you know of anyone who has any motive of harming her?” Bisi asked curiously.

Richard gulped.’It wasn’t Christine’He thought trying to assure himself again.

“No, maybe they were just bunglars and they thought no one was home”

Bisi sighed.”it’s just so sad that I would have to wait again for another Akinjimi or Omotola”She said and turned to look at Richard, just as she had expected,he looked shocked.

“What? Aren’t you married?Look, Kayo,as long as I’m alive you and Tanure are staying together, and when she gets better,you two must give me grandchildren”

Richard just stared at her quietly.Bisi held his hands.

“Tanure is yours now, you have to accept that fact before it becomes too late”

She woke up to a reality that shook her to the bones, she wept and was practically traumatized by the incident, she wouldn’t talk to anyone not even Bisi.Tanure fell into a deep depression becoming the shadow of her own self.

Tanure looked around her ward,she was alone,she slowly sat up,she would be discharged soon and she would have to go back to the village.She didn’t want to go through that hell with Maami Funmi again but she had nowhere to run to.

She placed her hand on her stomach,she felt so empty… just days back,she was expecting a child and now it was gone.

This really had to be the badluck Richard and her father always talked about.She could never be happy.She could never be loved by anyone.

Her heart hurts…..her stomach hurts….. everything hurts.

She turned around and saw a glass cup of water on top of the table.

“No one wants you TANURE. You always ruin people’s lives. See, your baby’s life is already ruined before even seeing the world.You’re going to be in pains forever and this pain is only going to stop if you cease to exist”A voice reverberated inside her head.

With tears falling down her eyes in thick sheet,she brushed the cup away from the table and it fell on the floor scattering into pieces.

She bent down weakly and picked up a piece of glass.She stared at her wrist.She clenched his fists tightly so she could see her veins properly.

“Slit it, end this miserable life,it won’t hurt anymore,no one would be able to hurt you anymore”The voice sounded again.

Tears clouded her vision. It won’t hurt anymore,no one can hurt her anymore.

The door opened, Richard and Bisi walked in.

The bag containing some cereals and other light food that Richard was holding fell from his hand taking in the sight in front of him.

Bisi walked towards her.

“Don’t come close to me”Tanure warned and Bisi stopped dead in her tracks seeing her hand tightened around the glass,it was cutting through the skin on her palm and she could see Tanure’s blood already.

“Drop the glass,Tanure, please”Bisi pleaded.

“Tanure, I know this is hard for you but we can get through this together” Richard promised, frantically.

She scoffed.”Liar. We won’t get through anything together, who would want to have anything to do with me? I always bring bad luck, the baby’s dead because of me”

“The baby didn’t die because of you, Tanure… nothing was your fault,you aren’t bad luck. Please don’t do this to yourself…you still have so many beautiful years ahead of you” Bisi pleaded.

Richard saw her hand loosen slightly from the glass,she was getting distracted.

“I do?”

“Yes, this would all pass and would seem foreign from your memory and you’re going to look back and smile that you didn’t hurt yourself……”

Richard hurried towards her and gently removed the glass from her hand as she weakly struggled with him.

He pulled her into his arms.

“Leave me alone…. don’t touch me…..”She cried as her fist crushed into his chest trying to push him back but he tightened his arms around her and reluctantly she gave up and sank into his body…. crying and trembling.

Bisi heaved a sigh of relief.

Richard just held her in that position as her cries filled his ears, he felt unaccountably bleak, frozen inside.

Was this the same girl he had been with months ago, he recalled the excitement in her eyes when she would look up to him and smile,then he would drool over those dimples.

But since she started living with him, she’d just look at him warily, and spend most of her time alone in her bedroom or his study then watch TV,she had retreated herself to somewhere he couldn’t reach.He no longer saw her smile or laugh hard as she did that day when they saw a drunk old man rocking his body against a tree.And now this had to happen.

He hardly went to church, honestly he couldn’t remember the last time,he stepped into a church but he wanted this prayer to be answered badly.

Christine shouldn’t have anything to do with this. He wouldn’t be able to take it if he was partly the reason why he lost his child and why Tanure almost took her life.

He stared down at her tears stained cheeks and bloodshot eyes.


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