NEW 9JA STORY : TANURE FOREVER [Chapter 07] || written by Donvick_AVB


Chapter 07

It’s been two days since She had been discharged from the hospital, Bisi, Mr Ojaide and Mr Boyowa were preparing to go back to the village.

Bisi walked into her bedroom holding a tray of food to find her lying on the bed with her eyes opened.

“Tanure,eat something”Bisi urged.

Tanure sat up.”Ekaaro Maami” She muttered and started eating.

Bisi smiled and gentlyly stroked her hair.

“You have to get over what happened,you have to move on”Bisi advised.

“Shouldn’t I come with you to the village?” She asked.

“No, this is your home”Bisi snapped.

“The only thing holding us together is gone, Maami, I don’t want to stay here”

“Tanure, I understand your fears but I don’t want any other woman for my son, you’re his and he is yours so let things work themselves out” Bisi said.

Tanure was quiet,she knew Bisi would never see reasons with her and she definitely couldn’t tell her that Richard’s heart belonged to another woman. Bisi held her hands.

“Your father wants to talk to you” She announced.

Tanure swallowed.

Mr Ojaide walked into Tanure’s room,she was too scared to even look at his face. He sat on a stool beside her bed.

“How are you feeling?” He asked, calmly as he placed his hand on her forehead.

She cringed.”Fine”

He felt hurt seeing her like this, what had blinded him all these years to see that he has been making her life a living hell.

“I’m sorry, TANURE. I know that can’t change anything now but I’m truly sorry for everything” He muttered.

Tanure stared at him surprised, was this her father?

“Recently, I started the village church, it has really given me inner peace, I found those lost hope and faith and I realized that nothing was your fault, everything that happens in this life has a reason, I was a coward for not giving you my attention,

I couldn’t control the pain of losing my wife so soon so I hated you for it thinking it would lessen the pain but I’m sure that I’ve been tormenting your mother’s soul, making her restless that she died in vain.I thought you deserved all what Funmi did to you.I’m so sorry,

Tanure, I know I can never make up for lost times, I know I don’t deserve your forgiveness even if I ask for it but I just want you to know that I’ll stand by you from now on, I won’t sit back and watch anyone hurt you again”He said, tearfully.

Tanure just stared at him as painful memories reeled through her mind.

“I wish you had changed towards me sooner, I wish……”

Mr Ojaide held her hands shakily.

“I know and if I could do anything… even if it means taking my life just to see you happy,I would do it”

Tanure stared at him as hot tears rolled down her cheeks,if only he had been kind to her, maybe she wouldn’t have been so desperate to get away from the village.

But nothing could change the past now, maybe if she finally goes back to the village, Maami Funmi wouldn’t dare maltreat her anymore.

“Oh…baba” She cried and hugged him as tears flowed freely down her cheeks.

Father and daughter clung to each other, wishing they could have a second chance to make up for everything.

Bisi,Mr Boyowa and Mr Ojaide soon left for the village, before leaving Mr Ojaide had given Tanure some Christian pamphlet to make her feel at ease.

Things were as cold as ever,they hardly talked,though he badly wanted to talk to her,he wanted to know how things would be between them.

Tanure on the other had arranged her things waiting for the right time to leave his house,she knew he would want nothing to do with her and was probably waiting for the right time to kick her out.

Richard arrived home from work,he met Tanure in the kitchen.He had visited the police station today and they still had no news about who attacked her.

This only meant someone with alot of money did the clean job but he still argued strongly against his subconsciousness that it wasn’t Christine.He was saying that it wasn’t Christine but he was avoiding her like a plague.

“I have been meaning to ask you, did you see the faces of the men who attacked you?”He asked, curiously.

Tanure turned around.

“No,they were wearing masks, maybe my instincts might be wrong but I think they were sent by someone who knows me and wanted the baby dead”She replied without staring at him.

“Why do you think so?”Richard asked.

“One of the men said they weren’t supposed to kill me”

“What if she loses the child?”

Richard quickly pushed that voice aside.

“Richard, I want to leave, I shouldn’t be here anymore”Tanure announced.

He was taken aback by her words, this was what he wanted right? He should agree to this but he couldn’t form those words.

“But…. I….why?”

“Staying here would mean that I’m practically destroying your life, you’ve made it clear to me times without numbers that I’m just an intruder…an obstacle. I really want to be happy and I don’t want to make you and your lover unhappy, it wouldn’t be fair, right?” With that, she headed towards her bedroom.

“What would Maami say? She won’t agree to this” Richard said following her into her bedroom.

Tanure grabbed her luggage. Richard felt confused as hell, he didn’t want to let her go, he had to find the right words to make her stay.

“Tanure, didn’t you hear me?”

She angrily turned to face him.

“We can just tell her that we tried but it didn’t work,we aren’t meant to be together”

“You’re my wife,you’re mine!” Richard thundered.

“Says who? so that I can be your fool again?” She asked and rode her luggage away.

Richard stood there feeling so disturbed. He felt he would be making the biggest mistake of his life letting her go.

Ever since he held her in his arms at the hospital,he hadn’t been able to see her as that naive village girl but as someone he wanted to protect… someone he wanted to change for.

He walked to the door and stopped.Damn!He was confused.Why was he feeling this way?This is the same village girl he didn’t want to be with.

Maybe he had gotten used to her staying in his house.Maybe it was her meals.It had to be just her being Tanure, the girl he had wanted to play around with, the girl who poured water on him, the girl who he had helped to carry her bowl just to end up walking like a drunk.

Until he could fathom out what this was, he wanted her to be in his house, everyone else didn’t matter.

Tanure walked down the street, she had no idea what she would do when she gets back to the village, she didn’t even have enough money to start a trade but then she had hope, she had her father, she would be okay.

She heard footsteps behind her and felt her arm being grabbed,she was pulled around.

Richard looked down into her face.

“Stay with me, Tanure”


He had his hands on her arms now. His voice sounded rough.”I don’t really know what’s wrong with me but we can be good together, you said you loved me, right? how can that change so soon?”

She pulled herself free of Richard who just let his arms dropped.

“It doesn’t matter if I loved you, right now,I feel nothing for you and I know you feel the same too,you have a girlfriend”She reminded.

“We broke up”He blurted out.

“Liar! I won’t ever fall for your lies again”

As she tried to leave,he held her hand again.

“I want to love you” He announced.

She stared at him.”For real”He added.

“He’s lying again”Her subconscious mind warned.

“Just think about it,Maami will never allow us to go our separate ways,so let’s try and make this work, please”He pleaded, seriously.

Tanure scoffed.”I know you have a plan for me,let me tell you,it isn’t going to work this time, since you won’t let me go, I will have to prove to you that nothing good can come out of this cursed marriage,this time,you won’t be able to fool me again”She declared.

Richard gulped taking her luggage from her.He hoped he would be able to put up with this new version of Tanure.

The following week, Richard got promoted to the regional manager in the company he worked for and just to make her smile, he had told her that she was responsible for his progress but she only nodded and congratulated him dryly. Can’t she even try to act as his wife even for a day? He couldn’t believe he was the one craving for her attention.

To make her get over her trauma, he bought a bigger house in the posh part of the state.He knew she was happy about it though she didn’t admit to it

Richard walked into his house, he could hear music coming from the kitchen. He strode towards there and slowly opened the door, he peered inside and saw Tanure dancing to the beat of ‘Tonight’ by Nonso Amadin.

He opened the door widely and leaned against the door post. Great! it was Nonso Amad in today, tomorrow it will be Johnny Drille or Adekunle Gold.

He was starting to regret buying her a cellphone, these men weren’t even giving him breathing space, maybe he should’ve been an artiste instead but to him, he was more goodlooking than any of those artistes.

His eyes followed the gentle sway of her hips,and he could feel his member already getting hard.Her back was to him and he allowed himself imagined all what he could do to that big and well rounded………

As if sensing his presence, she turned around and frozed. Damn! She wasn’t expecting him to be home soon and the last thing she wanted was for him to see her dancing.

Richard cleared his throat.” You’re such a terrible dancer” He teased, purposely adding to her embarrassment.

“How long have you been standing there?” She asked.

Richard shrugged and strode towards the breakfast bar, he sat down on a chair.

“Too long to know that you’ll get disqualified instantly if you apply for a talent show” He teased.

She scoffed. “That’s none of your business”

Richard grinned, he shouldn’t be the only one to get upset all the time.

She quietly served him his meal and sat opposite to him.

He quickly pulled himself together, time to act sweet if he wanted some action tonight.

“You really seem to like Nonso Amadin’s songs, are there other artistes you like?”He asked as if he didn’t know them.

“Well, I like Johnny Drille, Adekunle Gold,Ric….”

“What about me?”He asked, sweetly.

“You’re not an artiste, and you’ll be disqualified instantly if you apply for any talent show”

Richard grinned.” Iyawomi, now you’re using my own words against me”

‘Iyawomi?’ She thought and almost smiled but quickly reminded herself that this was Richard, someone who had a plan for her.

“I’m full, Goodnight” With that,she stood up and walked away.

Richard’s teeth clenched, how do you tell a woman who suddenly has annoying mood swings that you’re so horny?

No! He shouldn’t be scared of her,she was his wife and this was his right, even if he was still figuring out why he felt compelled to share something more than sex with her.

He should start taking her down, at least twice a day, all he had to do was to turn her on.


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