NEW 9JA STORY : TANURE FOREVER [Chapter 09 & 10] || written by Donvick_AVB


Chapter 09 & 10

Due to the unavailability of EPISODE 09, The writer has tendered his apologies and drop a summery of the missing episode. In his exact words

“Sorry oo guys, I couldn’t find the episode 9 and I didn’t want to delay posting. Anyways, here’s a gist of it”.


  • After Christine came to the party, Tanure gave Richard the cold shoulder for the rest of the night even when he explained that he didn’t bring Christine there.
  • Lanre, Richard’s friend, flirted with Tanure, making Richard jealous. Christine also flirted with Richard, making Tanure jealous.
  • When Richard and Tanure came home, he tried to get her to talk but she gave him the cold shoulder. Lane came to their house asking for a place to stay, claiming that his house is undergoing renovation.

Chapter 10

“I’m not lying, Richard, c’mon, what are friends for?”

“Friends don’t…..”

“Lanre?” Tanure called walking in,she had heard his voice.

“Good morning, beautiful”He grinned.

Tanure sighed,what was wrong with Richard and his friend? Beautiful again that same morning?

She stared at his bag.

“Oh,my house is under renovation and Richard won’t let me in, how fair is that?”He asked, pitifully.

“I’m not your landlord”Richard reminded.

“There’s nothing wrong if he stays here, right?”

“He’s not staying here”Richard declared.

“Just for one night”Lanre pressed on.

“No…. I can only agree to this morning so that I can make some things clear to you”

Lanre sighed,what was wrong with Richard?He was spoiling his plan.

“Fine”He agreed.Richard stepped aside,it took all the strength to pull himself together, reminding himself that Lanre was his friend, but he knew he was soon be off his rope if Lanre kept on staring lustfully at Tanure’s body….body that he has been dying to touch.

Tanure excused herself to prepare breakfast and to her dismay, Richard and Lanre followed her into his kitchen,both sitting on the breakfast bar and watching her cook.

She felt so uncomfortable, but had to act cool with it,she stood on her toes trying to take some plates from the upper cabinets.

“Tanure,let me help you with that”Lanre offered standing up.

Like flash, Richard was by her side handing her the plates.

Lanre eyed him, aren’t friends supposed to be helping each other? Richard wasn’t helping him at all.

Richard smirked sitting down again,the only thing that he was focused on was making Tanure love him again,he wasn’t going to be in any competition for his own wife.

Few minutes later, Richard had lost his appetite and was glaring at Lanre who was filling Tanure’s head with lies.They weren’t actually lies though but Tanure was getting too comfortable with Lanre so they were lies to him.

“Oh, that reminds me, I found out something after you left yesterday”Lanre said turning to face Richard.

“What?”Richard asked, nonchalantly.

“Christine’s now working in the company that’s why she was at the party “Lanre announced.

Richard’s jaw dropped,he glanced at Tanure who was just staring at her meal, why was it so hard to know what she was feeling? and why the hell did Lanre decide to bring this up right now?

“Are you sure about that?She got employed and I didn’t know about it?”Richard scoffed.

“I was shocked too but then again, with her father’s affluence, the CEO wouldn’t dare turn her down.”

Richard didn’t want to continue talking about Christine,he knew Tanure was affected by it even if she was acting nonchalant, but how could he stop this parrot from talking.

“Christine can be so funny,she doesn’t need even need the money, maybe she wants to be close to you”

“Christine and I broke up”Richard snapped.

Lanre grimaced slightly.”Really? I thought you wanted to……”

Richard kicked his leg under the table to silence him.

“Enough!”He warned.

Tanure stood up taking her plate with her.Richard stared at her plate,he was slightly relieved that she hadn’t lost her appetite like he did,he knew he had to talk to her,he had to assure her that nothing was going to happen between him and Christine, whether she believes it or not.

“I’ll just wash the dishes now”She said.

Lanre got up too.”Let me help you”He offered.

“No,we are running late for work and you should go upstairs and change into something appropriate, I’m not leaving this house without you”He declared.

Lanre’s jaw dropped,he had always thought Richard was a good friend but right now he wasn’t sure anymore.

Richard walked out of his bedroom,he stared at Tanure’s door,Lanre was probably outside waiting for him,he had to talk to her before he leaves for work.

He slowly opened her door,his body stiffened seeing her in just a bathrobe.

She turned around and saw him,she quickly adjusted her robe and that same time trying to control the urgent beat her heart had taken just registering how rakishly handsome he looked in navy blue suit.

Richard sighed wondering when she would finally see him as her husband.

He walked closer to her.

“I didn’t know Christine got employed in the company”

She frowned.”It’s none of my business”

“Tanure, I know you are affected by it…”

“I’m not” She snapped.

He held her hand tenderly.”Let’s say you’re not, but I won’t do anything to hurt you again, I swear it.”

Tanure met his gaze, the intensity making jolt of awareness zing through her.

She saw his gaze flicker to her lips and her skin grew hot.

He closed the distance between them.

“I really think this sexual frustration doesn’t suit any of us”He said, softly.

“I’m not sexually frustrated”She argued.

“Let’s see how true that is”With that he pulled her close against his chest.

She shuddered as her robe broke free, cushioning the engorged tips of her breasts against him.His mouth settled into a sensual smile that turned her inside out.

He took her lips with his… one touch and his heart fluttered with longing for more.

He ran his hand over her soft curves, moving his mouth over hers until she gave in with a low moan.

Her brain melted in a puddle of heat and sensation,she thought her mind went whirling away on the fingers of the storm wind that engulfed her…..her bones seem to turn to water….. boiling water.

His hand moved along her hip to hold her more intimately against him as his tongue teased her lips apart.Tanure succumbed to the hunger driving her and savored the taste of him as he deepened the kiss.

He stroked her hip and his sex hardened against her stomach.The heat emanating from his body to hers ignited a flame inside her stronger than anything she’d felt before with him.

Her breath was sucked out of her, leaving her panting under the pressure.

“Richard, where the hell are you?We are seriously late”Lanre’s voice sounded through the hallway.

Reluctantly, he released her and loosened his grip.

She slumped slightly.A cool breeze separated them as he reached down, rearranged the fold of her robe, tightened the belt and re-tied it.

“There” He said mischievously.

“Wasn’t that nice?”

She wanted to act unaffected,she wanted to argue but she knew it would be the most obvious lie in the world.

“You….you should get going”She stuttered, turning around but he held her hand and was effectively twirled back into his body.

He encirled his hands around her, burrying his face into her neck as her scent intoxicated him.

Her body tingled.”Ri…. Richard…”

“Shhhh,let me hold you for a while, please”He requested.

She leaned into him completely,her breath steading.They were so close that she couldn’t tell which was her heartbeat and which was his.

And she realized that being intimate with him again was just a matter of time.

“Rich, what’s the deal with today?why did you have to spoil my show nah?”Lanre asked as Richard drove to work.

Richard eyed him.”which stupid show?Are you a musician?”

Lanre chuckled.”you know what I’m talking about nah.I know I certainly didn’t fool you with the lie that my house was under renovation, but coming to your house was the only way I could get close to Tanure, she said she is only staying there for the meantime,so I have to act fast”

Richard’s heart seized the moment he heard those words.”She…she really said that?”


His hand clenched over the steering wheel, why does she still want to be away from him?For the meantime?She was probably still waiting for one mistake…. just one little mistake then she would leave.

Well,she would have to realize that he wouldn’t make that mistake.

Now,he had to make Lanre lose interest in her for good.

“Why are you interested in Tanure?”

“I know your fears Richard,you don’t want me to hurt your relative”

Richard frozed.Relative? Didn’t he tell this lunatic that she was his wife.He quickly replayed that scene in his head and realized that he didn’t.

“But I plan on taking her seriously, she’s just too……”

Anger radiated through Richard and he didn’t want to hear the next word that would fall out from Lanre’s mouth.

“She’s my wife”He announced.

Lanre laughed.” Hey,why are so against me and Tanure, I assure you, I won’t break her heart, I might even become a part of the Boyowa family.”

“Are you just insensitive or stupid? Tanure is my wife and you talking about her like this is making me lose my mind!”Richard yelled startling Lanre.

Lanre stared at Richard, shocked beyond words.Was Tanure really his wife? but… Richard isn’t the marrying kind of guy.

“But….you…how come?”He stammered.

Richard sighed and started telling him everything from the start but leaving out the part that Christine was responsible for the death of his child.

Lanre heaved a sigh of comprehension.

“You still don’t know who attacked her?”

Richard gulped.”No”

“This world is getting so scarier by the day”Lanre muttered and try to register the fact into his brain that Tanure was really Richard’s wife.

“No wonder you came up with different excuses so I wouldn’t come to your house, I thought you were acting strange but the least of the things that could ever seep into my mind was that you were married.Why didn’t you want her before?”Lanre asked, curiously.

“It was my ego. I thought she wasn’t good enough for me,you know,she didn’t complete her education, and I thought she was naive but getting to spend time with her made me realize that I made a big mistake breaking her heart, she wasn’t naive,she just wanted to be with me more than anything,before,she saw me as the best person in her life but now,she wants a good reason to leave me”He muttered, sadly.

Lanre stared at Richard in disbelief,he knew for a fact that Richard didn’t truly love Christine, because while dating her,he still had alot of flings and didn’t care how she might feel about it.

But now,he couldn’t remember when last he saw Richard in a club and now he was sad over a woman who didn’t want him anymore.

“Well, there might be something she wants, if she doesn’t want to complete her studies, she might have other things she really wants” Lanre suggested.

Richard’s eyebrows creased together.That could help,he just had to find out what she wanted.

“I’m sorry for not telling you all these sooner”

“To say I’m shocked and disappointed that I’ve lost my chances with her is an understatement, but I can still be friends with her, right?”

Richard shot him a warning look.”Well, when I’m around, you’re permitted to talk to her but if…..”

“Farabale” Lanre cut in laughing.

Richard eyed him.

Lanre stared at Richard really amazed by how bad his jealousy was,it suddenly made him want to find a woman who he could make him feel this way.

“Well, even if I really wanted to get to know more about Tanure, but the last thing I would do is to try and take her from you, especially seeing how much you adore her”

Richard sighed extremely relieved.

“But I’m still very angry at you, imagine, I did not even taste the marriage rice”

Richard laughed. “Ode” He muttered, playfully.

Richard headed towards the conference room, her face popped into his head.

He smiled recalling how she’d stood in front of him, just before he’d kissed her,her chest rising and falling.He had never wanted any woman so desperately. He’d been unable to stop himself from hauling her into his arms. And to feel the way she’d put up her resistant and then melted into him so deliciously…….kissed him so passionately….it had sent some welcome sanity into his hot and tangled brain.

He stopped walking staring at who was walking up to him in the opposite direction, she shot him a sly smile which suddenly made him wonder if anyone could ever put up with her as a wife.

“Good morning, Richard” Christine greeted, sweetly.

“Work on your courtesy, it’s Mr Boyowa” He corrected, coldly but she was still giving him that annoying smile.

He walked into the conference room, he knew she had chosen to work here just to torment him.

How could he possibly put up with seeing her everyday?He loved working here because this branch was the biggest in the country but right now,he wished he could be transferred to a small branch.

Whilst everyone got seated, the CEO walked in gracefully, he sat down and commenced the meeting.

“We have to secure that deal with JK finance before the end of this month, Mr Boyowa, you’re in charge,so you have to travel to London the day after the tomorrow.”

Richard nodded.”Am I going alone or are there other people going with me?”

“Yes, you need to work as a team with Mr Adams, Mrs Williams and Miss Ekure to secure this deal.”

Richard’s jaw clenched and a muscle throbbed.Christine?

What the fuck!


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