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Chapter 11

“But miss Ekure just started working here, shouldn’t you send someone who’s more……”

“What’s that supposed to mean Mr Boyowa, are you trying to say I’m inexperienced?”Christine shot at him, fiercely.

Richard’s teeth clenched,he really didn’t like degrading people but Tanure won’t feel good about this, hopefully nothing would happen between Christine and him but Tanure doesn’t trust him and being far away with Christine would worsen things for him.

“I apologies, Miss Ekure”He choked out.

“Miss Ekure has worked in a multinational company in UK and they are full of praises for her, having her here as one of us is an honour so she shouldn’t be disrespected” The CEO warned.

Richard grimaced.When did Christine work in a company in UK?He was sure that she was shagging this CEO.Honour indeed.

“I’ll make preparation for the trip right away” He said then an idea strucked him.This would cost him alot but it was worth it.

As the employees started walking out of the conference room,he strode towards the CEO.

“May I have a word with you sir… alone”He requested.


Richard shut his car door and walked towards his house.He couldn’t believe the conditions the CEO had given him just because he wanted his wife to come with him.First,it had been so hard convincing him that he was married,it had made him come to a conclusion that when Tanure finally trusts him again,he would want them to have a white wedding.

Damn! Tanure had taken over his heart completely.

After many excuses, the CEO agreed, but he had to pay a huge fine and assured him that he would not be distracted.

Well,he would have to balance work and making time for Tanure there,he was so excited that she would be coming along with him, and he hoped she’ll be too.

He walked into his house and found her in the sitting room,his eyes raked her body taking in how tempting she looked in a shirt and flared skirt.He could tell that she wasn’t wearing a bra because he could see the hard points of her nipples.How much longer could he wait to have her?

She glanced at him and said dryly.


Richard grinned sitting beside her.

“Did you miss me?”

“No”She snapped.

He sighed.”Do you have a dream, Tanure, like something you want to do?”He asked, curiously.

“Well, I wanted to be a doctor…”

“And you would been a drop dead gorgeous doctor”He said and watch her trying hard not to smile.

“But then, since Baba didn’t want to sponsor my education, something else caught my fancy, you know Maami Sade’s restaurant, right?”

“Yeah, I heard her food is great but I didn’t get to visit her restaurant while I was at the village.”

“People are always complimenting her meals and when Sade tasted my meal, she said it was just like her mother’s, so I had thought that if I had the chance to leave my father’s house, I would want to set up a restaurant someday”

Richard smiled.”It really refreshing to have a wife who thinks big, I could help you with that, Tanure, I could set up that restaurant right here in Lagos,you could study a part time business course if you want to”He offered and as soon as he said those last words about her going to school,he wished he could take it back,he realized that she get too social and have many friends then he might be in a competition for her heart again.

He studied the expression on her face,she looked so confused.

“Why would you do all that for me?”She asked.

“Well, someone once said that when you find the right woman,you can never thank her enough for being yours, I know I have alot to make up for, but please Tanure,let me do this for you”He pleaded.

She stared at him as a myriad of emotions threatened to overtake her.Richard was going to make her dream a reality…. Richard just said she was his right woman, should she hold on to him again? could she ride this road with him again?Was there pain waiting at the end?

Right now, she felt both scared and happy.

Richard didn’t like seeing her like this,she seem to be at war with herself.

He slowly held her hand trying to ignore the way he body jerked at his touch.

“I….I don’t know what else to do to prove to you that I won’t hurt you again, but I really want to do this for you but if you don’t want me to….”

Unable to bear the sadness in his voice,she cut in softly.”I’m grateful that you want to do this for me but wouldn’t it cost you alot of money?”

He smiled and held her jaw, framing her face as though she was as precious as his life.

“I believe it’ll be worth it, to make you less bothered with the money I’ll be spending, just think of it as me investing my money in you, like business partners so you have to make sure it’ll be successful”

Tanure grinned excitedly and his heart leapt.

“Thank you so much, Richard”She muttered, gratefully.

Richard nodded, feeling proud that he was making her happy.”So what do we call it…Tanrich or Richtan”He joked.

She laughed.”We’d would need a better name for it”

‘We’Richard thought.

“I’ll start looking for a promising place when we get back from London”

Shockwaves rolled over her.”London?”

“Yes. I was assigned to go there with some colleagues for four days, but I didn’t want you to be alone in this house,so I paid a fine so I could take you with me”He explained.

Tanure swallowed the thick lump in her throat.Richard keeps up swirling her brain with surprises.


“Iyawomi, just say yes, I know you really want to go too, don’t worry I’ll make time for you while there to give you a tour,it’d be so fun,huh”He urged.

“I heard it’s such a beautiful place, have you been there before?”

“Yes, I’ve been to Spain and Paris too,they were mostly business trips though, Would you want us to visit Tayo someday?”

Joy that she tried so hard to tame filled her soul,he was already seeing his future with her.Should she allow herself picture a life with him too?

She slowly nodded and he pulled her closer to his chest.

“I’ll make sure it’ll be an unforgettable experience for you”He assured and they both heard his stomach growled.

Tanure chuckled against his chest.

“I’ve already prepared dinner,oko mi”

“Oko mi?”He asked, stunned and she quickly stood up.

“I should go and set up the table”She rambled out and hurried away.

Richard chuckled staring at her backside,he was making progress and right now,he felt so happy.

Richard and Tanure got down from his car,he brought out their luggage and refused to let her carry hers.

She reluctantly agreed and carried just her hand bag then they walked into the terminal.

Richard stared at her clad in jeans and a floral top,her hair neatly packed in a bun, her feet encased in white sneakers,he had gotten her new clothes yesterday and after a round of pleading,she accepted them.

“O lewa”He told her, appreciatively.

Tanure smiled,he had been telling her that since they left the house and it made her heart flutter each time she heard that.

Once inside,She saw two women and a man waving at Richard, narrowing her eyes,she recognized one of the women to be Christine.

Richard stared down at her, the excitement on her eyes had suddenly disappeared, fuck!He should have told her yesterday that Christine was coming along too but he wouldn’t let Christine or anyone spoil this trip for her.

He quickly dropped the luggage and turned her around to face him.

“Christine works in the company too, remember.My relationship with her now is strictly professional, please believe me, Tanure”He begged.

He saw the evidence of doubts in her features but she nodded.

He sighed and they walked up to Christine and the others.

“Good morning,Mr Boyowa”They greeted.

“Good morning”He replied.

“This is my wife, Tanure, I already spoke to the CEO about her coming with us”

Christine’s heart clenched painfully, Richard was getting too unpredictable,who the hell brings his wife along with him on a business trip?She was sure this had cost him alot.What has Tanure done to him?

“I didn’t know you were married,sir”Mrs Williams said.

“Sorry about that, but I just did the traditional wedding not long ago but you’ll all be invited to the white wedding soon”Richard announced.

Tanure’s jaw dropped as she stared at him in disbelief,he had not only introduced her as his wife but he was talking about a white wedding.Was this really Richard?

“I would have to hand it to you, your wife is beautiful”Mr Adams commented.

“I know”Richard agreed, can

‘And get your dirty eyes off her’ He thought.

“Nice meeting you, Mrs Boyowa” Christine said, sarcastically.

Tanure smiled dryly taking in the hateful look Christine was giving her.It suddenly occurred to her that Christine was the only one who might want to hurt her. Was she perhaps……..No!

She quickly shook that thought out of her head, Richard would’ve told her, Richard wouldn’t be standing here like this with her. It definitely can’t be Christine.

But Christine being among Richard’s colleagues bothered her alot.

Richard fastened Tanure’s seatbelt and did his own too.He stared at her face,she seem so nervous.

“Are you okay?”He asked, concerned.

She nodded.

The plane began to move slowly down the runway and she closed her eyes tightly.

Richard moved closer to her and held her hands.

When the plane lifts up the ground,she hugged him tightly.Richard grinned slowly stroking her hair.

By the time, the plane is in the air properly,he slowly pulled her away from him and stared at her face.

“See, it wasn’t so bad”

“I was not scared”She snapped.

Richard rolled his eyes.”Fine,you just felt like hugging me”He said sarcastically and she smacked his arm.

He laughed and slowly raise the window cover beside her.

He watched her eyes widened with wonder as she stared out at the rapidly shrinking landscape.

“It’s so…. amazing, everything looks so small!”She exclaimed.

Richard stared at her glowing with excitement,it contagious as hell, his lips curled into a broad smile.

‘Iyawo mi’


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