NEW 9JA STORY : TANURE FOREVER [Chapter 12] || written by Donvick_AVB


Chapter 12

Richard glanced at Tanure and smiled,she was sleeping so peacefully resting her head on the close window of his rental car.

He glanced at his side mirror,his colleagues were trailing behind him.They were heading towards a hotel.

Tanure woke to a gentle shake and her name being called with a soft voice.

“Tanure, wake up, we’re here”

She sat up to see Richard moved back.She stared outside the window and realized that they were at the front of a hotel.

“Oh,I really wanted to look around while you drove, did I sleep the whole way?”

Richard nodded.His eyes intense on hers.

“Pretty much.As soon as we got into the car,you were gone.You seem so tired and I am too.Tomorrow,we would begin your tour”He promised.

Tanure smiled and they both got out of the car.Her smile faded as she saw Christine who was staring at her sardonically.

“Are you hungry?”Richard asked walking out of the bathroom,he was clad in just a pair of joggers.

“No”She replied lying down on the bed.

Richard stared at her for a while wondering why she had suddenly become distant towards him since they got down from the car and booked a room.

“Did I do something wrong, Tanure?”He asked sitting on the bed.

“No”She replied without staring at him.

She grabbed a pillow and placed it at the center of the bed.

“You have to sleep at that side of the bed,this is my side.Do not cross over”She warned closing her eyes.

Richard scoffed, when will they finally get passed this stage?

He tossed the pillow aside and lay down beside her.He moved closer to her and wrapped his arms around her waist.

“Richard, I…..”

She was cut off when Richard turned her around in his arms so that he could look at her face.

“I won’t lie to you but this constant rejection is killing me.But I wouldn’t want you like this, I’d wait till you’re ready to fully accept me but please make it sooner, I desperately need to make love to you again”He said placing his hand on her cheek.

“Christine…. why don’t you want to be with her anymore? She’s sophisticated and rich but I’m……”

Richard bent his head and his mouth crashed down on hers.

His lips moved hotly against hers, and explosions erupted inside her head,waves of heat flowing between her legs.

His tongue swept against her lower lip, asking for entrance and she opened up for him, drowning into the kiss and ravishing him completely.

She craved for him with every part of body….every fiber of her tissues.

His mouth gentled and he pulled back.

Tanure’s lips thinned and she tried to avoid Richard’s eyes,she had placed a pillow to demarcate the bed and few seconds after that she was kissing him hungrily.She didn’t know what to think of herself anymore.

Richard placed his forehead on hers.

“Christine didn’t make me feel this way after a kiss.Christine didn’t make do things I thought I’ll never do and Christine didn’t stir up anything inside me each time I’m close to her.”He said,his eyes penetrating into hers making butterflies to erupt in her belly.

“I’m Richard Boyowa, I’m not that city boy anymore, I’m Tanure’s husband and I want to be with just you”

He held her hand caressing it softly.

“I know saying all this to you right now is alot to take in but I just want to know if you want to be with me, Tanure?do you like being around me?”He asked.

Her defences crumbled and she nodded.

Richard smiled, right now, that was enough for him,he kissed her forehead.

“Good night,Iyawo mi”He whispered.

She grinned resting her head on his chest.

Tanure slowly arranged the bed, Richard walked into the room with a towel wrapped around his waist.

She tried not to stare at him but it was a tough challenge.

“Put on some damn clothes”She murmured.

Richard quirked an incredulous brow.

“What? I’m not naked,am I?”He asked watching her eyes run through his chest and between his legs.

“Like what you see?”He asked, smiling sheepishly.

“No”She snapped looking away.

“Let’s see how true that is”He said holding the rim of his towel.

She quickly covered her eyes with her palms.

“Don’t take it off”She pleaded and heard his footsteps drawing nearer.

“I’ve taken it off already and you should open your eyes and see how hard I am for you”He teased.

“I don’t want to see anything”She said pressing her thighs together.

“Squeezing your legs together won’t make the ache disappear”He pressed on.

“Richard”She groaned.

He chuckled and after a few seconds, she opened one of her eyes and realized that he still had the towel wrapped around his waist.

She quickly removed her palms from her face.

“You didn’t take off the towel, did you?”She asked, angrily.

“No.It was fun watching you act as if you have not seen me already”He laughed.

“Not funny”She snapped and pushed him backwards.

“You know,I think you want me desperately too, anytime I’m close to you, even if making love to you isn’t on my mind at that moment,you’d start displaying your skittish moves”

“I have done nothing of such”She argued.

“Let’s take this morning for example, I have to meet up with my colleagues at nine,we haven’t even eaten breakfast and it’s almost eight, and when I get back, I have to start taking you out to fun places and you were like Richard… don’t take off the towel…. don’t take it off cause I’m already soaking wet”He teased mimicking her voice.

She gasped and lunge toward him,he quickly took off.Both running around the bedroom.

“I never said anything like that”She yelled.

“Tanure,we don’t have time for this now”He said jumping through a couch.

“If you don’t stop chasing me, this towel might fall off”He warned and abruptly,she stopped.

She grabbed her things and walked into the bathroom.

Richard laughed shaking his head,then he started stomping his foot on the floor.

“Iyawo mi, I’m coming in o”

“RICHARD”She screamed, making him laugh the more.

Minutes later, they were seated in the restaurant on the last floor of the hotel.

Tanure looked around,it was thrilling being here,being here with Richard.

A waiter sauntered in.

“We’ll have rolled eggs and spaghetti.For dessert,creme brulee and petit- four”Richard instructed.

The waiter nodded and walked away.

Richard stared at Tanure who in turn was staring at restaurant in admiration.What was so different about her? Just why did she have this control over him?Was it her smile?Was it her beautiful body?He had met alot of women in his life,tall and short.fat, skinny and slim.Fair and dark.But he had never felt this strong bond before.

Soon, breakfast was served and he looked around the restaurant, staring at the women, trying to take in at least one of them without seeing Tanure’s face but it was impossible.

He turned to face her and stared at her as she ate, never keeping to one place in her body, first it was the way she swallowed that fascinated him then the corner of her lips….. her eyes.

Before he even realized it, Tanure had finished her meal and was halfway into his.

“Tanure!”He exclaimed.

She laughed.”I thought you weren’t hungry”

Richard glared at her and started eating what was left of his breakfast.ThankGod ,he ordered for dessert.

“I’m not eating that”Tanure declared staring at the creme brulee and petit- four.

“Why?”Richard asked and started eating.

“It looks too sugary and you shouldn’t eat it either”She warned.

“I plan on eating this all through our day here, it’s too sweet”

Tanure rolled her eyes and watched as Richard glanced at some women.

“I just realized that there’s just one woman who’s the most beautiful woman I’ve ever seen”He announced.

What curiously felt like jealousy ripped through her chest.

“Not that I care though, but do you really have to tell me this?”She asked, angrily.

Richard grinned.”You want to see her, don’t you?”


“C’mon, to your left, but don’t look too fast,I bet she’s pretty tired of my stares”He pressed on.

Tanure huffed,a window was to her left,so from inside the restaurant,he was drooling over a lady outside.And she really thought he had changed.

Curiosity got the better place of her and she slowly turned her head to the window.

She frowned, there were no lady in particular standing outside, just passerbys.

But when she looked closely,she could see her reflection on the glass window.

“She’s Tanure, the most beautiful lady I’ve ever seen”He announced.

She slowly turned to face him, unable to stop smiling.She felt a warm fluttering inside her chest.

Richard leaned forward and pressed a finger to one of her dimples.

“I could give anything to keep seeing this forever”He said, affectionately.And her smile only widened…..her heart melting.

A few hours later found them heading towards the Sea Life London Aquarium.

Tanure stared out the window the entire drive, taking in every single home, building,store and person on the street.

Richard sighed recalling how Christine had suggested that they should have an employee hang out.

They had been pleading with him to hang out with them and for a while he just imagined the disappointed look in Tanure’s eyes because he had promised to take her out today.

They had come to an agreement to postpone the hangout to tomorrow.He was still bothered leaving Tanure all alone tomorrow but he wouldn’t want words to get to the CEO that he didn’t even hangout with his colleagues.

They passed through the London eye and Tanure’s voice washed away every other thoughts from his head as she talked about how fascinating everything was.

Richard held Tanure’s hand as they walked into county hall,he bought two tickets and the next place she found herself made her rethink about all the places she thought was fascinating.

This was beautiful.

It was a big vivarium with different aquatic plants and animals.

Richard stood beside her.

“It’s one of the biggest aquatic collection in Europe.It has over 500 species of fish, and contains over 2 million litres of water”He explained.

She looked upwards the vivarium and smiled seeing different beautiful sea creatures.

“It’s so enthralling”She muttered.

‘Being with you is more enthralling”Richard thought.

She quickly gave Richard her cellphone.And gave her best pose.

He laughed.”Let me teach you some styles,look at me”He said placing his hands on his waist.

“What do you know about girls stuff?”She snapped.

“Sorry ma”With that,he started taking her some pictures,they walked around the aquarium and he each time,he stopped to take her some pictures.

He had lost count of pictures they took and he was highly relieved when she took her phone from him.

He brought out his cellphone and pulled her closer to him then took some selfies.

Some women passed by and waved at him,he waved back only to receive a painful smack on his hand.

“Tanure, it’s just ordinary wave nah”He exclaimed rubbing his hand.

She eyed him.”Wave that you’re supposed to ignore”

Richard scoffed….and he actually thought his jealousy was bad.

“That shark looks like you”She teased.

‘Troublemaker’He thought.

“Hmmm, that dolphin reminds me of someone”He slammed back.

Tanure glared at him.

He laughed.”What? I didn’t say it looked like Tanure,did I?”



Tanure sighed.”Let me be the bigger person and end this”She said proudly and added “Catfish”

Richard chuckled,bigger person indeed.



Her words were stopped when Richard closed the distance between them and captured her lips.

A delicious shiver ran down her spine like a bolt of electricity.Her mouth clung to his with equal pressure.

His tongue delved deep to dwell with hers, teasing and tasting.Their body locked in a passionate embrace….. lips moving hurriedly against each other’s.

The kiss lasted longer than he meant it to be as both seem unwilling to break it off.

Richard and Tanure walked out of the aquarium hand in hand… fingers entwined.

“Damn it! I didn’t realize that it was getting so late”Richard exclaimed.”I really wanted to take you to other places too”

“We could go there tomorrow”She suggested.

“I don’t think I’ll be chanced tomorrow”


The sadness in her voice tore at him.He turned to face her, tilting up her chin so she could look at him.

“We could go the day after tomorrow, I don’t think I’ll be meeting up with any investor that day, please understand”

Tanure sighed,this wasn’t a vacation and he was clearly trying to make time for her, so she really have to be understanding.

“It’s fine.Thank you for bringing me here, Richard.”She muttered gratefully.

He grinned and kissed her forehead.

“Now, Iyawo mi, smile for me”He urged and instantly her lips curved into an enchanting smile.

Her smile was the light that brightens his day.

Richard walked out of an elevator,he was exhausted and the next thing he wanted to do was to sleep,he walked up to his hotel room and held the doorknob, the door was locked,he frowned and brought out his key,he opened the door and walked in.

“Tanure”He called but she wasn’t in the room.

She had talked about taking a walk while he was away with his colleagues.He thought about going to look for her but then again,she was smart and won’t miss her way.

He pulled off his suit jacket and tugged off his tie, after meeting with the representatives from JK finance, Christine had insisted on that obnoxious hangout again and he had to go with them.

He had spent most of the time staring at Tanure’s picture on his phone and he couldn’t wait to hold her again,he was super bored and anytime he glanced up and met Christine’s eyes,the flirtatious look he always received was creepy.

He slumped on his bed clad in only his trousers,he would just rest for thirty minutes and if Tanure’s isn’t back by then, he’d go out to look for her.

He didn’t know when he slept off but was awoken by a pair of hands touching his crotch.

Tanure?it couldn’t be.He opened his eyes and who he saw made him jump out of the bed.

“Christine, now you break into people’s rooms?”He asked, shocked.

Christine stood up from the bed.

“I didn’t break in, the door wasn’t locked”

Richard tensed, Tanure might be here any moment from now.

“Get out now!”He ordered.

“C’mon Richard, I’ve seen the way you look at me, you still love me but you’re just angry over what I did to your child.”

“I don’t….”

“I’m sorry, everything I did was for you, I deserve a second chance”

“Christine… please just…..”

She cut in again softly.”I know you miss me, that’s why I’m here, I want you to fuck me like before”She said, seductively.

Richard swallowed,his eyes widened seeing her hands move to take off her robe.

“Don’t take that off”He warned but she pulled it off and it fell to the floor.

His body stiffened,she was only wearing her panties,her nipples were hard aching for his touch…..for his mouth.

“Why should you fight what your body wants, baby”She asked staring at the bulge between his legs.

Richard shut his eyes,his member was making things hard for him,he knew he was only reacting this way towards Christine because he had been awhile since he last had sex.And Tanure wouldn’t let him in.But here was Christine throwing herself at him.

He walked towards her.


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