NEW 9JA STORY : TANURE FOREVER [Chapter 13] || written by Donvick_AVB


Chapter 13

‘I won’t hurt you again, I swear it’

His own promise reeled through his head.The recent times he had seen her smile flashed through his mind and he imagined how she would feel if she sees him sleeping with another woman or maybe found out that he did it.Just thinking about the pain he would cost her made his chest ached.

Christine closed her eyes ready for his warmth to engulf her.But instead she felt her robe covering her body.

She opened her eyes staring at Richard in disbelief.

“I can’t do this, Christine,this is just a physical reaction. I hope it proves to you that I don’t love you” He said, calmly.

Christine’s heart shattered as tears streaked down her cheeks.She slammed her fists into his chest pushing him backwards.

“I spilled my pride to the floor and came here offering you my body, and you can’t even use me.What has she done to you? She can’t give you anything Richard. I’d give you everything I have, please Richard, love me again”She begged, tearfully.

“I.. I’m sorry….”

“Sorry?”She angrily wore her robe properly and tied it.”You shouldn’t have messed with someone like me. If I can’t have you then she can’t either.I’ll make sure you regret hurting me for the rest of your life”She threatened and stormed out.

Richard slumped on the bed in a sitting position, Christine was bluffing, she couldn’t do anything to him and he couldn’t believe he was able to resist a temptation as tough as that. He buried his face into his palms.He loved Tanure. He loved her so much.

The door opened and his heart plummeted seeing Tanure walking in, he was damn sure that she had seen Christine leaving the room because she was glaring at him.

He quickly stood up. “Christine was here,she wanted to…you know… but I made it clear to her that I can’t cheat on you” He explained, frantically, knowing fully well that she wouldn’t believe him as usual.

She sat on the bed.

“And you want me to believe that nothing happened?”

He bent before her taking her hands in his.

“Nothing happened,TANURE. Please believe me”

She looked away and pulled her hands away from his.

She lay down to sleep closing her eyes.

Richard slowly sat on the bed.

“Goodnight, Tanure” He muttered and pulled up the duvet to cover her body.

Richard sighed looking away from her. Her lack of trust in him was hurting him alot and the painful fact that he made her this way made him despise himself.

Tanure woke up and couldn’t help but feel disappointed that she wasn’t in Richard’s arms.

She sat up and found him sitting on a couch, with his laptop on his laps,his head snapped up to look at her and he smiled.

“Good morning” He greeted, cheerfully.

“Good morning”She replied.

His gaze flicked involuntarily to her cleavage,he quickly shook his head.The last thing he wanted was to get rejected at this early hours of the morning.

“Will you go out with me, today?” He asked, he knew she really wanted to but was still mad at him.

Tanure sighed.So far, this trip had been going smoothly and Richard had been showing her a different side of him, a sweet side, maybe he was telling the truth so she shouldn’t allow Christine ruin this trip for her.

“When you finally make up your mind,you can find me at the rooftop” With that,he walked away knowing fully well that she was coming up too.

Tanure walked out of an elevator as she sauntered into the rooftop. She gasped taking in the magnificent view.

A wide swimming pool was at the edge of the rooftop, looking around,she admired the shady flowering plants.Brightly coloured umbrellas were mounted in all the open areas and there were deck chairs underneath each of them for relaxation.

Tanure smiled seeing Richard swimming around the pool,she knew he purposely asked her to come here and she was glad she did.

She walked closer to the pool.

“Richard” She called.

He turned around, damn, she was looking so sexy in floral shorts and t-shirts. She was wearing a pair of flip flops.

He stood on the pool, it wasn’t that deep, the water was reaching his chest.Slowly he moved closer to her and she could see his wet blue pair of boxer which has now clung tightly to his waist.

Her belly tightened and she could feel the heat pooling between her thighs, his muscle torso gleamed and she could see the shape of his……

“Hello, TANURE, stop staring at me like that, as much as I want you to, but a hard-on right now would be so uncomfortable” He said snapping her out of her thoughts.

“I wasn’t staring at you” she argued.

Richard laughed. She would always deny everything.

“Help me out” He said stretching his hand.

Tanure held his hand.Suddenly, he pulled her into the pool. Instantly,she clung to him tightly.

“Are you nuts? I can’t swim” She panicked.

Richard wrapped his arms under her buttocks feeling them softly.

“You can stand on it” He whispered.

She slowly released one leg from his waist, her leg didn’t touch anything solid so she clung to him again this time, more tightly.

Richard smiled, their chest melded together and the feeling was so sweet.

“It’s so deep” she complained.

Richard laughed,he recalled the countless times that they had played in the stream at the village, she always refused to stand in any area where she couldn’t see the ground underneath no matter how many times he coaxed her too and when he teased her for being too scared to swim, she had argued strongly that she wasn’t scared but being inside water terrifies her. She had placed him in a state of confusion. Doesn’t both words mean the same thing?

He slowly placed her to sit on the edge of the pool.

She smiled feeling the cool water surrounding her legs.

“Jerk” She muttered splashing water on him with her foot.

Richard chortled and splashed water on her face.” Jerk that you care so much about”

“Says who?”She snapped.

Richard cocked an eyebrow, he wanted to see how much she cared about him.

Tanure watched in amazement as he swam around, performing the difference swimming strokes, the breast stroke, backstroke, butterfly and crawl. He was really a good swimmer.

She tore her eyes away from him and looked around the rooftop again, few people were around them, some getting ready for a swim.

Her eyes darted back to the swimming pool but Richard was nowhere in sight.She sighed,he was very good at swimming so nothing could possibly happen, right?

But when few minutes passed and she still didn’t see him. She jumped into the water, trying to get rid of her phobia, the water was reaching her neck.

“Richard” She called, frantically.

What if something had happened to him? What if he had drowned?She couldn’t swim….She had to call for help and….

Something caught her leg and she screamed looking down.

“It’s just me” He laughed facing her looking perfectly okay. Boy! it was so damn hard to hold his breath under water.

She pushed him on the chest angrily.

“I thought something happened to you!” She yelled tears filling her eyes.

His laughter faded realizing how pissed she was.

Wordlessly, she climbed out of the pool and sat on the edge again.

Richard swam out too and sat beside her.

“I’m sorry, I didn’t realize doing that would make you cry” He pleaded touched by how much she cared about him even if she wouldn’t admit to it.

He cupped her face tenderly wiping her tears away with his thumb.

“I’m sorry”

She sniffed.” You scared me, Richard” She muttered.

“I won’t do that again”He promised and smiled.

“Don’t smile, I’m still mad at you”She warned.

“Ololufe” He said nudging her playfully but she bit her lower lip trying hard not to smile.


And then she smiled turning her face away from him unable to control her heartbeat.

“Orente” He said, affectionately.

She knew if she keeps on sitting here and allowing him fill her head with pet names, she would just lose her mind.

She quickly stood up.

“Let’s get going already” With that, she hurried off smiling broadly.

Richard quickly grabbed his clothes and wrapped his waist with a towel.

“Iyawo mi” He called running after her.

Richard took her to many places like the Victoria and Albert museum, Buckingham palace, and London tube.

All the while feeling so satisfied and proud that as she babbled on about everything she saw.

Now,they were currently at a theme park and he hugging her tightly because she said her legs feels like spaghetti after a ride on the roller coaster.

“I told you I didn’t want to on that thing” She complained for the umpteenth time.

Richard chuckled.” There was nothing to be afraid of, you didn’t fall off, did you?”

She angrily pulled away from him. “I wasn’t afraid”

Richard rolled his eyes dramatically. “But you were screaming my name”

Tanure stared at the gigantic roller coaster, recalling when it had felt like she was swirling in the air. Shrills ran down her spine.

She tried to tell herself that she wasn’t scared but just didn’t like the feeling.

“Screaming is one of my hobbies” She joked.

Richard grimaced. “Hmm, then I should really start making you scream alot”

She gasped. “I wasn’t talking about that”

Richard shrugged. “Who’s says you’re talking about that?”

She turned around from him.

“Tanure, let’s buy another tickets for the roller coaster” He suggested and laughed watching her hurriedly walking away.

“I wasn’t afraid” He teased.

It was very late when they walked back to the hotel, Tanure had suggested that they go without the car, according to her, it would be more fun that way.

It was indeed more fun that way because they got to walk around many fascinating places.

He stared at her as she dumped her ice cream on a trash can and just as he had expected,she was staring at his.

He had purposely taken few spoons from his because of her strong love for ice cream but he couldn’t just give her like that.

“Richard,you don’t seem to like ice cream” She began.

“I love ice cream” He replied scooping some into his spoon and bringing them to his mouth slowly.

She scoffed.” I wasn’t going to ask for it”

Richard smiled.” Okay, take” He offered and she came nearer to take it,he lifted up his hand.

She laughed and started jumping up rubbing her body against his.

“If you keep doing this, you’ll walk home with a rock hard man” He announced.

She stopped and poked his ribs continuously and he broke into a contagious laugh bringing down his hand.

She took the ice cream from him.

“I won” She said, triumphantly.

Richard grinned, he was going to give it to her anyway.

  In no time,she finished the ice cream and suddenly stopped walking. Richard turned to face her.


“My feet hurt” She complained.

Richard sighed, she was giving him the ‘carry me’ look.

“Was this why you didn’t want me to take the car?”He asked.

“No. How was I supposed to know that my feet would hurt this much? It’s not like I want you to carry me or anything” She replied, trying to sound as tired as possible.

Richard smiled staring at her, she must always beat around the bush.He bent before her as she excitedly got on his back.

“Christ!” He exclaimed at her weight.

“Do you want me to get down?” she asked knowing fully well that he didn’t want her to.

“No, what kind of man will I be if I can’t carry my own wife? “With that he placed his under her buttocks and she wrapped her arms gently around his neck.

Richard smiled feeling her head resting on his back,she was slim but he couldn’t understand where this weight came from.

Even at that, he wouldn’t mind carrying her every single day of his life.


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